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Fortified Wine

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  • Taylors 10 years old Tawny Port 75cl
    An exceptionally fine old tawny blend, aged for an average of 10 years in oak casks. Elegant and smooth, combining delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit, it is bottled for immediate drinking. Excellent with soft cheeses such as brie; and a superb dessert wine, particularly with dishes made wi...
  • Warres Otima 10 years old Tawny Port 50cl
    Classic tawny colour. Complex nose of nuts, almonds and raisiny fruit. Very soft, mellow palate and a long, delicate finish.
  • Taylors Chip Dry White Port 20% 75cl
    First introduced, as a style, by Taylors in 1934, this original dry white port combines fresh fruit fragrances with rich mellow aromas from ageing in seasoned oak vats. Crisp dry finish.
  • Gonzalez Del Duque 30 years old Gonzalez Byass Sherry 21.5% 37.5cl
    Del Duque Amontilldao sherry has been matured in 30 years in oak. A fine nutty bouquet, excellent with mature cheese.
  • Quinta do Passadouro 2000 vintage Port 75cl
    The Pinhao valley property on Quinta do Passadouro makes quite different ports to those under the Niepoort label, due to the very particular terroir found here. The stamp of Dirk Niepoort is unmistakable, though, and since the first vintage Port in 1992, Passadouro enjoys a loyal following all of...
  • Quady's Starboard Batch 88 20% 75cl
    The grapes in Batch 88 are primarily Tinta Roriz from the Madera area. The vineyard is managed to give loose bunches and a small crop. The blend is smooth and soft with a chocolate raisin character. Several different vintages are used in the blend which has an average age of about 5 years. In the...
  • Apostoles Palo Cortado 30 years old Gonzalez Byass 20% 37.5cl
    TASTE A fruity intensity, mellowed by old oak wood. Well-balanced. BOUQUET Deep, full and harmonious. Aromas of old oak and caramel. GRAPE VARIETY Palomino Fino/Pedro Ximenez. MATURING SYSTEM Criadera y solera. DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN JEREZ-XS-SHERRY VI...
  • Akashi Tai Honjozo Sake 30cl
    Akashi Tai Sake Honjoz is thier entry level sake is a satisfyingly full-bodied sake. This is the drink the brew masters reach for at the end of a working day. Because it is undiluted, this is perhaps the most direct way to savor the full palate of our sake.
  • Gonzalez Byass Leonor Sherry Palo Cortado 20% 75cl
    The leonor Palo Cortado is a very elegant wine. Complex and powerful with notes of dried fruits, vanilla and mature wood achieving a refined character. Slightly chilled this wine is the perfect accompaniment to red meats and game
  • Niepoort 1997 vintage Port 20% 75cl
    The magic of Vintage port is different in every phase: as a young wine it captures the youthful fruit characters, then after 20 years or more the effects of the slow bottle age integration are revealed and finally after many decades the spirit dominates the wine. Vintage Port is amazing in all th...
  • Gonzalez Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco 18% 75cl
    Gonzalez Byass Alfonso dry Oloroso is mahogany in colour with a walnut aroma. On the palate it is dry with pronounced nutty flavours that give way to a long smooth finish. Alfonso is a great partner for game. light cheese, nuts and pate.
  • La Gitana Manzanilla Sherry Hildago 15% 75cl
    Manzanilla La Gitana is produced according to the traditional methods as stipulated by the controlling body of the Denomination of Origin Manzanilla-Sanlcar de Barrameda. The vines are planted in Albariza soil in the areaBalbaina andMiraflores in the Jerez Superior District (200 Ha approx). The w...
  • Antique Oloroso Sherry Fernando de Castilla 19% 50cl
    One of the most exceptional of the small, independent sherry houses, Fernando de Castilla was revitalised in 1999 by Jan Pettersen, a Norwegian gone native with a passion for top quality sherry with 15 years experience at Osborne. After taking over the cellars of the Sherry shipper Jose Bustamant...
  • Kweichow Maotaizhen 5 years old Moutai 50cl
    This Moutai is a Chinese spirit made from sorghum also known as Baijiu and is one of the most popular spirits drank in China. This one has been aged for 5 years. Presented in original gift box.
  • Niepoort Ruby Dum Port 37.5cl
    Of the NiePOoRTland twins, although similar at the outset, with time, Ruby Dum retains its youthful, headstrong character, dominated by red cherries and plums with great freshness from ageing in large wooden vats in our cool cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. An expressive port with great chara...
  • Kweichow Maotaizhen 9 years old (moutai) 53% 50cl
    This Moutai is a Chinese spirit made from sorghum also known as Baijiu and is one of the most popular spirits drank in China. This one has been aged for 9 years. Presented in original gift box.
  • Akashi Tai Sake Honjozo Genshu 30cl
