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Dessert Wine

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  • Heaven on Earth Organic 11% 37.5cl
    Under the clear gaze of the Namaqualand moon and stars, organic grapes are laid down to rest on a bed of organic rooibos tea and straw. Here they remain until the time is right for the organic grapes to be crushed, pressed and the intensely sweet and fragrant juice introduced to yeast. The resul...
  • Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2015 14% 50cl
    A legendary wine from the cape which was once more sought after than D'Yquem, Tokaji and Maderia by the Kings of Europe, Politicians and famous poets. The wine was totally wiped out in the early 19 century due to the Phylloxera out-break which destroyed many of the grapes vines.It was in 19...
  • Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 2009 Domaine de Coyeux 15% 75cl
    Domaine de Coyeux is a beautifully located winery owned by Yves and Catherine Nativelle. It comprises of 130 hectares of vineyards in one site block, set on a hill in a prime location at Beaumes-de-Venise. The vines are planted at an altitude of 260M, where the soil comes from one o...
  • Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina 2004 Prunatelli 50cl
    A wine with a very deep yet bright, golden colour and amber highlights. Subtly eccentric aromas introduce immediate interest - there is a soft honeyed central note with a sweet raisiny, figgy heart. This extends further with age developed nuances such as spices, old furniture, cocoa, chestnuts, a...
  • Domaine Madeloc Banyuls solera Hors D'Age 18.5% 50cl
    The colour, nose and flavours are reminiscent of an aged tawny port; dark red fruits scented with roasted walnuts, raisins, dark chocolate and a lick of caramel. Luscious and sweet with a dry edge and long, very long, complex finish. Producer Details Perhaps Pierre Gaillard ...
  • De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 2015 37.5cl
    First created by Darren De Bortoli at the family winery in Bilbul in 1982, Noble One has gone on to be one of the most awarded wines in history, garnering more than 117 trophies and 376 Gold medals both nationally and internationally.Tasting NoteLight golden in colour, with a captivat...
  • Stanley Estates Noble Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2014 37.5cl
    Stanley Estate's luscious Noble Late Harvest is made entirely from estate-grown, fully-botrytised Sauvignon Blanc grapes. A luscious dessert wine made from fully botrytised grapes from the short rows above Steve and Bridget's house. The aromas of orange blossom lead into the ripe, succulent flavo...
  • Yalumba Antique Muscat 375ml
    Yalumba maintains its reputation for its premium quality fortified wines by occasionally releasing very small parcels of Show Reserve stocks. This old Muscat was sourced from the Rutherglen and other Northern traditional areas of Victoria then blended and stored in French oak puncheons in our ...
  • Sauternes 2017 Ginestet 50cl
    Grapes are sourced from vineyards within the Graves District of Bordeaux. Botryitis (noble rot) is allowed to affect the wine, concentrating the sweetness and flavour. Hand-picked grapes, picked at the very late stage of the vintage. The vineyards are picked, on average, 3 times during the vin...
  • Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling 2018 37.5cl
    The 2016 Seifried Winemakers Collection Sweet Agnes Riesling is pure and powerful, it is so popular that it has sold out in New Zealand! On the nose i has mandarin peel and floral notes, while on the palate is luscious with bright fruit balanced by natural acidity. Succulent fruit sweetness wr...
  • Berton Reserve Botrytis Semillon 2017 37.5cl
    This desert wine is sourced from Griffith area of the Riverina district, a region that is world known for producing some of the best Botrytis wines. It is luscious, honeyed flavours of peach and apricot which are well balanced with natural acidity. Perfect served sli...
  • Cline Late Harvest Mourvedre 2016 375ml
    This rich, sweet dessert wine boasts flavours of berries, chocolate and coffee. The grapes hang until they are at the peak of their sugar content, then they are naturally fermented. It can easily be described as 'luxury on legs'. Enjoy after dinner with rich chocolaty desserts like a m...
  • Vergelegen Semillon Straw Wine 2013 375ml
    Vergelegen Semillon Straw Wine is ripe, with tropical fruit notes in abundance on the nose but the wine does not become dull and uninteresting due to marvelous acidity and freshness on the palate. Serve well chilled at 8-10 degrees Centigrade.
  • Tirecul la Graviere Cuvee Madame Monbazillac 2014 500ml
    This is one of the best sweet wines we have come across in all the years we have been trading. Even Robert Parker compared this as the most notable sweet wine from anywhere in the world! It is fresh, energetic, powerful and intense with a great vibrancy and freshness.
