White Dog Whiskey

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  • Wasmund's Barrel Kit Rye Spirit 62% 2x70cl
    Rick Wasmund and the Cooper Fox Distillery, Virginia have created a unique opportunity for the novice, or whisky connoisseur to create and age their own whisky. The barrel is intended for multiple fills, with layers of flavours and complexities evolving with each use. The kit comes with full
    instructions and 2 bottles of cask strength Rye spirit. We encourage you to savour the journey, and age and season your spirit to your personal taste.
    Kit Contains: 1x2lit Charred reuseable white oak mini Barrel
    2x Rye Spirit
    Bung, serving spout and stand
    Full Instructions
  • Few White Dog 40% 75cl
    White Dog is the same spirit that would go into barrel to make whiskey, but instead it bottled as it is made. Crisp and clean with a spicy rye bit. Drink as it would have been in moonshine country - in Jam jars!.
  • Firefly Moonshine 50.35% 75cl
    Moonshine, White Lightning, Shine, whatever you want to call it this is the genuine spirit made in the South on Wadmalaw Island South Carolina. Enjoy it staright up out of the jar.
  • Midnight Moon Moonshine 40% 35cl
    It's the original moonshine, but more refined. Inspired by Junior Johnson's legendary recipe, Midnight Moon Original is 80 proof (40% ALC./VOL.) and distilled from American corn to be slightly sweet, ultra-smooth, and clean tasting. Now that's one delicious legacy.
  • Georgia Moon Apple Pie 35% 75cl
    The all America classic Apple Pie and moonshine in a jar, what's not to like!
  • Sugar Shine Apple Cinnamon Pie Moonshine75cl 20% vol
    Sugar Shine Apple Cinnamon Pie has been made with a mash bill of 50% Corn spirit and 50% cane sugar spirit. Infused with a cinnamon stick to give the authentic American apple pie flavour.
  • Ole Smoky Harley Davidson Charred Moonsh
    This special hard smoked blend of whiskey is bold and smooth. Its 103 proof is a nod of respect to the Harley-Davidson twin-cam 103 engine.
  • Ole Smoky White Lightnin Moonshine 50% vol 50cl
    Made with 100% neutral grains intended to be highly mixable, Ole Smoky White Lightnin' Moonshine sparks up any cocktails.

  • Van Brunt Stillhouse Moonshine 45% vol 70cl
     Van Brunt Stillhouse Moonshine is made in small batches of just 30 gallons at a time, in Brooklyn, New York. It is made from a mash bill which is 100% Danko Rye, each batch being unique.
  • Ole Smoky Hunch Punch Lightnin 40% vol 50cl
    A hearty yet refined step up from the party punch you may remember, Ole Smoky Hunch Punch Moonshine is a delicious concoction that combines our smooth moonshine with a summertime blend of juices from oranges, pineapples and cherries.
  • Georgia Moon Peach 35% 70cl
    The forerunner and kissing cousin to Bourbon, American Straight Corn Whiskey is defined by the US Government as having a recipe or mashbill with a minimum of 81% corn, the rest being malted barley and rye. Today, Heaven Hill is the sole remaining national producer of this uniquely American Whiskey style, bottling such classic names as Georgia Moon, Mellow Corn, Dixie Dew and J.W. Corn. As world-renowned whiskey writer Jim Murray wrote, "If you are a true student of whiskey, your education is a long way from being complete until you have mastered this particularly charming form."
    Georgia Moon is clear, and upon twisting off the cap is a potent tang of sour liquor, followed by the smell of sweet corn. On the palate, it starts sour and unsavory, but oily and silky soft with the smallest of bites.
  • Firefly Cherry Flavour Moonshine 29.1% 75cl
    Made by genuine Shiners in South Carolina Jim and Scott using hand made 300 gallons pot stills. This has zing not a bing cherry flavours. Try it with 1-2 parts Firefly Cherry with 2 parts Dr Peppers to back a Zing Cherry.
    Zing Cherry

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