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Campbeltown was once the crown jewel of Scotland’s Scotch whisky industry with between 28 - 34 distilleries in operation there during the 19th century. That’s nearly as many distilleries as Speyside has today condensed into one town; it’s no wonder they called it the whisky capital of the world! Sadly, by 1925 there were only two distilleries left in operation in the town situated at the tip of the Kintyre peninsula. The dramatic down turn occurred largely because of US prohibition denying the industry a large part of its former overseas market. Due to the loss of so many distilleries, Campbeltown lost its recognition as a specific whisky region and the remaining two, Springbank and Glen Scotia, were re-classified as Highland whiskies. The abandoned distilleries mainly fell into ruin and there is very little left to allude to the town’s illustrious past.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as in 2004 Springbank reopened the Glengyle distillery under the company name of Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd. With three distilleries now in operation, Campbeltown finally regained its status as an independent whisky region. The Glengyle is planning on releasing its first expression as a 12 years old in 2016. Due to its coastal location, most drams from Cambeltown possess a certain amount of salinity. This marries well with their smoky attributes, creating a pleasingly aromatic whisky to enjoy. The Springbank distillery is very unusual as they are one of only four distilleries who produce more than one dramatically different style of whisky (the other three are Tobermory, Loch Lomond and Bruichladdich). They triple filter some of their whisky in a style more reminiscent of the Lowlands and also don’t chill-filter the whisky as is the norm. Their range includes Longrow, a heavily peated single malt and Hazelburn, an unpeated offering that is triple filtered as mentioned previously.

  • Longrow Peated Malt 46% 70cl
    New from the Sprinbank distillery is their peated whisky Longrow in new presentation, this bottling does not carry and age declaration.
  • Springbank 10 years old 46% 70cl
    The 10 Year Old is the perfect introduction to the Springbank range. Whilst bourbon casks are mainly used for maturation, allowing the distillery character to shine through, a number of sherry casks are also used for added body.

    The light colour of this malt belies the richness of its character. Whilst the nose suggests a wide range of aromas, from citrus fruits to pears and a hint of peat, the palate excites even further with a touch of smoke, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon and the salty tang we have come to expect from Springbank.

    Complexity is the key word here yet it remains perfectly balanced from first sip to the full, rich finish.
  • Kilkerran 8 years old Cask Strength 56.2% 70cl

    The first Cask strength Kilkerran distilled at the Glengyle Distillery in Campbeltown.

    1 per customer/address only.

  • Springbank 15 years old 46% 70cl
    As the eye takes in the dark, russet colour of the 15 Year Old, the nose anticipates the rich sweet smell of the sherry casks used to mature this old style Springbank.
    The anticipation is rewarded as you pull the stopper and the sherry aromas drift out. However, the sweet nose on this dram only begins to suggest the full range of flavours which emerge on the palate; dark chocolate, figs, marzipan, brazil nuts and vanilla all mingle to DRAMatic effect! A truly classic Springbank that is perhaps best enjoyed after-dinner or with your favourite cigar.
    Age: 15 year old

    Strength: 46% ABV

    Maturation: 80% sherry, 20% bourbon matured

  • Glen Scotia 12 years old 40% 70cl
    The Glen Scotia distillery was founded in 1832 by Stewart Galbraith under the name of Scotia Distillery. Glen Scotia is one of the last two great Campbeltown survivors the other is Springbank. The distillery is said to be haunted by Duncan MacCallum who bought the distillery in 1924. He committed suicide by drowning himself in Campbeltown Loch in 1930 after realising he had been tricked out of a large sum of money by swindlers. Although 1million was spent upgrading the distillery between 1979 and 1982 it was closed in 1984. It was reopened by Gibson International in 1989 but they then went into receivership in 1994. It was then acquired from receivership by Glen Catrine.

    Glen Scotia is now owned by the Loch Lomond Distillery company through its subsidiary company Glen Catrine Bond. It was mothballed in 1994.

    The good news is that recently a trial distillation was carried out at Glen Scotia using a team from the Springbank Distillery. The quality of the spirit that was produced was so impressive that t
  • Kilkerran Work in Progress 2 June 2010 46% 70cl
    Kilkerran single malt whisky distilled at Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown. This is the second bottling of Kilkerran Work in Progress (2) 6y/o 70cl 46% Matured in oak.

    Nose: Light and fragrant, the nose leads you into the dram gently. Refreshing lemon citrus, hints of pear and just a dash of sherbert.

    Palate: Masses of sweet vanilla immediately take over the tastebuds before the classic Campbeltown salt hits the tongue. Creamy toffee and butterscotch become apparent as the natural oils coat the mouth.

