Which Country Makes the Best Red Wine?

 Many of us love a glass of wine in the evening or when relaxing with friends and family, however every wine drinker has their preference when it comes to their favourite wine. There's no coincidence that the awarded top wine at the 2022 London Wine Competition was a Red Wine, the Australian Gralyn Estate Artizan Rare Muscat. When it comes to the specific taste and characteristics drinkers are looking for in a glass of red wine, it can be very personal. Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different and so often it can take trying a few different wines to find your favourite.

 Breaking Down Wine Varieties by Country

 Geography is an essential aspect of a vineyard’s finished product, and in particular weather and soil conditions can have the biggest impact. So it begs the question, which country makes the best red wine? Every year, the wine industry continues to grow a bit more as new vineyards all over the world produce and distribute their own wine. Whilst many of these appear in countries that are already well-known for making wine, such as Italy and Spain, others are beginning to spring up in smaller regions of Europe, America, and even the UK. Many of these new vineyards and wine producers are very successful, however, when it comes to the top spot for wine production, the top contenders have remained the same for quite some time. Determining the best wine can be difficult, and competitions are often judged by a complex panel of wine connoisseurs. You may think the race for top spot would be based on sales statistics and overall popularity, but, in truth, the argument is always going to be subjective and will come down to preference.

 5 Countries that Make the Best Red Wine

As wine preferences are so individual and down to personal taste preferences, it could be argued that you, the consumers, are the ones making the decision as to who takes the number one wine in your household. It's always good to choose a few different wines from around the world to try, plus it gives you an excuse to do a taste test!  

France - The sweetest red wine  

When trying to work out what country makes the best red wine, you’ll find that, in terms of popularity, it’s always been a two-horse race between French wine and Italian wine. France has often proved to be the top wine country, and while its production of wine has reduced due to several recent bouts of bad weather, France is still a primary contender. If you’re particularly fond of red wine, Beaujolais is a picturesque region that’s home to some of France’s most beautiful vineyards (and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area). The Louis Jadot Chateau Des Jacques Fleurie 2017 is a great wine from this region, made from Gamay grapes, it is light and fruity to taste. Bordeaux is another fantastic option, as you’ll find that quality and variation are in abundance for both red and white wine connoisseurs. 

Italy - A haven for wine lovers  

Italian wine has recently become some of the best-produced in the world, taking over the position from France. With over 20 regions throughout the country — all of which provide a unique taste thanks to its varied weather conditions — Italy is a wonderland for casual drinkers and red wine connoisseurs alike. With so many regions to choose from, it can be difficult to establish not only which to visit, but which produces red wine to your liking. When it comes to the best red wine, you’ll want to look at regions such as Tuscany, Puglia, Veneto, Piemonte, Lambrusco and Sicily, where you’ll find a variety of red wines to enjoy in the Italian sun. The Paololeo Passo Del Cardinale Primitivo Di Manduria 2020 is produced in Puglia, a southern region in Italy. A full bodied wine that is definitely one to try.  

Spain - Wine in the Sun  

We all love a holiday in the sun in Spain, but did you know that Spain is also the world’s third-highest producer of wine, boasting the largest vineyard acreage out of all wine producing countries? However, despite dominating the vineyard acreage around the world, Spain has significantly fewer wine yields than its French and Italian neighbours and, therefore, produces less wine overall. Spain has consistently enjoyed great success thanks to its booming popularity and vast range of rich red wine, making Spanish red wine a fantastic go-to for anyone looking to try something new. When considering the best regions for red wine, you can’t go wrong with Valencia or Ribera Del Duero. The latter is a region that grows red grapes almost exclusively. We recommend trying the Arinzano Gran Vino Tinto 2010 Vino De Pago for a full bodied red wine grown locally in the North Spanish region. 

USA - The Underdog of wines  

Although most people tend to think of European countries when it comes to wine, the United States is the world’s fourth-largest producer of wine. Despite the country's immense size, and the fact that many regions enjoy fantastic weather, 90% of America’s wine is produced in California due to the stable weather conditions. Not only is California home to the majority of the country's wine production, but vineyards in the regions of Sonoma and Napa, to name a few, are renowned for the quality and unique flavours in their red wine. The 2018 Clos Du Val Cabernet Sauvignon is a great red wine grown in the Napa Valley region, made up of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Cabernet Franc and 7% Merlot, this is the perfect red wine for the sophisticated wine drinker. 

Argentina - A Classic  

Year after year, Argentina has continued to increase its wine production whilst developing a decent industry reputation and gaining worldwide acclaim — the result of which is that it’s now one of the world’s top five wine-producing countries. Mendoza is Argentina’s largest wine region. It’s situated in the foothills of the Andes and is well-known for unique consistencies and flavours. The wine found in this region is produced in both high-altitude and lower-level vineyards, adding to the flavours found within the bottles. The El Enemigo El Barranco Single Vineyard Bonarda is a fantastic red wine grown within the Mendoza region, and a bottle we would certainly recommend for any wine lover. So, what country makes the best red wine? It’s a good question! We’ve only listed the top five wine-producing countries in this post, so to establish which country’s red wine you like the most, your best bet is to do a taste test. With so many different wines and wine regions out there to explore, there’s plenty to consider before finding your favourite.

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