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  • Penderyn Peated single malt 46% 70cl
    Penderyn peated single malt whisky is finished to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity a medium peaty character with light golden tone. Bottled at their prefered strength of (46% vol) the sweet aromatic smoke of Penderyn Peated single malt whisky is immediately obvious but soon...
  • Amrut Peated single malt 62.8% vol 70cl
    A very good peated whisky, highly rated by our customers, possibly the pick of the range. Bottled February 2009 Tasting Note Nose : Gristy smoked barley, kippers with a salted butter, peppered bite; Taste : The delivery is youthful and barely reaching ...
  • Millstone Peated 5 years old Zuidam 40% 70cl
    Millstone Dutch Single Malt Peated 5 years old is a new addition to their range, distilled 5th Fevruary 2005 and bottled 9th September 2010. This is a limited Edition whisky MILLSTONE Dutch Single Malt Whisky is hand crafted in the traditional distillery that is owned and operated by the Z...
  • Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt 46% 70cl
    Amrut Peated Indian single malt whisky is made from selected Indian barley grown at the feet of the Himalayas, nurtured by the waters flowing there and cultivated by old and traditional agricultural practices. It is carefully mashed and distilled in small batches to preserve the natural aroma and...
  • St Georges Distillery Diamond Jubilee The English Whisky Company 46% 70cl
    To mark 60 years of The Queen's reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. To celebrate this event the English whisky compmany has released a limited edition of 3000 bottles of their single malt made at the St Georges distillery.Casks hand picked by David Fitt our chief distiller to creat...
  • Armorik Single Cask 2002 Whisky Breton 70cl
    A single cask bottling form Breton distillery from the 2002 vintage. 1 of 748 bottles realised from a Oloroso sherry cask. Bottled in march 2012 is commemorates Armorik first 10 year old single malt. This cask was selected for its exceptional qualities.
  • Kavalan Single Malt Whisky 40% 70cl
    Kavalan is produced at the King Car Whisky distillery in Taiwan. Using high quality water from the Syue-shan mountain range their signature malt is then aged in three types of casks, Bourbon, Fresh Sherry and refill casks. This is a clean and elegant malt with a pleasant & refreshing ...
  • Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Finish 40% 70cl
    Concertmaster is a single malt whisky that stresses the singular character yet does not lose its comprehensive harmony. Portuguese ruby, tawny and vintage Port casks are used to develop the main flavour, combining Ka Va Lan's unique Taiwanese whisky attributes to compose a harmonic symphony. Pres...
  • Kavalan King Car Whisky Conductor 46% 70cl
    A new addition to the Kavalan range of single malts that is named after the company that owns it, King Car. This new expression has a fuller flavour and stronger strength than normal at 46% ABV. An excellently clean, fresh and fruity single malt. A touch of papaya, banana and green apple, to name...
  • Sullivans Cove American oak Cask 47.5% 70cl
    This Tasmanian whisky was distilled on 05/09/2000 and matured in American oak Bourbon casks until bottling on 30/04/2014, 1 of only 215 bottles from a single cask. The whisky is creamy and elegant with sweet malt and citrus notes and hints of vanilla.
  • Sullivans Cove Double Cask 40% 70cl
    A double matured whisky from Tasmanian Distillers, Sullivans Cove Double cask has been matured in French and American oak. Just four casks were blended together to create this marraige of different woods, resulting in a perfectly balanced malt with sweet fruit and dark chocolate notes.
  • Smogen Primor Single Malt 63.7% 3 years old
    Distilled in sep/November 2011 from optic barley peated to 45ppm and distilled in a combination of Euorpean oak and Bordeaux wine casks before bottling in November 2013 and naturallu high 73.7% vol. A powerful whisky with malt flavours, oak and peat smoke evident.
  • Mackmyra Moment Morgondagg 51.1% 70cl
    12th in the Moment series from Mackmyra distillery Morgondagg has been aged in American First Fill barrelsand Ex sherry casks and then aged in the Bodas mine. Fruity on the nose with herbs and spices, taosted bread and anise. The palate has green fruits with soft spiciness, butterscotch and light...
  • Paul John Classic Select Cask 55.2% vol Indian Single Malt 55% 70cl
    Indian Single malt made in Goa, aged in American White oak and bourbon barrels, non chill filtered and bottled at cask strength 55.2% vol
  • Paul John Edited Single Malt 46% 70cl
    Made at the John Distillery in Goa India, this edition has a hint of peat from using casks which previously held peated whisky.The grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. They slowly dissolve and pave the way for a rush of mint and mocha. Chocolate and ...
  • Paul John Brilliance Single Malt 46% 70cl
    Aged in Bourbon wood this single malt from The John Distillery in Goa, India has a smooth taste of honey with milk chocolate and gentle spice. The finish has mild spice and a lovely warmth of vanilla.
