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Rum is one of the most diverse alcoholic beverages available, with an origin that dates back to the 17th century in the Caribbean. These days, rum makes for an excellent mixer or as a sweet, flavour-rich sipping experience on its own, with a wide assortment of brands and types to choose from.

You can find many of the world’s most popular rums in the Drink Finder online store, as well as a few rare and special bottles, all competitively priced. In total, we stock over 300 rum products, including everything from spiced and dark rum to golden and white varieties.


Spiced Rum: A Sweet, Flavoursome Classic

Spiced rum is one of the most popular types of rum on the market. The flavours that give spiced rum its name are varied and include cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, to name a few.

While rum was historically spiced to hide an undesirable flavour, it’s become a popular spirit in its own right thanks to the worldwide prevalence of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. One of the most exciting spiced rum varieties these days is Rosemullion Spiced Rum, a Cornish brand that uses locally sourced fruit and honey to create an unmistakable and delicious flavour profile.


Dark Rum: An Iconic & Wonderfully Diverse Rum Variety

The main thing that truly distinguishes dark rum from other types is – you guessed it! – the colour. Dark rum has a rich, ligneous hue that captures the essence of the molasses that are most commonly used to make it.

Dark rum tends to be sweeter and more even than many other rums. These are the most common traits dark rum varieties tend to share; beyond that, they can be very different from each other, resulting in a classic and varied spirit ripe for exploration. Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum is a heady concoction with a full-bodied flavour, while Rosemullion also make a dark rum which is smooth and works a treat poured over ice.


Golden Rum: Making ‘Middle of the Road’ Look Good

Golden rum is usually aged in oak casks, giving it a woody character that complements its other tasting notes – which are most commonly akin to toffee and butterscotch.

This makes it ideal both for sipping and as a mixer. Standout varieties include Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva – a delectably smooth golden rum from Venezuela – and Equiano Rum, which has a rich flavour devised from 100% natural ingredients. These and many more await you in Drink Finder’s golden rum section.


Explore the Full Range of Rum Varieties

It doesn’t end there, though; we also offer these other rum varieties:

Our commitment to sourcing and stocking high-quality bottles has seen us amass a large range in our online rum department, so explore the full collection today!


Why Buy Rum from Drink Finder?

Drink Finder has been trading for more than half a century. In that time, we’ve gained a reputation for excellence not only in the products we stock at fantastic prices but also in the excellent customer service we offer.

We deliver nationwide in the UK and to some parts of the EU as well, with hassle-free, reliable delivery.

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