    Akashi Tai undiluted honjozo Akashi-tai is a satisfyingly full-bodied sake. This is the drink the brew masters reach for at the end of a working day. Because it is undiluted, this is perhaps the most direct way to savor the full palate of our sake. The flavor continues to mellow pleasingly over t...
  • Niepoort Vintage 2007 20% 75cl
    This vintage continues Niepoorts tradition to create balanced ports with great concentrationwhile simultaneously fine and delicate. Once again, at Niepoort, we believe that we managed toproduce a Vintage Port to last for decades...VinificationAfter several dry winters, the...
  • Krohn Ambassador Ruby Port 19% 37.5cl
    A mature, versatile port with deep red colour and fair concentration of warm, plummy fruit; aromatic and fruity, quite rich and full with soft finish.Krohn are a small family-owned Port house run by brother and sister Jose and Iolanda Carneiro. Long renowned for the quality of their s...
  • Blandys Verdelho 10 years old Madeira 19% 50cl
    Blandys 10 Year Old Verdelho was aged for 10 years in seasoned American oak casks in the traditional Canteiro system, whereby the casks of this wine are gradually transferred from the top floors of the lodge, where it is naturally warmer, to the middle floors and eventually to the ground floor wh...
  • Quinta do Bom Retiro 2014 Vintage Ramos Pinot 19.5% 75cl
    This is a limited edition bottling of vintage port from Ramos Pinot with only 9000 bottles being produced each bottle being individually numbered. 2014 was a complex year but one that produced grapes of unapparelled quality in the Quinta do Bom Retiro.
  • De Bortoli Black Noble 10 years old 17.5% 50cl
    Amber with olive green hues. This is a unique, delicious rich wine, with hints of toffee and coffee with raisins and mandarin peel. Concentrated and viscous with lingering aged complexity. Food Match Enjoy with Christmas pudding or sticky date pudding. Try poured over vanilla ice cr...
  • Churchills Dry White Port 50cl
    Churchill's Dry White Port is sweet, ripe and complex. it has a very firm and dry profile on the palate with crisp acidity.
  • The Secret Chocolate Wine 15% 50cl
    The Secret Chocolate Wine is as rich as it sounds. A great fortified red wine that would suit a chocolate desert. Notes of strawberries and cherry.
  • La Ina Fino Sherry 75cl
    From world famous Lustau, La Ina Fino Sherry is a very dry Fino Sherry with a bright, pale straw colour and a unique aroma as a result of its ageing under 'flor' (natural veil of yeast). L Ina has a dry and crisp profile on the palate and it is perfect for pairing with sushi, seafood and smoke...
  • Old Boys 21 years old Barrel aged Tawny De Bortoli 19% 50cl
    Classic tawny colour with streaks of amber, with an array of aromas are on display with dark raisined fruits, mocha, hints of vanillin oak and nutty aged barrel characters. This is initially luscious with richly concentrated fruit and nut flavours. Nuances of mocha and coffee have integrated over...
  • Croft 430th Anniversary Reserve Ruby Port 75cl
    Croft has released this special limited edition bottling of Reserve Ruby Port to mark the 430th anniversary of Croft Ports and The Armada year. The special bottle resembles the traditional bottles used for years for Port with a celebration label and gift tube that use Jan Luyken’spainting from th...
  • Calem 10 years old Tawny Port 75cl
    Situated on the south bank of the Douro River, this wine estate has an area of 300 hectares, 100 of which is occupied by the best vineyards of the Douro Demarcated Region. Calem only bottles its tawny ports when an order is received, therefore ensuring freshness of that particular bottling. The b...
  • Show Liqueur Muscat NV 50cl De Bortoli
    This lovely 8 year old muscat shows rich, concentrated old wood characters ad aromas which continue to the palate showing muscat flavours of raisins, coffee and caramel. The oak is beautifully integrated with a long, lingering finish that is smooth ahttps://www.drinkfinder.co.uk/index.php/nugF...
  • Taylors Historic Limited Edition Reserve Tawny Port 100cl
    The Port:This blend was carefully put together for this limited edition from specially selected Ports from Taylor's extensive aged Tawny stocks, aged in seasoned oak port pipes. Its character is unique for this bottling, with the characteristic Taylor's richness and with...
  • Pellegrino Marsala Superiore Riserva Oro Dolce 75cl
    Marsala is one of the world's great fortified wines, made exclusively in and around the town of Marsala in the far west of Sicily southern Italy. Produced by Canine Pellegrino, one of Sicily's most important wineries and one of three of the original 19th century Marsala trade founders.
  • Taylors Quinta de Vargellas 2004 75cl
    The 2003/2004 winter was very dry, having only rained 1/3 of the quantity registered the previous winter. The lack of water during the early part of the growing season led to very little pressure from disease. Taylor's concern that in July it was mainly doubt that the vines capa...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras Miniature Gift Pack 5 years old 4x5cl