  • Chateau Partarrieu 2016 Sauternes 375ml
    The grapes are hand harvested from vines that have an average of 50 years age on them. It has then been aged in French oak barrels for between 10 and 12 months. We get aromas of mango, peach and blossom. on the palate it is has a great expression of tropical and spicy notes against a blossom a...
  • KWV The Mentors Noble Late Harvest 2015 375ml
    This delicious dessert wine is made using Sauvignon blanc grapes from the Walker Bay region of South Africa which have been affected by 'botrytis cinerea' (noble rot) to produce grapes of concentrated intensity. A lovely golden straw colour with aromas of apricot, pineapple and fresh green app...
  • Gimenez Mendez Late Harvest Chardonnay Viognier 2011 37.5cl
    The low lying Las Brujas vineyard, only some 10 miles from the coast, provides excellent conditions for (over)ripening healthy grapes. This wine is elegant, long and beautifully balanced.
  • Paul Cluver Noble Late Harvest 2017 12% 37.5cl
    The bright, golden hue perfectly reflects the aromas evident on the nose. These include apricot tart tatin, dried mangoes and pineapples, with hints of cinnamon, honeysuckle and peach blossom. On the palate, there is a citrus freshness that is Clementine-like. The clean finish makes it a highl...
  • Royal Tokaji Late Harvest 2016 10% 50cl
    A blend of three noble varities (furmint, Harslevelu and yellow muscat) this wine has a luscious apricot fruit, a hint of orange peel and a delightful seam of freshness.
  • Royal Tokaji 2013 Blue Label 11.5% 5 Puttonyos Aszu
    Royal Tokaji, the King of Wines! Fresh with orange peel and floral notes. The palate is sweet with tropical fruist but balanced by fine acidity, which makes this wine incredibly moreish to drink.Founded in Hungary in 1990, The Royal Tokaji Wine Company has become one of the most defining wi...
  • Sichel Sauternes 2017 37.5cl
    This is a 'gem of a wine', made from de-classified Sauternes from one, if not the greatest producer of sweet wine in the Bordeaux area. A typical nose of apricots, honey and floral notes abound. On the palate the luscious fruit dances in the mouth with honey, ripe peaches and a touch of citrus or...
  • Domaine de Grange Neuve Monbazillac 2016 50cl
    A fabulous dessert wine, sweet and luscious with a great backbone of fine acidity for a clean finish. The nose is fresh with classic botrytis marmalade and ripe nectarine and melon, flavours on the palate are richer, honey and toffee finishing with a twist of bitter orange zest.Grapes...
  • Palazzina Moscato Passito 2015 Il Cascinone 37.5cl
    A deliciously well balanced sticky with honeyed, floral aromas. Ripe apricot and acacia honey characters on the palate with a core of homemade lemon curd running through to the long, fresh and lingering finish.Producer DetailsAraldica is Piemonte's largest and most progressive c...
  • Chapoutier Bila Haut Banyuls 2017 50cl
    Spread out on narrow and steep terraces, the Banyuls Appellation overhangs the Mediterranean sea. More than two thousand years old, the vineyard is rooted in a stony schist soil and benefits from exceptional atmospheric conditions. Moreover, the rare stormy showers which water this exceptio...
  • Elysium Black Muscat 2017 Quady 37.5cl
    Elysium Black Muscat, another under appreciated muscat variety, is known in Europe as a table grape variety, Muscat Hamburg, one of the very few black skinned muscats. If ripened to about 25 brix, it attains a rose-like aroma and litchi like flavor. This rose-like aroma led us to name the wine El...
  • Crown Estates Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2010 50cl
    Crown Estates Tokaji is one of the worlds most delightful dessert wines. Made from hand-harvested grapes in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary they are picked when the conditions are just right, when the Botrytis can work its magic. The Puttonyos number...
  • Essensia Orange Muscat 2016 Quady 37.5cl
    Essensia From 100% Orange Muscat with an aroma reminiscent of Orange Blossom and Apricot, and a lingering refreshing aftertaste, Essensia is used as a dessert accompaniment or a dessert in itself. The Orange Muscat grape variety is little known. It was once grown in France and there are some smal...
  • The Noble Wrinkled Riesling 2018 D'Arenberg 10% 37.5cl
    This wine was named after the shrivelled grapes which are used in this wine. Affected by noble rot (botrytis Cinerea) where it removes the moisture from the grapes to leave a sugars, fruit acid and minerals.It's a very pretty and lifted nose with fruit characters of fresh apple, mixed peel ...
