Tequila Ambar Extra Anejo 38% 70cl

The crown jewel of the collection, Ambar Extra Aejo is kept in casks for three and a half to four years. A genuine pleasure for those who enjoy fine spirits, we definitely recommend it to appreciate the finest aged tequila, absolutely on its own terms. No additives or accessory elements are necessary to taste Ambar extra-Aejo, and to experience uniqueness in tequila. Simply exceptional.
Tasting Notes
:Visual phase: Deeper cooper and red tones are noticeable on the tasting glass, with copper tones under the light, of great body and thicker tears.
Scents/ Aromas: Sweet notes of cooked agave with a greater dominance of oak scents, as well as deeper maple, vanilla and toffee notes as result of its longer aging in casks.
Taste: Silky and smooth tasting, with an enjoyable body in the palate. Its scents of maple and toffee amongst others and increased oak flavour are clearly perceived.
Strength 38%
Spirit Type Tequila

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