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Browse over 100 different types of brandy online

Brandy is the perfect drink to be consumed after an evening meal and with such variety on offer here at Drink Finder, you are spoilt for choice. This is why brandy is the drink of choice for big occasions such as Christmas. There is a brandy for every taste, with Armagnac , Calvados and Cognac varieties all available online.

We’re proud to stock bottles from across the globe, with the vast majority of them being distilled in mainland Europe. This means you’re able to experience the best that each country has to offer, all in the form of brandy.

Brandy is typically consumed neat for a simpler, more original taste. However, with the rise in popularity of Cocktails, brandy is being added to more and more recipes. Whatever your preference, you can browse brandy online with Drink Finder.

Discover your new favourite or shop the classics

Brandy has been the drink of choice during the festive season for many years, which is why there is such variety when it comes to choosing your next bottle. Thankfully, this also means that there is bound to be a bottle that suits your palette.

When you buy brandy online, you’ll be greeted with a range of options, fromArmagnac and Cognac to unique Calvados & Apple Brandy . Made from distilled wine, brandy is a heart-warming after-dinner treat, with both affordable and beautifully aged varieties available.

Explore a drink steeped in history

Brandy was recognised in the 15th century as a drink of significance. But it was the French who helped kickstart its popularity in the years following with the introduction of the cross-Atlantic triangle trade. The reason it grew in popularity was due to its higher alcohol content in comparison to fortified wine.

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