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Tempus Two Botrytis Semillon 10% 25cl

Tempus Two Botrytis Semillon 10% 25cl

Key Info

Type Dessert
Country Australia
Region NSW
Vintage 2005
Grape Semillion
Strength 10%

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Shes such a special wine that we designed a special bottle just for her echoing the romance of hand-blown perfume bottles of old, our botrytis semillon is most definitely used to making a statement. Using fruit sourced from Griffith, New South Wales, shes powerfully rich and opulent with dried apricots, citrus fruit marmalade and just a note of wild honey finishing with just a hint of refreshing citrus. Our Oscar wine defines elegance and finesse. Shes gold brought to life and devine with foie gras, pat, poached pears, Christmas pudding and any blue cheese. And, of course, shes perfect all by herself at the beginning or end of a meal.


Preserved apricots and candied citrus marmalade with hints of wild honey.


Powerfully rich and opulent displaying the quintessence of botrytis semillon. The f lavours of dried apr icots, citrus fruit marmalade and underlined by a subtle touch of wi ld honey. The wine displays restrained acidity ending with a refreshing citrus lift, balanced by the concentration of and finesse.


Botrytis Cinerea is known as the noble rot, a fungal infection causing, amongst other things, dehydration and concentration of juice within the infected grape. The natural sugar levels therefore increase and the grapes are harvested late to fully capture the intensity of sweetness and complex favours..