Irish Grain Whiskey

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There are only two single grain Irish whiskies available to purchase and these are the Greenore Single Grain 8 Year Old from the Kilbeggan distillery and Tieling, who produce Tieling Single Grain Whiskey and are opening the first new distillery in Dublin for 125 years in 2015. The Midleton distillery produces a huge amount of grain whiskey for blended whiskey products like Jamesons, but surprisingly does not bottle any for individual retail.

Irish grain whiskey can be produced in any kind of still but it’s usually distilled in a Patent Still, otherwise known as a Continuous Still. It’s worth noting that the grain used in the process can be wheat, barley, corn, rye or any combination of the latter. The use of the Continuous Still means that the grain whiskey can be produced far more economically than those that utilise the Pot Still method. A Patent Still can be run continuously day and night so the volumes produced are considerable, meaning that those whisky’s that contain the grain spirit are generally of a lower price than malts.