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Golden Rum

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  • Havana Club 15 years old Gran Reserva Rum 40% 70cl
    Havana Club Rum 15 Anos Gran Reserva was created by selecting the best quality reserve rums of Cuba. It is the result of a lengthy and complex aging process, which has produced a rum with a flavour, that will please even the most particular palates.
  • Flor de Cana Rum 18 years old Centenario 40% 70cl
    The flor de Cana 18 years old Centenario Gold is a stunning amber rum and is full-bodied, with a rich complexity of flavors and a smooth finish that stays with you, long after the swallow. The 18 year Centenario Gold rum is almost two decades in the making, and you can taste the craftsmanship and...
  • Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva 38% 70cl
    Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva rum is distilled from fermented molasses. The blend of rums used are aged up to 8 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels. Lots of dark fruit, roasted cashew, cinnamon with overtones of vanilla on the body give way to the slightly viscous smoky finish.
  • Ron Abuelo 12 years old Gran reserva 40% 70cl
    The Ron Abuelo 12 is mature and dense. With aromas of ripe, dark fruit like prunes and an almost chamois leather. The palate is pretty much the same as the aromas but comes to a rum soaked raisin Christmas cake like profile with black cherry jam on the finish. This rum has been static ...
  • Matusalem Gran Reserva Solersa 23 40% 70cl
    A superb quality rum made in a Cuban style but in the Domican Republic by the Matusalem family who were exiled from Cuba. This 23 Gran Reserva is mahogany in colour with a nose of honey, toffee and exotic woods. The palate is refined and elegant with alamonds liquoice and fresh fruit becoming mor...
  • Angostura 1824 Rum 40% 70cl
    Angostura 1824 Limited Reserve is a blend of the finest mature rums, hand-picked by the master blender from select casks. These rums are aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years and then skillfully hand-blended and re-casked. Upon the rum's optimum maturity it is han...
  • Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserva de la Familia 40% 70c;
    Centuria, is Ron Abuelo top rum selected from a blend of their oldest rums up to 30 years in age. These rums are usually reserved for the family, but have been released as a special edition in a wooden framed box. A very complex and rich rum which would please any rum aficionado.
  • Appleton 21 years old 43% 70cl
    Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum is a luxurious sipping rum that will delight the palate of the discerning connoisseur.The rums that make up Appleton Estate 21 Year Old have been aged for a minimum of 21 years. They were carefully selected for their unique character, flavour an...
  • Diplomatico Ambassador Selection 47% 70cl
    An exceptional 47% ABV rum that has a wonderfully pungent nose, the subtle aromas of dried and candid fruit combining with the rich, powerful aromas of vanilla, spices and cane syrup with a little smokiness in the background. On the palate the characters from the aroma persist but give way to a p...
  • Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca 38% 70cl
    This is an excellent rum from Santiago de Cuba which is one of the oldest distilleries in Cuba dating back to 1862. This Carta Blanca has been aged for 3 years and is the perfect rum for mixing and cocktails with flavours of vanilla and banana it is light soft and mellow.
  • La Hechicera Rum 40% 70cl
    Spanish for enchantress, seductive beauty of Colombia's natural landscape, the vibrant biodiversity of our Caribbean and the irreverent allure of a nation. Hechicera (etch-ee-seh-rah) is a fine, mature rum from the beating heart of the Colombian Caribbean. A blend of gracefully matured rums, a...
  • Plantation Panama 2004 Vintage Rum 70cl
    The award winning rum from Panama is elegant in style with aromas of mint, banana and pineapple. It has a smooth taste complimented by vanilla and honey sweet notes on the finish.Plantation Rums are a collection of unique Caribbean treasures. Every barrel is individually sampled and only th...
  • Mezan Guyana 2005 Diamond Distillery 70cl
    This was made at the Diamond Distillery Guyana and was distilled in the double wooden still from the original Port Morant distillery which was founded in 1732.
  • El Ron Prohibido Solera 12 Reserva 40% 70cl
    Ron Prohibido is a premium, artisan rum produced under a 12 year solera system. Its truly distinctive sweet and sour taste is acquired by combining rums of different aging profiles and blending in used raisin wine barrels. This blend results in a wide range of delicious aromas and flavors.
  • Atlantico Reserva Rum 70cl
    Atlantico Reserva rum is made in the Dominican Republic using the finest sugar. All rums are aged in a solera system where barrels are stacked on each other in a tier system. The oldest rums are at the bottom with new rums at the top. Only a small portion is taken from the bottom barrels, this is...
  • 1931 Old St Lucia 4th edition 43% 70cl
    This is the 4th edition in the range of St Lucia 1931 rum which celebrates the distilleries birth. The fourth edition takes a 6 year old rum agricole, which is the first rum of its style to be made in St Lucia since the 1930s. This is then blended with other aged rums from its 3 pot stills and 1 ...