  • Langatun Old Bear Smoky Cask Strength 62.8% 50cl
    This distillery was founded in 1986 by Jakob Baumberger who took over a former brewery adding a still and acquiring a pure water source above in the hills at Langatuan.Nearly 150 years later in 2007, master distiller Hans Baumberger, the 3rd continues with the distillery and making its firs...
  • Smogen 6/6 Single Malt 59.2% 50cl
    Smogen are a Swedish distillery that make delicious malts that are quite hard to come by. The Smogen 6/6 was distilled on the 6th June 2011, hence the name. It was matured in Swedish oak barrels with only 840 bottles in existence.  
  • Smogen Barrique 60.3% 50cl
    Smogen Barrique is the oldest whisky the Swedish distillery have released thus far and is limited to only 1685 bottles. It's seven years old and matured for that time in French Oak barriques that once held red wine from Bordeaux. This is a spicy whisky with notes of chilli and pe...
  • Smogen Sherry Octaves Whisky 53.6% 50cl
    Following the roaring success of Smögen's Sherry Project 1, the small Swedish distillery is following it up with the aptly-named Sherry Project 2. The first release in Sherry Project 2 has been made with heavily peated barley and matured for 4 years in octave casks that previously held Oloroso...
  • Nomad Outland Whisky 41.3% 70cl
    A unique whisky which has created a new category, Outland whisky. Nomad is made in Scotland from a blend of 26 different single malts and 6 grain whiskies aged between 5 and 7 years, sourced mainly from Speyside distilleries. These whiskies are then aged for 7 years in Scotland before being moved...
  • Mackmyra Svensk Ek 46.1% 70cl
    Svensk Ex has a spicy character with notes of sandalwood, dried ginger, black pepper, roasted oak barrel and herbs. Vanilla and toffee flavours from the Bourbon barrels with underlying fruity notes.
  • Mackmyra Svensk Rok Single Malt 46.1% 50cl
    This is a unique malt in that the malted barley is smoked using juniper twigs which imparts its own unique smoky flavour. The nose is smoky and spicy with juniper, orchard fruit, citrus fruit and toasted bread. On the palate it is big with smoke, peat, juniper, herbs and a slight saltiness.
  • Milfords 10 years old 40% 70cl
    Single malt produced in New Zealand using the pure waters from the New Zealand mountains. Distilled in peat pot stills.From the Willowbank Distillery that once produced Lammerlaw
  • Penderyn Sherrywood 46% 70cl
    Penderyn Sherrywood single malt whisky is finished in sherry casks to impart a generous flavour of subtle complexity. Bottled at a premium strength (46% vol) Penderyn Sherrywood single malt whisky yields rich dark fruits and caramels from dry Oloroso sherry casks which intermingle with green ap...
  • Mackmyra Special No.1 51.6% 70cl
    Special:01 Eminent Sherry is made of whisky from hand-beaten oak barrels from Spains sherry district. We have saturated the barrels to achieve the desired character, and then matured them deep down in the old Bodas Mine.
  • Mackmyra Special No.2 50.6% 70cl
    A decade has passed since the concept of a Swedish malt whisky was born. A decade since the very first drops were distilled and the drink started to take form. History was written and Sweden became a whisky nation. The Anniversary Edition is a spicy whisky with hints of Swedish oak, roaste...
  • Mackmyra 1st Edition 70cl
    The 1st Edition has a spicy aroma and a fruity, elegant flavour with hints of citrus and caramel. It is not chill-filtered and contains no additives.
  • The English Whisky Co. Chapter 6 46% 70cl
    This is The English Whisky Company 3 years old whisky unpeated made by Iain Henderson (formerly Laphroaig) Distilled May 2008 bottled April 2011.
  • Amrut Portonova 62.1% vol Batch No.3 2013 70cl
    The New Release from Amrut distillery is and unpeated single malt matured in American oak and ex-bourbon casks, then Port pipes and back into bourbon casks. Named Portonova as there is a town called Parangipettai (Portonovo) in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, a territory that was under Portugue...
  • Mackmyra Special 05 Happy Hunting 47.2% 70cl
    This 5th edition from the Mackmyra distillery is made to celebrate Autumn walks in the forests gathering berries,'Happy Hunting'. The whisky is matured in casks which have previously held a rubust cowberry fruit wine with a touch of blueberry. Happy hunting is a robust, fruity, stringly fl...
  • The English Whisky Co Chapter 9 Peated Whisky 46% 70cl
    This is the first publicly available peated whisky ever to have been made in England. The whisky critics think it tastes pretty good, we think it tastes pretty good - so hopefully you will too. Chapter 9 will be in fairly limited supply for the 1st year, so ask your local whisky shop to get it or...
  • Three Ships 10 years old James Sedgwick Distillery 43% 75cl
    Three Ships has come a long way since Captain James Sedgwick first sailed into the Cape as the master of the clipper "Undine" in 1850. Nine years later, he established J. Sedgwick & Co., purveyor of quality liquor, tobacco and cigars. In 1886, the distillery in Wellington, South Afr...
