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Top 10 Gins

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  • Tarquins Hand Crafted Cornish Dry Gin 42% 70cl 1
    Tarquins Hand Crafted Cornish Dry Gin 42% 70cl
    The first gin to be distilled in Cornwall for over 100 years, Tarquin’s Dry Gin is a contemporary take on the classic London Dry. 12 hand selected botanicals are used in its production, with Devon violets and fresh citrus zest dominating this li...
  • Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin 42% 70cl 2
    Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin 42% 70cl
    Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin is a small batch artisan gin made in the wilds of Exmoor National Park by Husband and Wife team Pat Patel and Julie Heap. Made from 11 botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander.
  • The Wrecking Coast Cornish Gin 44.3% 70cl 3
    The Wrecking Coast Cornish Gin 44.3% 70cl
    The Wrecking Coast Gin uses Cornish clotted cream in its distillation process which is very unusual to say the least!. Smooth and velvety rich, it's handcrafted in small batches with slight variations in strength from batch to batch. The gin
  • A bottle of Two Birds Watermelon Gin 37.5% 70cl 4
    Two Birds Watermelon Gin 37.5% 70cl
    We think this may be a first? Watermelon Gin. Two Birds are onto something here, possible trend setting! Think a hot summers day and a big wedge of watermelon chilled to tuck into. Taste buds tingling yet? Made using their flagship premium gin, this will display juniper berries, lemon peel and...
  • A bottle of Land of Saints Cornish Gin 40% 70cl (Spirit) 5
    Land of Saints Cornish Gin 40% 70cl
    The Land of Saints Cornish Gin is a full house; good gin, good profile, good looking bottle and all profits (50pence per bottle minimum and then all surplus profit) go to a good cause! This Cornish gin is 100% organic and approved & certified by The Soil Association. Produced ...
  • A bottle of Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin 70cl (Spirit) 6
    Agnes Arber Pineapple Gin 70cl
    A new exciting pineapple gin from Agnes Arber. Using their flagship original Agnes Arber Gin, they have added the exotic flavours of pineapple and mango post distillation. This has created a rich and totally tropical gin with freshly cut pineapple and a hint of mango on the nose. On the palate...
  • Sharish Blue Magic Gin 40% 50cl 7
    Sharish Blue Magic Gin 40% 50cl
    Sharish Blue Magic gin turns from blue to a lovely soft pink colour when tonic, or a citrus based liquid, is added. All of this is achieved without the need to use artificial colouring due to one of the botanicals. Clitoria Ternatea, a flower better known as Blue Pea, gives the gin its blue co...
  • St Ives Gin 38% vol 70cl 8
    St Ives Gin 38% vol 70cl
    St Ives Gin made from a list of 13 botanicals. It is not a distilled gin but a cold compounded gin which is a method that dates back to the 16th century. They take the finest grain spirit and then steep the variously botanicals seperatley for 24 to 36 hours, these seperate compounds are then b...
  • A bottle of Scilly Spirit Island Gin 44% 70cl (Spirit) 9
    Scilly Spirit Island Gin 44% 70cl
    Scilly Spirit is being produced in Old Town on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly - 28 Miles South West of Cornwall. Island Gin is already picking up some fantastic awards! They have just been made one of only 14 Masters from 320 international entrants, scooping the prestigious Masters Award in the Gl...
  • A bottle of Twisted Nose Winchester Dry Gin 40% 70cl (Spirit) 10
    Twisted Nose Winchester Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Twisted Nose Winchester Gin takes its name from its most unusual botanical, namely watercress. The latin name for watercress is Nasturtium which translates to 'Twisted Nose'. We would imagine this was a literal description of the peppery nature of watercress when inhaled. In addition to this, ...

At DrinkFinder, we’re always looking to update and enhance our already stellar range of gins. It’s safe to say that the UK is still in the in the midst of a gin crave and it’s for this reason that distilleries continue to pop up all over the world. We’ve made it our goal to provide customers with a comprehensive range of spirits that cater to the needs and preferences of every gin lover.

To make it easier for you to discover the highest quality gins we will be compiling a monthly top ten!

The Newest and Best Gins on the Market

DrinkFinder strives to provide a vast range of gins that will suit casual drinkers and gin connoisseurs alike, at a variety of price points. We achieve this by stocking new brands that you’re yet to discover and soon to love, as well as a wealth of household name brands, rare and bespoke bottlings.

We Support Cornish Gin Brands

The quality and unique characteristics of Cornish gins make many brands a must-try for gin lovers. This sentiment can be seen in many of our top 10 lists as they often contain at least a few locally-distilled gins. Cornwall is a county that recognises the importance of small businesses and celebrates their success, and the gin industry is no different!

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