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  • Glen Albyn 1976 Gordon & Macphail 43% 70cl
    Glen Albyn Distillery faced many turbulent times beginning with devastating damage provoked by a fire in November 1849, but was back distilling again by 1850. Twenty years after it was first founded the distillery hit more hard time and was sold and renovated into a flour mill. In 1884 Gregory (Grigor) and Company rebuilt the distillery and grew into a lucartive business with an estimated annual output of 75,000 gallons of single highland malt scotch whisky. The distillery housed worm tubs that differed from the usual: formed like the letter D as opposed to the usual round shape, they created a larger increase in cooling power which improves the flavour of good whisky. In 1882 Glen Albyn's neighbour Glen Mhor was constructed, and its operator Mackinlays and Birnie Ltd also bought over Glen Albyn Distillery. Both were then in turn bought out by DCL and finally transferred to SMD. Glen Albyn was finally mothballed and demolished in the 1980's.
    AROMA without water Hints of rum and raisin, with defined fruity notes. Some subtle esters - fresh with subtle kiwi notes.
    TASTE without water An inital hint of warm spice - cinammon. A defined sweetness, smooth yet complex. With a touch of nuts - hazelnuts.
    AROMA with water Fresh, with some fudge aromas. The sweetness lingers and hints of orange peel develop.
    TASTE with water Some subtle spice, creamy with a rounded smoothness.
  • Glen Elgin 1995 Scotts Selection 57.1% 70cl
    Glen Elgin distillery lies about 10 miles south of where the river Lossie exits to the sea. This distillery was set up just before 1900 and was the last distillery in Speyside for 60 years until Tormore was built. The style of the whisky is typical Speyside, soft smooth with a mellow honeyd flavour.
    Soft spring water comes from the area of Millbuies Loch to the south-east of the distiller.
  • Ardbeg 1992 21 years old Old Malt Cask 15 Anniversary 50.2% 70cl
    To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Old Malt Cask bottlings from Douglas Laing they have selected six of their best casks to mark this landmark. This bottling of Ardbeg distilled in March 1992 and bottled in November 2013 was bottled at cask strength 50.2% vol. 1 of only 136 bottles
  • Brora 1977 35 years old Special Release 2013 49.9% 70cl
    A limited edition, natural cask strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky from a closed coastal distillery at Brora. This is the twelfth in the series from this distillery, matured in refill American Oak and European Oak casks over 35 years old filled in 1977. Only 2944 individually numbered bottles worldwide
  • Glenrothes 1989 Celebration of the Cask Carn Mor 54.8% 70cl
    A limited edition single cask bottling of Glenrothes Speyside malt , bottled under the Carn Mor Black gold label. Distilled in 1989 and matured in sherry hogsheads until bottling on 31/03/14 at cask strength 54.8.
    A very nice bottling which would enhance any whisky enthusiasts collection.
    1 of 266 bottles only
    Cask No. 11192
  • North British 1989 Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask 56.3% 70cl
    A rare bottling of North British Grain whisky which has been matured in a single cask of Sherry Hogshead. Distilled in 27/06/89 and bottled 31/03/14 at cask strength 56.3% vol, 1 of only 136 bottles from the cask. Bottled under the Carn Mor Label Black Gold the Celebration of the Cask.
  • North British Distillery 24 years old Small Batch Cadenhead 46% 70cl
    Single Grain whisky from North British Distillery aged for 24 years in a Bourbon barrel. Distilled in 1989 bottled in 2014, 1 of 240 bottles only.
  • Glen Mhor 30 years old 1982 Old Malt Cask 50% 70cl
    Glen Mhor closed in 1983, so bottlings are becoming increasingly more rare. This 1982 bottling from Douglas Laing under their Old Malt Cask bottling was bottled October 2012 at 30 years of age at 50% vol. 1 of 228 bottles form a single refilled hogshead.
    Ref: DL 9183
  • Glen Keith 1991 52.1% vol The Pearsl of Scotland 70cl
    Cask Strength bottling of Glen Keith by The Pearls of Scotland. Distilled June 1991 and bottled October 2014 from cvask No. 85172 this is 1 of 179 bottles only.
  • Mortlach 1991 Sherry Wood Mackillops Choice 56.6% 70cl
    A superb bottling of Mortlach aged in a sherry cask and bottled at cask strength 56.6% vol. Distilled on 5th August 1991 and bottled in Januray 2015 from Cask No. 5887. This is 1 of only 610 bottles.
  • Coleburn 1972 Rare Old 46% 70cl Gordon & Macphail
    A rare and collectable bottling of Coleburn which was mothballed in 1985. Distilled in 1972 and bottled by Gordon & Macphail under their Rae Old label in 2013.
    G& M Tasting notes: Strawberry and blackcurrant aromas initially, hints of toasted malt and almond develop. The palate has black pepper with grapefruit and raspberry flavours, which are complemented by a subtle hint of oak.
  • Highland Park 8 years old Gordon & Macphail 40% 70cl
    Built in 1798, Scotland's most Northern distillery is set on the site where the infamous illicit distiller, Magnus Eunson's bothy used to stand. Highland Park continues to malt its own barley using the traditional floor malting method and to kiln dry the 'green' malt using peat cut from its own moorlands. One of the few distilleries where you can still see and smell smoke wafting from its pagoda. Cattie Maggie is the underground spring that feeds a former quarry close to Highland Park. The spring and quarry are named after a tinker who lived in the vicinity. The water is pure and very hard, rising through a sedimentary rock of hard sandstone

