Irish Blended Whiskey

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Blended Irish whiskey is by far and wide the most popular style of Irish whiskey and is one of the country’s most popular exports. Irish blends are known throughout the world for their easy drinking qualities, with the most popular and famous varieties being Jamesons and Bushmills. The creation of this whiskey is almost exactly the same as Blended Scotch, with malt and grain whiskey married together in a harmonious union. The only difference between the two is the fact that blended whiskey from Ireland can also be a combination of single pot still and either single malt or grain whiskey; in actual fact, all three varieties are permitted to be mixed together during the blending process.

Bushmills is the only distillery to release all of their blended whiskey under their own label including Black Bush, Bushmills Original Whiskey and Bushmills Irish Honey. Interestingly, Bushmills only produce single malt at their distillery and acquire grain whisky from the Midleton distillery. Midleton is the largest distillery in Ireland and produces nearly 20 million litres of spirit every year; it is also home to Jamesons, the most popular blended Irish whiskey in the world. Middleton also produces the much sought after Midleton Very Rare, Powers John Lane and Paddy, Ireland’s third best selling whiskey. The highly acclaimed Kilbeggan blend is made by Cooley, the only independent distillery in Ireland.