What Country Makes the Best Red Wine?

Every wine drinker has a preference when it comes to the specific taste and characteristics they want in their red wine, and geography is an essential aspect of a vineyard’s finished product. So it begs the question, which country makes the best red wine?Every year, the wine industry grows a little bit more as new vineyards all over the world produce and distribute their own wine. While many of these appear in countries that are already well-known for making wine, others are beginning to spring up in smaller regions of Europe, America, and even the UK. However, in the grand scheme of things, the top contenders of the wine world have remained the same for quite some time.When it comes to determining the “best” red wine, you could judge it based on sales statistics and overall popularity, but, in truth, the argument is always going to be subjective and will come down to preference. Instead, it makes more sense to establish several of the top red wine-producing countries and, from there, allow you to make your choice based on your own needs as a consumer. Plus it gives you an excuse to do a taste test!


When trying to work out what country makes the best red wine, you’ll find that, in terms of popularity, it’s always been a two-horse race between France and Italy. France has often proved to be the top wine country, and while its production of wine has reduced due to several recent bouts of bad weather, France is still a primary contender. If you’re particularly fond of red wine, Beaujolais is a picturesque region that’s home to some of France’s most beautiful vineyards (and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the country). Bordeaux is another fantastic option, as you’ll find that quality and variation are in abundance for both red and white wine connoisseurs.


Italy recently became the top wine producer in the world, taking the position from France. With over 20 regions throughout the country — all of which provide a unique taste thanks to its varied weather conditions — Italy is a wonderland for casual drinkers and red wine connoisseurs alike.With so many regions to choose from, it can be difficult to establish which are the best and which specialise in red wine production. When it comes to the best red wine, you’ll want to look at regions such as Tuscany, Veneto, Piemonte, Lambrusco and Sicily.


Spain is the world’s third-highest producer of wine and also boasts the largest vineyard acreage. But despite this, Spain also has significantly fewer wine yields than its French and Italian neighbours and, therefore, produces less wine overall. In terms of popularity, Spain has consistently enjoyed great success thanks to such a vast range of rich red wine, making Spanish red wine a fantastic go-to for anyone looking to try something new. When considering the best regions for red wine, you can’t go wrong with Valencia or Ribera Del Duero. The latter is a region that grows red grapes almost exclusively.


Although most people tend to think of European countries when it comes to wine, the United States is the world’s fourth-largest producer of wine. And despite its immense size, as well as the fact that many regions enjoy fantastic weather, 90% of America’s wine is produced in California. Not only does the USA produce a lot of wine, but regions such as Sonoma and Napa are renowned for the quality and unique flavours of their wine.


Year after year, Argentina has continued to increase its wine production, develop a decent industry reputation and gain worldwide acclaim — the result of which is that it’s now one of the world’s top five wine-producing countries. Mendoza is Argentina’s largest wine region. It’s situated in the foothills of the Andes and is well-known for unique consistencies and flavours, as its red wine is produced in both high-altitude and lower-level vineyards. So what country makes the best red wine? It’s a good question! We’ve only listed the top five wine-producing countries in this post, so to establish which country’s red wine you like the most, your best bet is to do a taste test. With so many different wines and wine regions out there to explore, there’s plenty to consider before finding your favourite

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