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  • New Cornish Gin Selection Box #2

    Following on from the success of our Cornish Gin Selection Box launch last year, we have now released the second boxed set in the range. Containing even more juniper goodness, the box features five different Cornish distilleries who were all champing at the bit to get involved. This time around we have a line up of Curio Rock Samphire, Westward Farm Scilly Gin, St. Ives Gin, Stafford's Cornish Gin and Jynevra Gorsedh Organic. Quite an eclectic collection for any gin lover to try. The Cornish...

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  • Ballantine's 17 Year Old Miltonduff Limited Edition

    Ballantine's 17 years old is a revered whisky with a cult following with the general consensus that it's the best blended whisky money can buy. Quite a statement I'm sure you'll agree, but one supported by Whisky Bible superstar Jim Murray who is a staunch advocate of this dram. Over forty different malt and grain whiskies are taken and blended together from the length and breadth of Scotland to create Ballantine's 17 year old. This revered task is currently the responsibility of head distiller...

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  • Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum Exclusive To Drinkfinder

    We are proud to present a rum close to our Cornish roots. Jamaica Cove Rum, named after the famous Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor, uses pot still and column still rums from Hampden, Claredon and Worth Park distilleries on Jamaica. The result is a silky smooth full strength rum with hints of lemongrass and citrus fruits, and the warmth of ginger on the finish. Jamaica Inn is one of Cornwall's most well known landmarks, having been immortalised by Daphne Du Maurier in the book of the same name and...

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  • Jynerva And Gorsedh - Organic Cornish Gins From Atlantic Distillery In Newquay

    Yes ladies and gentleman, just when we thought our shelves couldn't possibly accommodate another Cornish gin a fair coastal wind blows two in from Newquay. They are called Jynerva Cornish Organic Gin and Gorsedh Cornish Organic Gin respectively. They come courtesy of our friends at the Atlantic Distillery, also more well known as the Atlantic Brewery. As a well established organic and vegetarian craft beer producer, the guys at Atlantic have turned their hand to the distillation of quality...

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  • Westward Farm Gin From The Isles Of Scilly

    So we have another Cornish gin gracing our shelves (and website) with its presence. How many is that now? It's certainly getting harder to keep count as a new one seems to appear every few months! This one, or should I say three to be exact, are very different though as they hail from St. Agnes in the Isles of Scilly and are made in a truly small batch process with only 28 bottles being produced in a single run! The gin is distilled by Aiden and Grace Hicks at Westward Farm, an amazingly...

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  • Bayou Select & Bayou Spiced Rum - Award Winning Rums From Louisiana

    Bayou Rum is handmade in the largest privately-owned rum distillery in the USA, utilising traditional methods with state of the art technology for all four steps of production; fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling. The beautiful facility in Lacassine, Louisiana offers distillery tours, a rum tasting bar and a gift shop shop for those who visit the home of Bayou Rum. Although Louisiana Spirits is still relatively new (it opened in 2013), the company has made a big impression. For...

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  • Van Brunt Whiskey Fresh From Brooklyn New York

    Van Brunt Stillhouse is an urban farm distillery (first time writing that!) located in the famous borough of Brooklyn in the heart of New York City. That's right, someone is making bourbon in the American North! Dedicated to making the finest spirits using grains sourced directly from the farmers who grow them, they pride themselves in using time-honored, traditional distilling methods with a few modern innovations thrown in for good measure. All of the produced spirits are distilled,...

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  • Bumbu Rum - A True Caribbean Legend

    New to our ever expanding range of rums is Bumbu, an exquisite all-natural craft rum made with native Caribbean ingredients and aged for up to 15 years to create an effortlessly smooth and balanced rum with complexity and depth. The heritage of the production of Bumbu rum dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when sailors and merchants of the West Indies added Caribbean fruits and spices to their rum to enhance its flavour. This drink was dubbed with the moniker of 'Bumbu'. Inspired by...

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  • Iordanov Is The Ultimate Lifestyle Vodka

    Iordanov is a boutique vodka that eschews the need for quick, instant gratification to focus on creating the highest quality spirit possible. This premium vodka is produced in one of Germany’s oldest distilleries, dated at over 150 years old, in the picturesque town of Koblenz. Iordanov vodka is manufactured from 100% fine wheat and the demineralised crystal-clear water from the Vogelsberg highlands. The vodka is then distilled five times to achieve a rich, gentle and aromatic flavour. After...

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  • New Limited Edition Tarquins Tonquin Gin Is Perfect For Christmas

    We are pleased to announce that Southwestern Distillery have released a new and very unique limited edition gin that will run for ten batches from now until Christmas. Tarquins Tonquin Limited Edition Gin is a real boundary pusher and demonstrates the distillery's admirable urge to experiment and deliver spirits that exceed all expectations. Tarquin has used his ever popular base dry gin and added Tonka beans and clementines to the mix. Tonka beans, otherwise very handily known as Tonquin or...

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