    A delightful and traditional looking gift pack containing 4 matures of different styles of 5 year old aged Madeira wines. Madeira 5 Year Old Sweet - This distinguished sweet Madeira characteristically velvety, generous properties, attained by the minimum of five years ...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras Miniature Gift Pack 10 years old 4x5cl
    A delightful and traditional looking gift pack containing 4 matures of different styles of 10 year old aged Madeira wines. Madeira 10 Year Old Sweet - This distinguished sweet Madeira characteristically velvety, generous properties, attained by the minimum of...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras 10 years old Dry 50cl
    A Madeira produced on this Island by the careful selection from traditional wine varieties, followed by the meticulous process of elaboration and maturing for ten years in old oak casks. The result is a wine with good structure, darkened in colour with improved bouquet and a pleasant touch of woo...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras 10 years old Medium Sweet 50cl
    Produced by the combination of grapes from traditional vine varieties grown on this Island and enhanced by a minimum of ten years maturing at favorable temperatures in old oak casks. It is characteriesed by its intermediate sweetness with a woody flavour and a full bodied and pronounced bouquet. ...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras 10 years old Sweet 50cl
    This 10 year old matured and very personalised Madeira achieves the uniting of the principle attributes of sweetness and smoothness on the palate, with a very fine structure and bouquet and a resulting pleasant finish. It is a rich and noble Madeira, ideal at the end of a meal, either to accompan...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras Sercial 1989 75cl
    This is a very old Madeira wine classified as Frasqueira that was part of the wine collection of the family that own this wine company. It is made from sercial, a noble grape variety in years when the quality is high and the harvest is excellent, using grapes from the best vines of Madiera whe...
  • Madeira D'Olveiras Sercial 1999 75cl
    This special harvest of Madeira wine was selected from a year of very fine vintage of single grape variety, the production of which was assured by control of the quality of the grapes, ideal ripening conditions and a process of vinification which combines the modern technology with their art o...
  • Madeira D'Oliveiras Sercial 1969 75cl
    This is a very old Madeira wine, classified as 'Frasqueira' that was part of the wine collection of the family that own this wine company. It is made from sercial, a noble grape and a variety of years when the quality is high and the harvest is excellent, using grapes from the best vines of Ma...
  • Niepoort Colheita Trio Gift Pack 3x375ml
    A gift set well presnented in a black card carrier. Containing 3 Colheita Ports from Niepoort. Colheita Ports are Tawny Ports from a single harvest aged in wood for at least seven years before being bottled. Colheita Port is wonderful on its own at the end of a meal or on a cold winter afterno...
  • Niepoortland Mixed Gift Pack 3 x 375ml
    A gift set well presnented in a black card carrier. Containing three of the favourite Niepoort bottlings. Set contains:1 x Niepoort Tawny Dee Half Bottle1 x Niepoort Dry White Half Bottle1 x Niepoort Ruby Dum Half Bottle
  • Taylors 1985 Vintage Port 75cl
    Taylors 1985 would be the perfect drinking Port leading up to the festive period. Lovely and mature, with the pedigree of Taylors. The 1985 vintage was preceded by an exceptionally cold, wet winter, with night temperatures at Pinho well below freezing point between the 7th and 15th January. Bud b...
  • Warre's Otima 20 year old Tawny Port, 50 cl
    Otima 20 Years Old is a fantastic Tawny Port of a supreme quality made by the family owned house of Warre's. This golden amber port is rich and delicate, with soft, nutty cinnamon aromas and with a long and multi layered taste. Serve lightly chilled to enjoy this great port at its best....
  • Calem 40 years old Tawny Port 75cl
    The Calem 40 years old Tawny Port is the result of a careful blend of wines aged for 40 years in oak casks. With a tawny green colour, it presents a bouquet of wood, spices and nuts. On the palate it is very velvety and intense with a long grand finish. Ideal and suite...
  • Turkey Flat Pedro Ximenez 375ml
    This fortified Pedro Ximénez was made from grapes grown in one of the last remaining Pedro plantings in the Barossa Valley. Pedro Ximénez are amongst the last grape varieties to be harvested each vintage in the Barossa Valley. The grapes are hand picked, crushed, and after maceration for 4 days, ...
  • Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port 1999 Wood Gift Box 75cl
    Fonseca Quinta do Panascal is a single estate Port wine with all of the grapes sourced from the highly regarded Panascal estate in the Douro. Rich and voluptuous with mouth filling fruit, think ripe cherries, black plum with a hint of liquorice. Fleshy, rich and round with smooth tannins which...