    Finish: Gentle smoke comes from deep in your throat, followed up by very pleasant ground spices
  • Kilkerran Work in Progress 3 June 2011 46% 70cl
    Kilkerran single malt whisky distilled at the Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown. This is the third bottling at 46% ABV.
    Colour: Golden barley. Nose: Spicy buns! Cardamon, cinnamon, heather honey, butter toffee with a slight savory note of toffee popcorn.

    Palate: Like a silky smooth melted honey comb chocolate bar. Fruitiness present as crisp and very sweet red apples. Incredibly rich and buttery, like gingerbread cookie dough, yet fresh with hints of clover and freshly cut summers grass.

    Finish: Alluring and warm... a great summers evening dram that leaves you licking your lips for more
  • Springbank 1996 9 year old Murray McDavid 46% 70cl
    Murray McDavid Bottling
    Cask type: Borbon/ Marsanne/ Rousanne
    Enhanced in: Guigal Hermitage blanc casks.
    480 bottles only.
  • Hazelburn 8 years old 2nd ed. 46% 70cl
    The newest addition to the range of whiskies produced at Springbank, Hazelburn gains it's light, delicate character through being distilled three times in the distillery's old copper stills.

    Hazelburn is made with unpeated barley, making the spirit light, fruity and very, very subtle.

    1997 saw the first distillation of Hazelburn and the first release of the whisky as an eight year old in 2005 was so successful that all 6,000 bottles sold out within a matter of weeks.

    Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the old Campbeltown distilleries. Most of the distillery buildings are still standing, though the distillery is long defunct.
    60% bourbon 40% sherry cask

    Nose: Light and delicate with subtle nuances of raspberry coulis, shortbread and sherbet. Sweet vanilla, malt and white oak are also in evidence.

    Palate: Elegantly sweet and malty. Loads of vanilla flavour combines well with toasty oak notes leading to a spicy aftertaste. No smokiness in triple distilled Hazelburn.

    Finish: A slightly peppery finish to a refined and elegant dram
  • Kilkerran Work In Progress 5 Sherry Wood 46% 70cl
    The second bottling in the Kilkerran Work in progress has been matured in Sherry Casks. This is a release of 9000 bottles only world wide.
  • Springbank 100 proof 10 years old 57% 70cl
    This is Springbank in its purest form. Matured predominately in American oak casks, and bottled at 57% ABV, the character of the distillery is laid before you in all it's naked glory.

    Nose: Dried apricots, ginger, buttery toffee and marzipan.

    Palate: Sweet oak, very full bodied, malty and rich. Honey and wood.

    Finish: Lingering sweetness complimented by a hint of smoke.
  • Hazelburn 10 years old 46% 70cl
    New bottling from Hazelburn, this 10 years old has been tripled distilled and is not peated aged in oak cask.
  • Springbank 12 years old Claret 1997 54.4% 70cl
    Springbank Claret Wood 70cl 54.4%ABV
    Matured: 7yrs refill bourbon, 3yrs fresh claret, 2yrs re-charred casks

    Colour: Mahogany

    Nose: At first thick and rich syrup nose with notes of honey, fruits, figs and dates. Strong notes of fizzy cola bottles and winegums. A small hint of varnish towards the end.

    Palate: A fantastically fruity and sweet dram. Despite a thick oily nose it is surprisingly light on the palate, caramel sweet but with a nice reminder of salt. It gives away notes of sweet apple tart.

    Finish: A long fruity whisky that leaves you with a light, dry flavour of chilli peppers on your lips.

    9360 bottles.
  • Springbank Gift Pack 46% 3x20cl
    A lovely gift pack containing the three different expressions from the Springbank Distillery, Halzeburn 12 years old, Springbank 10 years old and Longrow peated malt
  • Springbank 12 years old Cask Strength 56.3% 2016 bottling
    The new release of one of the most popular malts in Springbank's range the 12 years old cask strength is back, this time bottled at 56.3% vol. Matured in a combination of sherry (70%) and bourbon (30%) barrels. This is the 12th batch produced.

    1 per customer
  • Longrow 14 years old 46% 70cl
    Dark Gold, Amber

    NOSE: The full body and sweetness of the nose are represented by rich milk chocolate and cream. Further nosing provides a slight smokiness, and a subtle amount of fresh mint.

    PALATE: This whisky is very well balanced on the palate. The initial sweetness soon give way to subtle peat and burnt embers.

    FINISH: Satisfyingly smokey, without being overpowering.
  • Hazelburn 12 years old 46% 70cl
    The newest addition to the range of whiskies produced at Springbank, Hazelburn gains it's light, delicate character through being distilled three times in the distillery's old copper stills.

