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  • 6 Simple Vodka Cocktails That Only Take a Few Minutes to Make

    Hailing from Russia, vodka is one of the most popular and widely utilised spirits in the world. While it can be enjoyed on the rocks or with a vast range of mixers, in this post, we’ll be taking a look at a few simple vodka cocktails that you can make at home. Bloody Mary Prep: 10 mins Serves: 1 Ingredients: 125 ml tomato juice 50 ml vodka 1 tbsp lemon juice 25 ml sweet sherry ¼ tsp Worcestershire sauce A few drops of hot sauce A pinch each of salt, black pepper and fennel seeds. Celery...

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  • Christmas Brandy Cocktails Recipes: 4 Perfect Winter Warmers

    Christmas and drinking go hand-in-hand, so there’s no time like the present to increase your cocktail repertoire with our selection of brandy cocktails. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding and want your cocktail menu to pay homage to the season, or you just want to sip on something hot and delicious at home — these winter warmers are the perfect choice during the festive season. Here are the 4 Christmas Brandy Cocktails Recipes: Hot Buttered Brandy The first of our brandy cocktails,...

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  • How to Make an Americano Cocktail

    While it may not be the go-to drink for many of today’s cocktail lovers, the Americano is an iconic cocktail with a long and rich history. In this post, we’ll give you all of the know-how needed to make an Americano cocktail at home. James Bond has forever been associated with the vodka martini — shaken not stirred, of course — but 007’s original cocktail of choice was an Americano, which he orders in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. This delicious and easy-to-make aperitif makes for the...

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  • 3 Easy to Make Amaretto Cocktails

    Although it may not be as popular or commonly used as rum, vodka or whiskey, amaretto’s nutty flavour offers a unique and delicious base for cocktails. Amaretto is Italy’s most well-known and highest-selling liqueur. Not only is it a tasty spirit to enjoy on the rocks, but it’s also the perfect ingredient for anyone looking to add a hint of nuttiness to their favourite cocktail. In this post, we’ll take a look at three amaretto cocktails that are easy to make and require minimal...

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  • 5 Style Tips For Creating An At-home Bar

    With lighter and warmer evenings already upon us, many of us can find ourselves feeling pressured to constantly spend money when out for a social drink. But, with recent reports from NPD finding a 2.4% drop in the number of under-35s going out, with pubs and bars specifically hit by a decline in custom, there's never been a better opportunity to stay home and create your own fun. An at-home bar can be a great alternative to going out, saving you travel time and money — as well as giving you...

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  • Single Malt Whisky - 6 Must Try Drams

    A mix refinement, elegance, and blue-collar grit are all tied up in the history of single malt whisky that got its start in Scotland but has since spread the world over. While the alcohol market has exploded with literally thousands of different types of spirits, blended mixes, and everything else you can think of, the simplicity and sophistication of a traditional tumbler of whisky is certainly hard to beat. There is something intimately exceptional that comes with sitting down at home after...

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  • Summer Spritz And Tonic Recipes

    With the good weather now upon us we thought that you might well be interested in something refreshing to drink in the sunshine. We have come up with some delicious spritz ideas plus some Fever Tree Tonic long drinks that you probably haven't tried before. Spritz Recipes A spritz is simply a long drink containing either a spirit or a liqueur topped up with sparkling white wine. They are quick and easy to make and are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon sitting in the sun. Pampelle Spritz...

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  • Easter Drinking Made Easy - Bank Holiday Incoming

    Easter Drinking With the long Easter weekend approaching, many of us will be lucky enough to forget the strains and stresses of work for a well deserved break. That begs the question of what to drink during this period of relaxation? This guide to Easter drinking will make some suggestions pertaining to that very conundrum. Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face. The classic choice for Easter drinking would be a lovely gin and tonic. If this is your...

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  • New Cornish Gin Selection Box #2

    Following on from the success of our Cornish Gin Selection Box launch last year, we have now released the second boxed set in the range. Containing even more juniper goodness, the box features five different Cornish distilleries who were all champing at the bit to get involved. This time around we have a line up of Curio Rock Samphire, Westward Farm Scilly Gin, St. Ives Gin, Stafford's Cornish Gin and Jynevra Gorsedh Organic. Quite an eclectic collection for any gin lover to try. The Cornish...

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  • Ballantine's 17 Year Old Miltonduff Limited Edition

    Ballantine's 17 years old is a revered whisky with a cult following with the general consensus that it's the best blended whisky money can buy. Quite a statement I'm sure you'll agree, but one supported by Whisky Bible superstar Jim Murray who is a staunch advocate of this dram. Over forty different malt and grain whiskies are taken and blended together from the length and breadth of Scotland to create Ballantine's 17 year old. This revered task is currently the responsibility of head distiller...

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