White Rum

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  • Papagayo Organic White rum 37.5% 70cl
    Fairtrade approved and very tasty organic rum from the remote Arroyos y Esteros province this smooth, mellow white organic rum is made from sugarcane produced by 800 small farmers who have been guaranteed a fairtrade price for their produce.
  • Ron Aguere Blanc Rum 37.5% 70cl
    This typical Canarian rum is one of the favourite blends in the Canary Islands, as it is made from distilled sugar cane juices which provide it with a neutral silky colour, producing an intense sensation.
    Ideal to be served in cocktails as `mojitos.
  • Toz White Rum 40% 70cl
    ToZ White rum is a blend of aged, premium rums. Distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous stills, the rum is aged in American white oak barrels before a final polish in vintage Port casks. The rum is then gently filtered to remove colour and to give a fresh citrus character with hints of sweet raisin and vanilla.

    Maturation: In American oak casks - Jim Beam, Jack Danielsand Buffalo Trace - separately by still, blended and
    matured for a further six months in port barrels and then bottled.

    Age: A blend averaging 7 years.

    Tasting Note: Fresh, clean zesty citrus palate with a soft creamy texture. Quite neutral but with a balanced rum character giving complexity. Perfect for Mojitos and Daiquiris.
  • Bank's 5 Island Rum 43% 70cl
    Banks 5 Island rum is a new premium white rum to the market. A sophiscated blend of Barrel-Aged rums Pot stilled Jamaican and light Trinidadian Amber rums from Guyana and Barbados Enhanced and inspired by the journeys and discoveries of Joseph Banks, a gentleman explorer, botanist and explorer. According to the neck band this is a dry Flavorful rum of unrivalled flavour and complexity in a white rum great on its own superb in your favourite cocktails.

    TRINIDAD = Light Trinidadian Rum
    JAMAICA = Pungent and complex Jamaican Rum
    BARBADOS = Sweet Bajan Rum
    GUYANA= Earthy Guyanese Rum
    JAVA = Spicy & unique Indonesian Batavia arrack
    Banks allows enthusiasts to discover the world of Rum in one sip thanks to a blend of 21 Rums, from 6 distilleries across 5 islands.
    Banks challenges previous conceptions of Rum; normally composed from a wide array of distinctive styles, each generally reflecting island of origin.
    Banks is a blend of both pot & column still, molasses based, Rums aged between 3 to 5 years in bourbon barrels, before carbon filtering.
  • Atlantico Platino Rum 40% 70cl
    This is an aged white rum which is made from a combination of aged molasses rumas and sugar cane rums which have then been filtered to remove the colour. The result is an incredibly smooth white rum with citrus and vanilla notes. Prefect in a daiquiri or Mojito.
  • Flor de Cana Extra seco 4 years 40% 70cl
    This is a premium white rum that has been aged for 4 years in oak and then filtered to take the colour out.The result is a complex rum with a greater depth of flavour, but still retaing some spirity notes. A really good mixer rum.
  • Elements Eight Platinum Rum 40% 70cl
    It is small batch distilled and aged in the unique microclimate of St. Lucia for a smooth, balanced taste. We select the optimum balance of eight key elements necessary for luxury rum production - the St. Lucian terroir, premium grade cane, virgin rainforest water, fermentation, distillation, tropical ageing, expert blending and light filtration.
    Elements Eight Platinum is a versatile, super premium rum, ideal in classic cocktails, long drinks or over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime. The harmonious balance of the eight key elements renders this super premium platinum rum pure and flavourful
    Tropically aged for 4 years in "number 1 select" Bourbon barrels. Charcoal filtered to remove all colour obtained. Complex 'hand blend' of over 10 different types of rums. Made with perfectly ripened, hand selected sugar cane. Crafted using naturally filtered virgin rainforest water. Distilled using three artesian distillation techniques.
  • The Real McCoy White Rum 40% 3 years old
    Named after the 1020 pioneer Captain Bill McCoy who made a name for himself by filling his ship with rum and then sailing to New York and anchoring 3 miles off shore in International waters, where it is was legally allowed to sell the rum to anyone who wanted to buy it. This 3 year old white rum has been aged American oak Bourbon barrels and then charcoal filtered to take out the colour, thus producing a white rum with the complexity of aged golden rums. Smooth with subtle spice and wood notes, bright floral overtones and a hint of toasted caramel and a long warm finish. Made at the Foursquare distillery Barbados.
  • The Real McCoy 12 years old Rum 40% 70cl
    Named after the 1920 pioneer Captain Bill McCoy who made a name for himself by filling his ship with rum and then sailing to New York and anchoring 3 miles off shore in International waters, where it is was legally allowed to sell the rum to anyone who wanted to buy it. A very smooth rum after 12 years aging in American Bourbon barrels. Well balanced with complex wood and spice notes, hints of vanilla and elegant, warm finish.
  • Ron Botran Reserva Blanca 40% 70cl
    A full bodied white rum whcih has been aged to give complexity and flavour and then filtered to extract the colour. The result is asuperior white rum perfect on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail.
  • Matusalem Platino Rum 40% 70cl
    Matusalem Platino: a crisp, clear white rum whose radiant flavour makes it the ideal base not just for the perfect Mojito but for the whole spectrum of rum cocktails.
    Continuously distilled from molasses, this white rum is aged in American oak for three years then charcoal filtered to remove colour. The mellow palate features Demerara sugar, fudge and toffee hints, enlivened by cinnamon and toffee fudge in the finish.
  • Admirals Old J Silver Batch 47 70cl
    Admirals Old J Silver uses white rum instead of golden rum blended with persian lime and vanilla to add a new twist to the range.
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