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Canadian Whiskey

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Although it shares some properties with other types of whiskey such as Scotch and bourbon, Canadian whisky has a style of its own, thanks to a unique production method and the influence of rye. Scotland and America currently have the monopoly of the whiskey world, but when it comes to quality and taste, Canadian whiskey is definitely another origin that’s worth exploring!

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Canadian whiskey before you make a purchase, and if there are any questions you have or would like to chat about the delight that is whiskey, feel free to get in touch!

Production Method

Just like bourbon, Canadian whiskey is usually made from several different grains. But unlike bourbon, in Canada, each grain is fermented, distilled and aged separately. They are only combined at the very end, which means that the amount of rye whisky added to each blend can vary a lot.

Compared to many spirits, the production of Canadian whiskey is more of a makeshift process with varied outcomes. A mixture of grains is distilled three times to produce a clean, neutral base spirit, to which a second whisky or ‘flavouring’ is added.

Characteristics of Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey tends to be light in character, but full of flavour. In blends where more rye is present, as with some bottlings from Crown Royal and Canadian Club — the dry spice taste can often be complemented by notes of toffee, fruit and pepper. When there’s less rye, flavours such as vanilla, corn and even cinnamon can be more prominent.

One of the myths about Canadian whisky is that it's not very flavoursome. And while it can be said that some of the entry-level whiskies are smoother and don’t provoke the taste buds as much as others, many are immensely robust.

Why Buy Whiskey Online from DrinkFinder?

When compared to some of the more common, big-name brands of Scotland and America, Canadian whiskey is somewhat of a rarity amongst the everyday consumer. So if you’re someone who is yet to sample some of Canada’s finest whiskey, there’s no time like the present!

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