Organic Cornish Chocolate For Whisky Or Port

The Chocolarder is one of the only small batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country. They produce fine quality, stone ground chocolate using organic beans imported from a single estate, family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The select beans used at Chocolarder are roasted, winnowed and ground over 4 days before being left to mature for 30 days. The chocolate is then hand tempered and made into bars which are further matured for 40 days to allow the full flavour to develop. This obsessive attention to detail yields some of the finest chocolate in production today.
Chocolarder was formed in 2012 when Mike Longman decided that making chocolate might be a fun way to spend his days. Having dedicated several years to learning and working in commercial kitchens as a pastry chef, he began experimenting in his own kitchen, making small batches from raw beans and getting intimate with the processes of roasting, grinding and alchemising to produce fine chocolate from scratch. His intention was to create a product based on the principles that have always been at the heart of great food – unadulterated sensory enjoyment without compromise. No shortcuts, preservatives, bulking agents, substitutions or artificial shenanigans. Just the real deal, right from the bean to the bar. This is a genuine commitment to ethical transparency that extends to every aspect of the business. Mike sources direct from the farmers themselves – no easy feat given the distance, language barriers and logistics of getting the bulk of the raw ingredients across the world! But by establishing a direct channel from the farm to kitchen, he can be picky about the quality of the beans and be sure that the money he pays for it is going to those who do the real work. Having found reputable growers producing high quality beans, Mike committed to purchasing his harvest at above the market prices. Transportation is handled by the New Dawn Traders via sail ships which is a low carbon solution. These boats load the cocoa from the farmers directly into their hold for a wind powered journey back to Falmouth, Cornwall. Here the beans are unloaded and brought to the workshop up the road. Criollo beans are generally considered to be the best due to depth of flavour and the health benefits they have been proven to deliver. Mike uses crops that are 100% organically grown and pesticide free. Raw cane sugar best compliments the flavor of cocoa. It has a lesser impact on blood sugar levels, and is easier for the body to digest than fully refined sugars. The sugar is sourced close to the cocoa so it can all be loaded onto one boat.

What's Good For Christmas And What Should I Drink With It?

So now you know how much love has been poured into the creation of this wonderful, indulgent chocolate, you're probably wondering which bars are good for Christmas and good chocolate/drink combinations. Well here are my recommendations;
For The Kids And Those With A Sweet Tooth
Anyone with children knows that the only way you can relax is by keeping them happy first! Dark chocolate is probably a no go as it's bitter, not something most kids will appreciate from my experience. Luckily Chocolarder do a couple of milk chocolate variants that are sure to fit the bill. These chocolates all have a hint of raisin and fudge so they could pair well with light, floral whisky from the Lowlands or Speyside. Alternatively, a sweet rum such as Dipomatico Reserva Exclusiva or Don Papa could fit the bill or the raisin heavy Ron Prohibido. Your options here are Chuno Mlk, Wild Gorse Flower and Cornish Honeycomb.
For Those That Like Bitter Chocolate And Smoky Whisky
So what do you do if you like your whisky more smoky as opposed to floral? Let me introduce my good friend Peruvian Dark Chocolate. The strong caramel and earthy tones in this chocolate compliment peated whisky beautifully; you could go for a lightly peated bottle of Bowmore Darkest or go full on with our Old Ballantruan that has proved very popular.
 It's Christmas, What About The Port!
For all of you port lovers out there do not fear as there are two lovely dark chocolates in the form of Dominican Republic Dark and Caramalised Nibbed Cacao. The high content of coco in these bars make them the perfect accompaniment for the rich tones founds in port.  
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