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  • Smogen Primor Single Malt 63.7% 3 years old
    Distilled in sep/November 2011 from optic barley peated to 45ppm and distilled in a combination of Euorpean oak and Bordeaux wine casks before bottling in November 2013 and naturallu high 73.7% vol. A powerful whisky with malt flavours, oak and peat smoke evident.
  • Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg 51.1% 70cl
    12th in the Moment series from Mackmyra distillery Morgondagg has been aged in American First Fill barrelsand Ex sherry casks and then aged in the Bodas mine. Fruity on the nose with herbs and spices, taosted bread and anise. The palate has green fruits with soft spiciness, butterscotch and light...
  • Smogen 6/6 Single Malt 59.2% 50cl
    Smogen are a Swedish distillery that make delicious malts that are quite hard to come by. The Smogen 6/6 was distilled on the 6th June 2011, hence the name. It was matured in Swedish oak barrels with only 840 bottles in existence.  
  • Smogen Barrique 60.3% 50cl
    Smogen Barrique is the oldest whisky the Swedish distillery have released thus far and is limited to only 1685 bottles. It's seven years old and matured for that time in French Oak barriques that once held red wine from Bordeaux. This is a spicy whisky with notes of chilli and pe...
  • Smogen Sherry Octaves Whisky 53.6% 50cl
    Following the roaring success of Smögen's Sherry Project 1, the small Swedish distillery is following it up with the aptly-named Sherry Project 2. The first release in Sherry Project 2 has been made with heavily peated barley and matured for 4 years in octave casks that previously held Oloroso...
  • Smogen Single Cask Edition No.4 2017 61.3% 50cl
    Cask 18/2012. Bottled May 6th 2017. 5 Year Old Single Malt Whisky. Natural colour. Fresh Bourbon barrel made with American white oak. Info to follow.
  • Mackmyra Svensk Ek 46.1% 70cl
    Svensk Ex has a spicy character with notes of sandalwood, dried ginger, black pepper, roasted oak barrel and herbs. Vanilla and toffee flavours from the Bourbon barrels with underlying fruity notes.
  • Mackmyra Svensk Rok Single Malt 46.1% 50cl
    This is a unique malt in that the malted barley is smoked using juniper twigs which imparts its own unique smoky flavour. The nose is smoky and spicy with juniper, orchard fruit, citrus fruit and toasted bread. On the palate it is big with smoke, peat, juniper, herbs and a slight saltiness.
  • Mackmyra Special No.1 51.6% 70cl
    Special:01 Eminent Sherry is made of whisky from hand-beaten oak barrels from Spains sherry district. We have saturated the barrels to achieve the desired character, and then matured them deep down in the old Bodas Mine.
  • Mackmyra Special No.2 50.6% 70cl
    A decade has passed since the concept of a Swedish malt whisky was born. A decade since the very first drops were distilled and the drink started to take form. History was written and Sweden became a whisky nation. The Anniversary Edition is a spicy whisky with hints of Swedish oak, roaste...
  • Mackmyra 1st Edition 70cl
    The 1st Edition has a spicy aroma and a fruity, elegant flavour with hints of citrus and caramel. It is not chill-filtered and contains no additives.
  • Mackmyra Special 05 Happy Hunting 47.2% 70cl
    This 5th edition from the Mackmyra distillery is made to celebrate Autumn walks in the forests gathering berries,'Happy Hunting'. The whisky is matured in casks which have previously held a rubust cowberry fruit wine with a touch of blueberry. Happy hunting is a robust, fruity, stringly fl...
  • Mackmyra Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon 53% 70cl
    Mackmyra Double Dip Bourbon casks has been matured first in large Bourbon casks then further aging in 30klitre small bourbon cask, hence the 'double dip' title. A fresh and fruity single malt with sweet spiceness and hints of pear flavoured caramel and vanilla pods.
  • Mackmyra Hope Special 07 45.8% 70cl
    Mackmyra special 07 has been matured in several different casks varying in size from 30 to 200 litres. It then has a finishing period in casks that have been saturated with cloudberry wine. The result is a whisky with salty notes and smoke but also berries and forest fruits with a spicy backgroun...
  • Mackmyra Special 08 Sauternes Handpicked 46% 70cl
    No.8 in the series of whiskies from Mackmyra Distillery this has been aged in Sauternes Casks. The result is a malt with fruity sweetness and gentle character with spices and raisin notes on the finish, back by bitterscotch.
  • Smogen Single Cask Edition 3 61.3% 2016
    This is the 2016 release of single cask from the Smogen whisky distillery in Sweden. It has been made with peated Optic malted barley which has phenol,s of 40ppm. Distilled in 2010 it has been matured in European oak with a finishing period in fresh Bordeaux wine barriques before bottling in Jan...
  • Smogen French Quarter Cask 61.1% 50cl
    This smogen single malt has been made from heavily peated optic barley and matured in virgin French quarter casks. Distilled January 2012 and bottled February 2016. The richness of colour is amazing from such a short time in cask.
  • Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41.4% vol 70cl
    Fresh and fruity single malt from Swedish distiller Mackmyra. Brukswhisky has light pear drops with crisp green apples. Delicate spice with toffee, aniseed, ginger and sweet almonds. A fine whiff of smoke with spice a peppery edgeon the finish.

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