  • Ron Botran 12 Anejo 40% 70cl
    Superb Guatemalan Rum from Ron Botran aged in a solera system fro up to 12 years to produce a consistent stylem with wood notes on the nose with vanilla undertones. The palate is rich with dry apricot combined with cloves and cinnamon and caramel. The life of Botran rums starts in the plan...
  • Dictador Rum Claro 100 40% 70cl
    Claro 100 month aged rum is founded upon the highest principles of rum distillation and streamed straight from the heart of our Rum Master. Combining fresh sugar cane juice with our unique family yeast, it is then distilled in a continuous steel column still and carefully aged for 100 months in e...
  • Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum 40% 70cl
    Made at the legendary Four Square Distillery by people who just don't make bad rums. This 12 year old offering has masses of tropical fruit, chewy caramel, leafy tobacco and fragrant oak notes throughout gorgeous this Barbados rum. Heavier and deeper than the younger offerings and a great sipping...
  • Ron Matusalem Anejo 38% vol 70cl
    A blend of aged rums, Ron Matusalem Anejo can be enjoyed on its own or with your favourite mixers. It is smooth and delicate with a lovely vanilla note.  
  • Caroni 100% Trinidad 21 Year Old Rum 57.2% 70cl
    A very rare 21 year old golden rum from Trinidad that's bottled at a strong 57.2% ABV. One per customer only.
  • Don Q Anejo Rum 40% 70cl
    Don Q Anejo is a rich golden rum distilled in Puerto Rico and aged for up to ten years in white American oak. This is a viscous rum that coats the mouth and deserves to be savoured slowly. We wold serve it over a little ice, then sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Don Q 151 Rum 70cl
    Don Q 151 Rum has characteristics of vanilla and oak with strong notes of smoke and tobacco. It's different from other rums and is perfect when a flaming technique is required. Aged up to 3 years making it well rounded enough to make Tiki style drinks and cocktails.
  • Don Q Double Wood Rum Vermouth Cask Finish 40% 70cl
    Aged in Puerto Rico for 5 to 8 years in American white oak barrels, this rare blend of rums is then finished for 4 to 6 weeks in Vecchio vermouth Italian oak casks from Italy. The cask combination results in tastes of hints of cherry and raisins, honey, dark chocolate and v...
  • Kill Devil Sancti Spiritus Distillery Cuba 18 years old rum 46% vol 70cl
    One of only 344 bottles, Kill Devil Cuban 18 Year Old was distilled at the Spiritus Sancti distillery in Cuba in January 1999 in a continuous column still. It was then bottled by independent bottlers Hunter Laing, better known for their whisky expresions, at 18 years old and 46% ABV after bein...
  • Mezan Trinidad 2007 46% 70cl
    Distilled in 2007 in Trinidad and bottled in 2017 part of the Mezan collection of rum. The Mezan collection is unsweetened, uncolored, lightly filtered and aged in casks until they reach optimal maturity and quality.
  • Foursquare Sagacity 12 years old Rum 70cl
    Created by Foursquare Distillery, this is a blend of 12 year olds that have been matured in ex bourbon and ex Madeira casks. Sagacity is part of the exceptional casks selection that has also brought you Dominus, Empery and 2005 vintage!
  • The Tidal Rum 70cl
    The Tidal Rum is produced over in Jersey. Made from a blend of four aged golden rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. Once blended it is infused with oak smoked Pepper Dulse seaweed that has been hand forage during the spring tides over on Jersey. This gold ...
  • Elements Eight Vendome Rum 40% 70cl
    It is small batch distilled and aged in the unique microclimate of St. Lucia for a smooth, balanced taste. We select the optimum balance of eight key elements necessary for luxury rum production - the St. Lucian terroir, premium grade cane, virgin rainforest water, fermentation, distillation, tro...
  • Plantation Jamaica Rum 2002/05 42% 70cl
    This is a Jamaican vintage rum from 2002 and bottled in 2016. It is first aged in bourbon casks for ten years in the humid, tropical conditions of Jamaica. After that, the rum makes its way over to France where it is further aged for another three years in Chateau de Bonbonnet casks under...
  • Plantation Trinidad Rum 2003/05 42% 70cl
    This complex golden rum is a 2003/05 vintage release under the Plantation label. It takes rum from Trinidad and ages it for eight years in bourbon casks before shipping it to France where it spends a further four years in Pierre Ferrand barrels at the Chateau de Bonbonnet. The nose yi...
  • One Love Caribbean Three Island Rum 50% 70cl
    One Love Rum is a blend of three Caribbean tots hailing from Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. The clearly reggae inspired rum has proved to be an overnight success and is achieving something of a cult status. It's popularity may also have something to do with the fact that it's bottled at a h...
  • Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum 70cl
    Plantations Xaymaca Special Dry, revives the quintessential Jamaican style, 100% pot still rums of the 19th century with an expression of intense flavors that reveal the traditional, legendary 'rum funk'. Aromas and flavors of black banana and flambéed pineapple, locally called 'Hogo'.
  • Rum Cartavio Solera 12 years 70cl
    As with most golden rums the nose shows a little dryness with hints of oak, Brazil nuts backed with some dried fruit sweetness. The palate is sherry like dates a little sandalwood, it is quite a blunt rum when drank neat an end with a sign of Slovenian, American and French oak influence. ...
  • Hampden Estate Rum 46% 70cl
    This rum is fully matured for 8 years in a tropical climate and produces an angel's share equivalent to a 25 year old rum in Europe! 100% artisanal distillation in copper double retort pot stills. with the use of solely water flowing from a natural source into an uncontaminated reservoir. ...
  • Atlantico Reserva Rum 40% 70cl
    This Solera style rum uses different aged rums that were carefully selected and blended together by our third generation Master Blender. The result is a vibrant rum with intense flavor and depth that can be best enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice.
  • Clement Vieux Select Barrel Rhum Argicole 70cl
    Clement select barrel is a marriage of rhums agricoles matured in specially selected barrels by the cellar master for their unique qualities. The characters they are selected for are soft vanilla notes and a remarkable smooth finish. A great Rhum Agricole with balanced sweetness and ch...
  • Rosemullion Gold Rum 70cl
    Rosemullion Gold Rum is 100% single pot distilled and oak aged for a smooth and high quality profile. They are one of the very few that are distilling their own alcohol where others may flavour or alter industrial alcohol for their product, a true Cornish made product. Rosemullion...
  • Neptune Barbados Gold Rum 70cl
    Neptune Barbados Gold Rum must have a large trophy cabinet for their over 50 prestigious global awards to date! A luscious golden, smooth pot and column stilled rum, lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks. Made with a blend of up to 8 year old rum from a family...

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  • Conde De Cuba 11 Year Old Rum 70cl
    Conde De Cuba 11 Year Old Rum has been aged for at least eleven years and highlights the woody aroma, while creating an appropriate balance between the delicacy of fruity flavours and robustness of Aguardiente. The appearance is Amber-colored, darkene...
  • New Dawn Rum Dominican Republic 57% 70cl
    New Dawn Traders 2019 cargo has bought us all some new rum treasure from afar. Dom Rep is an Golden rum from the Canaries. Only 280 bottles have been made, solera aged for 19 years, spent 75 days at sea and bottled at 57%. This new cargo of rum treasure ha...
  • Petrel Cornish Rum 44% 70cl
    Petrel (the last bird home from the storm) is made by Fal River Distillery in Cornwall in small batches of 390 bottles. Petrel is a botanical rum made from scratch! Subtly flavoured with home grown rosemary and high quality sourced maple. This is something special for a special occation a...
  • Ryoma Rhum Japonais 7 year old Gold Rum 70cl
    Sake, whisky, gin and now rum! The Japanese are very good at learning, practicing, perfecting and then showcasing. This 7 year old rum is fantastic. Made from the oldest sugarcane possible from japan and after distillation it is matured for 7 years in oak barrels. Both on the nose and the palate ...
  • Foursquare 2007 Cask Strength Rum 59% 70cl
    The 2007 single vintage from the Exceptional Cask Selection range from Foursquare is a fantastic expression. Following in the footsteps of the 2005 which was rated Supreme Champion Spirit 2018 at ISC, this is showing great performance. After distillation in pot and column stills it is b...
  • Diplomatico Distillery Collection No.3 Pot Still Rum 47% 70cl
    Finally the third release in this Diplomatico's Distillery Collection. Made from sugar cane honey this was distilled in 2010 in the copper pot still. It gives a balanced nose with red fruits and tropical aromas and underlying notes of sugar cane honeys and vanilla. On the palate it is ...
  • Canaoak Pure Blended 8 Year Old Gold Rum 70cl
    Canaoak Rum is proudly Mauritian and is a pure traditional blended matured rum. It derives from the most exclusive Mauritian and Nicaraguan rum reserves. After production it is matured in French and American oak barrels to mature for 8 years, while respecting both Islands rum traditions, it is...
  • Hattiers Rum 40% 70cl
    Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum is a blend of oak aged rums from across the Caribbean and Central America with pure, soft water from Dartmoor, England. It is delicately balanced by their master blender to be jovial and warm. A delightful rum to be enjoyed as a sipping rum or it would be well plac...
  • Grander Rum 8 Year Old 40% 70cl
    Grander rum has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels and some sherry seasoned barrels for a minimum of 8 years. Produce and bottled at origin of Panama using local sugar cane molasses, pure water and a secret mix of cultivated yeast. There are no additives and the colour is natural. This...
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