    AROMA without water: Soft fruits - peaches/mangos. Heather/earthy notes and a touch of saltiness.
    TASTE without water: Rich, mulled fruits with a touch of smokiness.
    AROMA with water: Fruity (green apples), subtle Sherry influence and touch of floral influence.
    TASTE with water: Sherry wood with smoky notes (charred oak). A vanilla sweetness emerges.
  • Glen Mhor 1980 Bottled 2011 43% 70cl
    Very collectible bottling of Glen Mhor distilled in 1980 and bottled 2011 by Gordon & Macphail
  • Glen Mhor 1965 Bottled 2007 43% 70cl
    Rare bottling of Glen Mhor distilled 1965 and bottled 2007 by Gordon & Macphail.
  • Inverleven 1986 Rare Old Gordon & Macphail 46% 70cl
    Inverleven was monthballed in 1992 and had now been demolished with its still being shipped to Islay. This has been bottled by Gordon and Macphail under their Rare Old range and was distilled in 1986 and bottled in 2015. This is 1 of only 211 bottles from a single cask.
  • Glencraig 1975 Rare Old Gordon & Macphail 46% 70cl
    Glencraig was produced at the Glenburgie distillery in a 'lomond still' - a type of still which allowed different styles of whisky to be produced. It was named after the Production Director William Craig and is one of the few people to have a single malt named after them. Distilled 1975 bottled 2012, 1 of 170 bottles only.
  • Glenlossie Glenlivet 21 years old 1993 Cadenheads Small Batch 56.1% 70cl
    Glenlossie single malt bottled by Cadenhead under their small batch series. Distilled in 1993 and matured in a bourbon hogshead before bottling in 2015 at 21 yeasr old. 1 of 492 bottles.
  • Port Ellen 33 years old 47.5% 50cl Boutique-y whisky Company

    This is the sixth Batch of Port Ellen by the Boutique-y Whisky Company, but the first to carry and age statement. The label has a picture of John Beach of Fiddlers whisky bar, looking out to see. This is a limited run of just 250 bottles


  • Gordon & Macphail Speyside Collection 6x70cl

    The whiskies presented in this Speyside Collection are from some of the regions greatest distilleries; the new-make spirit filled into casks owned by Gordon & MacPhail and carefully nurtured by four generations of the Urquhart family.

    Bringing together 329 years of whisky maturation, knowledge and expertise, Gordon & MacPhail’s Speyside Collection provides a rare snapshot of Speyside’s whisky heritage. These whiskies, created yesteryear, are unique in profile and taste; matured for generations to be enjoyed and savoured.

    • First release of Gordon & MacPhail’s Speyside Collection

    • Only 75 Speyside Collections in first release worldwide

    • Six unique single malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside

    • Spanning four decades – 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

    Gordon & MacPhail Smith’s Glenlivet 1948

    Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1949

    Gordon & MacPhail Strathisla 1953

    Gordon & MacPhail Mortlach 1954

    Gordon & MacPhail Longmorn 1967

    Gordon & MacPhail Linkwood 1972