  • Muscat Beaumes de Venise Domaine de Coyeux 15% 37.5cl
    Domaine de Coyeux is a beautifully located winery owned by Yves and Catherine Nativelle. It comprises of 130 hectares of vineyards in one site block, set on a hill in a prime location at Beaumes-de-Venise. The vines are planted at an altitude of 260M, where the soil comes from one o...
  • Tabali Pedregoso Late Gran Reservat 2016 37.5cl
    The WineA delicate gold, yellow colour with a pink hint from the Pink Muscat grapes. The wine has an intense aroma of fresh papaya, honey and floral hints. Whilst sweet and luscious it is perfectly balanced by citrus acidity on the long finish. Very drinkable.
  • Keith Tulloch Botrytis Semillon 2011 12.5% 37.5cl
    With bright gold colour and rich fruit power, this wine also exhibits botrytis influence. A refined palate of citrus flavours, wild honey, quince & pear characters offset by clean and long lingering acidity. In the Vineyard Harvesting is completed in three sweeps of the ...
  • Jean Bousquet Malbec Dulce Organic Wine 17.6% 50cl
    A beguiling combination of cassis, chocolate, coffee and plum flavours. A four month-long maceration ensures that the maximum amount of flavoured has been extracted from the skins of the Malbec grapes. Good natural acidity is an essential factor in quality sweet wines and there's just the right a...
  • The Pilot Leonarda Late Harvest Semillon Alpha Domus 12% 37.5cl
    Both fully and partially botrytised Semillon grapes were harvested from our winery vineyard in May. The resulting juice reached 37 - 38 Brix showing great concentration and richness. Fermentation took 3 weeks and was stopped once the perfect balance of alcohol, sweetness and acidity had been achi...
  • Chateau de Fesles Bonnezeaux 12% 50cl
    The nose has complex aromas of apricots, peach, quince, spices (vanilla, nutmeg cinnamon). Delicate on the palate but not syrupy, silky smooth. Floral notes are complimented by citrus orange peel and the complex and intriguing palate. A wine that begs you to have another sip. The ...
  • Ninemaidens Ginger Mead 50cl
    This is a drier tasting spiced mead, made with green ginger and leaves a subtle warm afterglow.  Ninemaidens Cornish Ginger Mead is an invigorating winter-warmer served as a mulled drink that can be sipped slowly by the fireside after a long walk. Proper Cornish!
  • Ninemaidens Heather Mead 50cl
    A proper Cornish Mead produced from the fermentation of genuine and local Cornish Honey, with its resulting aromas suggesting gorse and broom. The flavour is bitter-sweet with melon notes and a long, distinct mellow finish.
  • Trentham Noble Taminga 2013 37.5cl
    Unlike many Australian sweet white styles the Noble Taminga is very much a 'fruit driven' wine without dominating botrytis characters or excessive sweetness. The 2005 vintage, we believe, is one of the best Tamingas we have made to date and shows excellent fruit and balanced sweetness. The wine d...
  • Aleatico di Puglia, Candido 14.5% 50cl
    Crimson in colour developing hints of amber with maturity. Broad, rich, penetrating and showing maturity on the nose. On the palate, medium sweet with a good acid backbone, velvety and delicious with dried raisin characteristics reminiscent of Muscat. Food Matching Note :A v...
  • Chateau Suduiraut Sauterners 1997 14% 75cl
    The deep golden colour has begun to take on amber hues, signalling the early stages of maturity. The intense nose has an initial abundance of ripe fruit (melon, peach) and candied citrus. The essence of the vintage is captured with notes of honey and beeswax and fresh, gingery notes provided by t...
  • Neige Ice Cider 13% 375ml
    Neige is a unique product from Canada made from apples which are harvested in autume and stores until winter. It is then pressed and the juice is placed outside in the extreme cold. The water content then frezzes leaving the concentrated sugar must. This is then collected through gravity to produ...
  • Orange Muscat & Flora Brown Brothers 10% 37.5cl
    This Orange Muscat has been blended with a rare grape called flora which combines well with the Muscat to provide mouthfeel and intensity. Sweet and rich, yet beautifully balanced in the mouth with fine acidity. Excellent with fruit tarts or blue cheese. A delight.
  • Gould Ice Cider 2014 Batch 006 11.5% 50cl
    This is quite a rarity in the UK an Ice Cider made here in Cornwall. It ia made by freezing the cider then removing the ice. The remaing sugars and then enriched with alcohol, sugar and tannins to produce a wionderful alternative to sweet dessert win...