Japanese Whisky

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  • Nikka Pure Malt Black Label 43% vol 50cl
    Nikka Pure Malt black label is mainly composed of Yoichi distillery malt, Black is characterized by powerful peat, rich taste and firm flavour. 50cl size
  • Suntory Hakushu Distillers Reserve 43% 70cl
    New entry level single malt from the Hakushu distillery in Japan with a nose of peppermint, melon and cucumber leading to a fresh zesty palate and a subtle smoky finish. Excellent value and a good introduction to Japanese whisky.
  • Suntory Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 43% 70cl
    Yamazaki Single Malt has proved to be one of the most popular Japanese whiskies available today. This new edition the Distillers Reserve has been brought out to relieve sales pressure on the more expensive 12 years old, but provides the perfect example of a great Japanese whisky. Golden in colour with a nose of strawberry, cherry and mizunara wood. The palate has red fruits with a touch of coconut with vanilla and a hint of cinnamon on the finish.
  • Nikka Blended Whisky 40% 70cl
    A very smooth and fruity, blended whisky from Nikka in Japan. The nose has fruit cake with apples and pears and underlying vanilla and coconut. On the very smooth palate there is citrus fruits to start, with a mellow malted barley coming through finishing with a clean boiled swet finish.
  • Nikka All Malt 40% 70cl
    The All Malt Nikka whisky is made in a Coffey Still instead of there usual Pot Stills used at Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The result is a deep flavoured malt, which is smooth and flavoursome.
  • Togouchi Blended Whisky 40% 70cl
    Togouchi Blended whisky with malt and grain being used. It has peaty notes with chocolate, whilst the grain adds sweeter notes to the balance of the whisky, honey and gentle spice. The finish is long and smooth.
    These whiskies are matured in a 361 meter long tunnel which offers a constant temperature of 14c and a humidity level of 80%.
  • Nikka Miyagikyo 45% 70cl
    This is a new bottling from Nikka a single malt from the Miyagikyo distillery with no age declaration but it contains some older malts and some younger to give complex flavour with an emphasis on sherry casked whiskies.
  • Togouchi 12 years old Blended Whisky 40% 70cl
    Togouchi 12 years old has been expertly blended by Master Blender Chugoku Jozo's.. The whiskies are aged in oak and maturation takes place in a 361 meter long tunnel which dates back to 1970, which offers a constant temperature of 14c with humidity at 80%. This 12 year old has a high proportion of peated single malts in its blend which gives it a gentle smoky nose with citrus and green apples. The palate is dry and fresh with orchard fruits and spice. Finishing with warming vanilla and lemon zest.
  • Togouchi 18 years old Blended Whisky 43.8% 70cl
    This blended whisky from Togouchi is made up from 60% grain and 40% malt whisky and has been matured for 18 years in their aging tunnel at a constant 14c and 80% humidity. The style is reminiscent of a lowland whisky with floral and malted notes, intense and complex with fruity spice and wood.
    The nose has peach and pear. The palate has pepper, malted cereals and floral notes. It finishes dry with pine nuts and sunflower seeds
  • Suntory Kakubin Black Label 43% 70cl
    Kakbin means square bottle which is the shape that this whisky bottle is. It is Suntory's entry level blended whisky but at a slightly higher strength at 43% made up from Yamazaki and Hakushu whiskies.
  • Suntory Kakubin White Label 40% 70cl
    This is Suntory's flagship blend called kakushiro which is a little dryer in style than the Kakubin yellow label.
  • Yamazakura Blended Whisky 70cl

    A fruity blended Japanese whisky which carries no age statement. Fresh with apple and orchard fruits with a touch of toffee and vanilla notes.



  • The Chita Single Grain Whisky 43% 70cl
     The Chita is a 100% grain whisky from Suntory made from a selection of three single grain cask types; White oak, Spanish oak and wine casks. Chief blender Shinji Fukuyo is the man responsible for blending this whisky to give balance and harmony which is the hallmark of all Suntory whiskies. On the nose there is creme brulee with honey notes. The palate is smooth and fresh in the mouth with mint leaf and honey. It finishes with clean, warm spices and subtle oak.
  • Mars Shinshu Maltage Cosmo 43% 70cl
    This is a blended Malt whisky from Japanese disillery Shinshu which was founded in 1985 in the Japanese Alps, laying dormant until production started again in 2011. It is a blend of Shinshu malt and Scottish malt which is aged in Scotland
  • Suntory Yamazaki 12 years old 43% 70cl
    Japans premiere single malt with a delicate and elegant taste that makes it a superbly drinkable whisky with layers of complex aromas. It continues to capture the hearts of whisky lovers the world over.

    Tasting Notes
    Sweet vanilla and fruity notes derived from white oak casks are accented with fine aromas of spirits aged in sherry and Japanese oak casks.

    Trophy winner for Best Worldwide Whisky at the:

    ISC 2007 Gold,
    SWSC 2008 Double Gold,
    IWSC 2009 Silver,
    SWSC 2009 Double Gold,
    IWSC Double Gold 2010.
  • Nikka Pure Malt Red 43% 50cl
    Pure Malt Red from Nikka is mainly made up from Malt whisky from the Miyagikyo distillery, so its characteristics follow this distilleries style of fruity. soft malt with gentle vanilla oak.

  • Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony 43% 70cl
    New to the Suntory stable is Hibiki Japanese Harmony which is a blend of malt and grain whiskies from their distilleries. It is the perfect introduction to Japanese whiskies with a nose of rosemary and mature wood. The palate is smooth with honey and candied orange and white chocolate. A long subtle finish with hints of Mizunara oak.
  • Suntory Kakubin Yellow Label 40% 70cl
    Kakubin Yellow Label is the blended whisky of Suntory and has been produced since 1937. The name actually means 'square bottle'. It is a blend of the company's two distilleries Yamazaki and Hakushu which have been matured in bourbon casks. A light style Japanese whisky and a good entry point.