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Grain Whisky

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Grain whisky, as the name may suggest, is made from grain cereals in a column still. A column still, which is also known as a Patent still or continuous still, can churn out large amounts of spirit 24 hours a day. This makes the process far quicker and cheaper than the pot still batch process that is required to make malt whisky.

Grain whisky has always been prized for its neutral attributes and the vast majority of it is used in blended whisky to marry different malts together, as the two have quite different but complimentary qualities. The result of this is a whisky that caters to a wide range of palates’ that may otherwise be offended by the more extreme qualities of single malt. Corn is mainly used in the production of grain whisky although it is possible to use any cereal that is to hand. A very small amount of malted barley is added in order to produce a chemical reaction that creates sugar from the starchy grain.

Of course, it is perfectly viable to enjoy grain whisky as a product in its own right and there are several distilleries in Scotland that specialise in letting you do just that! You can enjoy Cameron Brig, distilled by the Cameronbridge distillery, on a shoestring budget or maybe plum for a dram by the North British distillery. Alternatively, there are some excellent offerings by Port Dundas but you should hurry as they are a closed distillery and will not be opening their doors again.