  • Mackmyra Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon 53% 70cl
    Mackmyra Double Dip Bourbon casks has been matured first in large Bourbon casks then further aging in 30klitre small bourbon cask, hence the 'double dip' title. A fresh and fruity single malt with sweet spiceness and hints of pear flavoured caramel and vanilla pods.
  • Whisky Stones (set of 9)
    Whisky stones are a great alternative to using ice to cool your drinks. Just keep the stones in your freezer and add a couple to your whisky or favourite spirit to chill it down without diluting the flavours. Made from recycled soap stone, they are easy to use and can be washed and reused again a...
  • Penderyn Legend 41% 70cl
    A new bottling from this Welsh distillery.Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruit intermingle with cream fudge and sultana raisans in the nose to create a complex yet fresh. In the mouth thisd single malt is incredibly smooth with both fresh and dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet on the pala...
  • South Island 21 years old Willowbank Distillery 40% 70cl
    South Island 21 years old was distilled at the Willowbank Distillery Dunedin, South Island New Zealand. Made with locally grown barley and using the purest water from snow melt off the Southern Alps. Distilling in New Zealand goes back to the earliest Scottish settlers in 1838, and the dis...
  • Amrut Kadambam 50% 70cl Batch No.4 2013
    Kadhambam means combination or mixture in Tamil, which somes this malt up pretty well. Single malt whisky which has been aged in traditioanl casks has then been further aged in casks from, sherry casks, then Rum and cognac casks. This is surely a first using these types of casks together.
  • Armorik Double Maturation Whisky Breton 46% 70cl
    Whisky Bretonsingle Malt Armorik has been matured in two types of barrel, Breton oak casks and sherry casks. It has a rich and fruity nose, with hints of citrus apple and spice, with sherry notes and a touch of chocolate. Made in Brittany France.
  • Armorik Classic Single Malt Whisky Breton 46% 70cl
    Armorik Classic brings together the best of our warehouse in a very accomplished edition. Marriage of sherry and bourbon casks of different ages, it highlights the quality of aging on the Brittany coast and the expertise of our master blender. This Armorik Classic is presented in an un-chillfilte...
  • Amrut Single Cask Port Pipe 59% 70cl
    A single cask bottling from Idian distillery Amrut. 1 of only 346 bottles to be released has been made with peated barley and aged in a port pipe and is exclusive to the Euroipean markey. Distilled June 2009, bottled August 2013 from cask no. 2713 at cask strength 59%
  • Amrut Single Cask PX-Sherry Cask 62.8% 70cl
    A single cask bottling form Amrut Distillery exclusively for the European market. Made from un-peated barley and aged in PX-sherry casks, distilledin June 2009 and bottled in August 2013 at cask strength 62.8% vol. 1 of only 311 bottles form the cask.
  • English Whisky Co. Peated Whisky St Georges Distillery 43% 70cl
    New Entry level single malt form the St Georges distillery in Norfolf. The edition is the Peated which shows a nose of ginder biscuits aniseed and pepper. The palate is clean with barley, then pepper and peat slowly building in the mouth, without overpowering. Ginger, lemon and lime fruits on th...
  • English Whisky Co. Classic St Georges Distillery 43% 70cl
    New entry level single malt form the English Whisky Co. The classic is non-peated and is light and smooth with fresh cut grassy notes slightly spicy. The palate is quite full-bodied with fresh wood and vanilla, fruity with some nuts, cereal charachter and citrus elements.
  • Kavalan Solist Bourbon Cask Cask Strength 57.8% 70cl
    Kavalan Solist Bourbon is a delightfully complex, multi-dimensional single malt whisky with vanilla, fruit and coconut highlights. Matured in hand selected American ex-Bourbon casks, the whisky is available at cask strength and non chill-filtered hence it retains the fuller flavour of the natura...
  • Mackmyra Hope Special 07 45.8% 70cl
    Mackmyra special 07 has been matured in several different casks varying in size from 30 to 200 litres. It then has a finishing period in casks that have been saturated with cloudberry wine. The result is a whisky with salty notes and smoke but also berries and forest fruits with a spicy backgroun...
  • Penderyn Dylan Sherrywood 41% 70cl
    This is the Third in a series of special bottling celebrating icons of Wales. Welsh Bard Dylan Thomas is featured on this bottling which has been matured in a combination of ex.bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry butts.
  • English Whisky Chapter 14 Unpeated 46% 70cl
    Made at the St Georges Distillery in Norfolk, this latest chapter No.14, in the develpoment of English whisky is made from unpeated malt and aged for 6 years in borbon casks. Bottled November 2014. Every bottle of English Whisky Chapter 14 comes with a free red hip flask. Offer end...
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