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Aviation Gin was born from an idea by Ryan Magarian of Liquid relation and two friends in the States. In June of 2006, after nearly 30 rounds of trials and adjustments, their vision became reality when the trio felt they had finally captured the essence of their obsession, and Aviation Gin was unleashed upon discriminating imbibers worldwide, resulting in what many believe to be the first brand partnership between distiller and bartender in American History.
In no uncertain terms, gin is little more than a complex vodka infusion. Any number of botanicals including, specifically and notably, juniper, are used to flavor neutral spirit at which point a gin is given the breathe of life. From our perspective, making a truly delicious gin, requires a dedication to finding a delicate balance between each individual botanical in the blend. In creating Aviation Gin, Lee, Christian, and Ryan worked feverishly to put together a precise set of botanicals they felt would best come together to mark the spirit as a definitively Northwest product.

Long prized for its restorative properties, Juniper is a member of the Cypress Family and its berry, which illicits flavors of pine, menthol, and camphor, is the backbone of all gins and defines the category

Elletaria Cardamom
A distant relative of ginger, elletaria or green cardamom pods, emit notes of citrus, forest, and ginger.

A flowering plant within the mint genus, Lavenders unmistakably sweet floral notes and mellowing aroma, is the first note many imbibers pick up on their first experience with Aviation Gin.

Indian Sarsaparilla
Beyond giving Aviation a complex and mildly sweet mid-palate, Indian Sarsaparilla has long been thought to purify the blood and revitalize the senses.

Traditional in dry gin since its inception in the early 19th Century, Coriander seeds are believed to contain anxiolytic properties and offer up aromatic tones of citrus, sage and ginger.

Anise Seed
A Mediterranean spice which gives Aviation subtle notes of Licorice.

Dried Sweet Orange Peel
All but one dry gin made today, contain citrus elements which offer obvious flavor notes, brightness, structure, and zip.


country America
spirit type Gin
strength 42%
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    country America
    spirit type Gin
    strength 42%
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