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Fortified Wine

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  • Quady's Starboard Batch 88 20% 75cl
    The grapes in Batch 88 are primarily Tinta Roriz from the Madera area. The vineyard is managed to give loose bunches and a small crop. The blend is smooth and soft with a chocolate raisin character. Several different vintages are used in the blend which has an average age of about 5 years. In the...
  • De Bortoli Black Noble 10 years old 17.5% 50cl
    Amber with olive green hues. This is a unique, delicious rich wine, with hints of toffee and coffee with raisins and mandarin peel. Concentrated and viscous with lingering aged complexity. Food Match Enjoy with Christmas pudding or sticky date pudding. Try poured over vanilla ice cr...
  • Show Liqueur Muscat NV 50cl De Bortoli
    This lovely 8 year old muscat shows rich, concentrated old wood characters ad aromas which continue to the palate showing muscat flavours of raisins, coffee and caramel. The oak is beautifully integrated with a long, lingering finish that is smooth ahttps://www.drinkfinder.co.uk/index.php/nugF...
  • Pellegrino Marsala Superiore Riserva Oro Dolce 75cl
    Marsala is one of the world's great fortified wines, made exclusively in and around the town of Marsala in the far west of Sicily southern Italy. Produced by Canine Pellegrino, one of Sicily's most important wineries and one of three of the original 19th century Marsala trade founders.
  • Zuccardi Malamado Red Liqueur Wine Malbec 19.5% 75cl
    Argentina has almost made the Malbec grape its own and on this evidence it's not difficult to see why. A port style wine with immensely oncentrated, spicy bramble and raisin character. Rich and ripe with a well balanced sweetness and a long finish. Works exceedingly well with chocolate or at the ...
  • KWV Cape Tawny Dessert Wine 17.5% 75cl
    Extended wood maturation resulted in a beautiful amber colour with orange zest, dried fruit, caramel and nuttiness on the nose. This full flavoured wine explodes with fruit, marzipan and toffee on the palate, with a well balanced sweet finish. Serving Suggestion Serve chilled befo...
  • Campbells Rutherglen Muscat 17.5% 37.5cl
    Bright amber gold with copper tints. Fresh raisin fruit backed by subtle oak characters. Luscious mouthfilling raisined fruit combine with the oak flavours to produce a wine of great length. Blended for optimum flavour and balance at the time of bottling, this wine will not improve...
  • Grant Burge 10 years old Tawny 19.5% 75cl
    This fine mature tawny is made from the Barossas traditional tawny varieties - grenache, mataro and shiraz - and has been blended to an average age of 10 years. Richly flavoured showing a tawny colour with tinges of red. Complex rancio characters on the bouquet, together with some...
  • Campbells Rutherglen Muscat Classic 17.5% 37.5cl
    Deep amber colour with tawny hues. Rich fresh raisin fruit aromas with great depth and showing some rancio characters. Great power and intense fruit with balance and elegance. There is evidence of mellow oak with the luscious lingering finish Serving Suggestions Blended f...
  • Old Boys 21 years old Barrel aged Tawny De Bortoli 19% 50cl
    Classic tawny colour with streaks of amber, with an array of aromas are on display with dark raisined fruits, mocha, hints of vanillin oak and nutty aged barrel characters. This is initially luscious with richly concentrated fruit and nut flavours. Nuances of mocha and coffee have integrated over...
  • Crabbies Mulled Wine Copper Mug Gift Pack 12% 70cl
    Crabbie's Mulled Wine is a Christmas classic and can be enjoyed throughout the colder seasons to provide a much needed warming feeling! Make that experience even better with the two copper mugs that are included in this gift set and serve the warm wine in style. We suggest that th...
  • Moscatel de Setubal 2012 Bacalhoa 17.5% 75cl
    A delicious dessert wine made form the Moscatel grape variety in Potugal which has been aged in small oak cask. Rich with fruity floral notes silky and smooth in the mouth. It pares well with dried fruits, chocolate desserts and citrus tarts. These styles are fruity, floral, mind-d...

Wines that have had a form of spirit added to them are referred to as fortified wines. The purpose of fortifying wine is to increase its alcohol volume while injecting the flavours and characteristics that come with certain spirits.

What is Fortified Wine?

One of the initial reasons for fortifying wine was to preserve it because ethanol is a natural source of antiseptic. While other methods of preservation have since been created, the production of fortified wine is still very popular because the finished product has such a vast range of flavours.

The most common ingredient added to fortified wine is grape brandy, but a wide variety of flavours, scents and characteristics can also be introduced including grain and sugarcane. This makes the range of fortified wines available immensely diverse, with a huge range of flavours, scents, and characteristics.

Variations of Fortified Wine


Port wine (typically known as Port)originates in the Douro Valley of Portugal's northern province. It tends to be a sweet red wine, but can also come in dry, semi-dry and white varieties.


Sherry is a fortified wine made from white grapes that are grown near a town in Spain called Jerez, and "sherry" is actually the English word for Jerez. After fermentation, sherry is fortified with brandy. Due to the fact that fortification is carried out after fermentation, the majority of sherries are initially dry, with sweetness being added later.

Madeira Wine

Madeira is a fortified wine named after its place of origin, the Madeira Islands. Madeira wine is made in a variety of styles, such as dry wines to be consumed on their own, or sweeter wines that are more commonly consumed with dessert. Maderia wine is heated and oxidised (maturation process), resulting in a longer lifespan and a vast range of delicious flavours.


Marsala wine is available in both fortified and unfortified variations and originates from Sicily. It was originally produced in 1772 by John Woodhouse, an English merchant, as a budget-friendly alternative to sherry and port wine, and is named after the island's port, Marsala. Both styles are blended with brandy. ‘Fine’, the slightly younger and weaker version, is at least 17% proof and aged for four months or more; while the ‘Superiore’, is at least 18%, and must be aged two years or more.

Are you looking for wine that offers more in regards to its strength and flavour? DrinkFinder’s comprehensive range of wine includes a number of fortified wines from all over the world. Check out our fortified wines online or get in touch if you have any queries.