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  • Fonseca 1985 Vintage Port 75cl
    Fonseca Vintage Port is a selection of the very finest wines from a single classic year, they are then bottled after two years in wood. Only when the wines of a particular year are judged to be of exceptional quality and concentration is a Fonseca Vintage declared. This rare wine succeeds 150 ...
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Wines that have had a form of spirit added to them are referred to as fortified wines. The purpose of fortifying wine is to increase its alcohol volume while injecting the flavours and characteristics that come with certain spirits.

What is Fortified Wine?

One of the initial reasons for fortifying wine was to preserve it because ethanol is a natural source of antiseptic. While other methods of preservation have since been created, the production of fortified wine is still very popular because the finished product has such a vast range of flavours.

The most common ingredient added to fortified wine is grape brandy, but a wide variety of flavours, scents and characteristics can also be introduced including grain and sugarcane. This makes the range of fortified wines available immensely diverse, with a huge range of flavours, scents, and characteristics.

Variations of Fortified Wine


Port wine (typically known as Port)originates in the Douro Valley of Portugal's northern province. It tends to be a sweet red wine, but can also come in dry, semi-dry and white varieties.


Sherry is a fortified wine made from white grapes that are grown near a town in Spain called Jerez, and "sherry" is actually the English word for Jerez. After fermentation, sherry is fortified with brandy. Due to the fact that fortification is carried out after fermentation, the majority of sherries are initially dry, with sweetness being added later.

Madeira Wine

Madeira is a fortified wine named after its place of origin, the Madeira Islands. Madeira wine is made in a variety of styles, such as dry wines to be consumed on their own, or sweeter wines that are more commonly consumed with dessert. Maderia wine is heated and oxidised (maturation process), resulting in a longer lifespan and a vast range of delicious flavours.


Marsala wine is available in both fortified and unfortified variations and originates from Sicily. It was originally produced in 1772 by John Woodhouse, an English merchant, as a budget-friendly alternative to sherry and port wine, and is named after the island's port, Marsala. Both styles are blended with brandy. ‘Fine’, the slightly younger and weaker version, is at least 17% proof and aged for four months or more; while the ‘Superiore’, is at least 18%, and must be aged two years or more.

Are you looking for wine that offers more in regards to its strength and flavour? DrinkFinder’s comprehensive range of wine includes a number of fortified wines from all over the world. Check out our fortified wines online or get in touch if you have any queries.