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American Bourbon Whiskey

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What began as a way for poor American farmers to make a living from their fields has evolved into one of the world’s most well-known and widely enjoyed drinks. American Bourbon Whiskey has survived Prohibition and several wars, and continually refined its character, leading it to enjoy a highly successful renaissance.

Despite craft distilleries springing up all over America, Kentucky Straight Bourbon remains the classic incarnation of American whiskey, shaped by white oak, corn and a unique and recognisable honeyed sweetness.

Bourbon Refinement

Old bourbons were distilled, decanted into a cask, shipped, sold and consumed with minimal fuss — the original bottlings were as rough and ready as they come. But then, a few innovative individuals began to refine the distilling process. Minister Rev Elijah Craig started to use charred barrels and Dr James Crow introduced scientific rigour and sour-mashing.

Since its early 19th-century beginnings, the rules of bourbon production have evolved. Producers must use between 51-80% corn distilled no higher than 80% ABV (alcohol by volume), which must be put into new charred white-oak casks at no higher than 62.5% ABV. From here, nothing else should be added apart from water.

Interesting Bourbon Facts

1) American whiskey was initially produced by poor farmers in Maryland and Pennsylvania; they then moved south to Kentucky because of the increase in taxes.

2) Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to be in Kentucky to produce bourbon. Distilleries from New York to Texas are now producing a fine array of their own bourbons.

3) Early bottlings of whiskey were shipped downriver in barrels with “old bourbon” stencilled on the side, which designated the former name of their local area. As the popularity of the whiskey increased, the name stuck, and voila — American bourbon whiskey was born!

How Does it Taste?

American bourbon whiskey tends to be sweet and smooth, so it’s equally perfect to sip neat or as the base ingredient for many delicious cocktails. Typical characteristics and flavours found in bourbon include vanilla, cinnamon, toffee, oak and dried fruit. If you prefer a sweeter dram, bourbon is definitely something you’ll want to explore to the fullest. With such a wide range of brilliant bourbons out there, you’ll not only be able to buy American whiskey online that suits your needs, but you’ll also enjoy an abundance of amazing brands along the way.

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