    Hazelburn is made with unpeated barley, making the spirit light, fruity and very, very subtle.

    1997 saw the first distillation of Hazelburn and the first release of the whisky as an eight year old in 2005 was so successful that all 6,000 bottles sold out within a matter of weeks.

    Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the old Campbeltown distilleries. Most of the distillery buildings are still standing, though the distillery is long defunct.

    Colour: Light bronze

    Nose: Incredibly rich, the influence of the sherry casks is immediately apparent. Sweet and chocolatey, there are also notes of apricot, orange marmalade, almonds and marzipan.

    Palate: Malty, fruity and elegant. A very well balanced and rounded dram with hints of oak, figs and nuts.

    Finish: A long, lingering fruity sweetness.
  • Longrow Red 11 year old Australian Shiraz Cask 53.7% 70cl
    This new addition to the longrow stable has been matured in refill bourbon cask for 6 years then followed by a further 5 years in Australia Shiraz hogshead. This is a limited edtion bottling of the campbeltown peated wit only 9000 bottles being produced worldwide.
  • Kilkerran Cask Strength Bourbon Wood WIP 7 54.1% 70cl
    This is the first cask strength Kilkerran from the Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown, matured in Boubon wood and names WIP 7. It has a nose of apples and marzipan devoloping into spicier vanilla notes. The palate is well rounded with smoke and tangy apples, yet elegant and mature.

    1 per customer:
  • Springbank 12 years old Cask Strength 56.5 70cl 2017
    Springbank new edition of the 12 years old cask strength this one is at 56.5% vol matured in 60% fresh sherry hogsheads 40% refill sherry butts
    Colour: Golden Straw
    Nose: Very rich and lush with strong toffee and caramel notes to begin with. The nose then develops to really thick treacle with heavy notes of marmalade. This whisky has a really "meaty" nose with some hints of cinnamon and smoke.
    Palate: An amazingly full bodied whisky, rich with a thick and oily texture. It has a very rich taste of oranges, tangerines and clementines as well as a hint of cocoa.
    Finish: Sweet and very rich, long finish with a hint of smoke.
  • Longrow Red 11 years old Port Cask 51.8% 70cl
    A limited run of just 9000 bottles Worldwide. The 2014 edition of Red has been matured in Port casks for 11 years and bottled at 51.8% vol.
  • Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured 51.3% 70cl

    New Edition of the Red Range from Springbanks peated whisky Longrow. This 13 years old has been matured in bourbon barrels for 12 years before a finishing period of 15 months in fresh Malbec barrels from De Toren in Stellenbosch. Only 9000 have been produced at cask strength 51.3% vol. 

    1 per customer/address only.

  • Springbank Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4% 10 years old
    This new bottling from Springbank has been matured in small casks 'Rundlets or Kilderkins' which holds 18 gallons. In the 17th and 18th century these size casks were sold directly to the local gentry from the distillery. Distilled in November 2001 and bottled in January 2012, this is a limited run of just 9000 bottled worldwide. Bottled at 49.4% vol.

    Colour: Russet
    Nose: Honey, vanilla, chocolate, nougat, and toffee in abundance followed by hints of wholesome freshly ground nutmeg.
    Palate: Creamy and rich as expected from the nose, with notes of chocolate covered honey comb mixed with pistachio and crushed almonds. Rich and oily from its maturation in small casks, it gives an impression of being older than its ten years.
    Finish: The ground nutmeg is still evident on the finish but the creaminess outstays the spices to a long smooth and sweet finish. With water this dram develops an even sweeter finish, fruity and sugar candy, it becomes even smoother.
  • Springbank 12 years old Calvados Wood 52.7% 70cl
    Springbank's latest edition in their cask finishing is Calvados wood. Having spent 6 years in a refill bourbon cask in then spends a further 6 years in a cask which previous held the apple brandy, Calvados. A limited edition with only 9420 bottles worldwide and bottled at cask strength 52.7% vol.

    Producer Tasting notes
    :Colour: Golden syrup. Nose: The influence of the Calvados casks is immediately apparent, with notes of green apples, citrus fruits and sweet toffee showing themselves in the beginning. Vanilla essence, pears and some gentle spice come later. Palate: A very lively dram at cask strength. Black pepper and rhubarb give way to demerara sugar, green grapes, a touch of cinnamon and a little bit of home-made fudge. This is an oily whisky for sure. Finish: Orange marmalade, gooseberries and a pleasant, dry peatiness leave a lasting impression.
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