Suntory Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel Bottled 2013 48% 70cl

The 2013 bottling of Yamazaki Bourbon barrel has just arrived. Bourbon barrel refers to the type of cask used to hold Bourbon whisky. The Cask interior has been thoroughly charred. When used to age Yamazaki malts, the charred white oak imparts an elegant aroma and sweet vanilla flavour. Smaller than other types, these 180-litre barrels are more susceptible to the surrounding atmosphere and produce whiskies distinctive to the region where they have been aged.
Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel is a superior single malt whisky made from carefully- selected Yamazaki malts. The whisky is nurtured in Bourbon barrels and stored in ageing cellars in Japans Yamazaki and Oumi regions until it reaches the peak of maturity. It is in these regions that nature paints a changing backdrop with a palette of seasonal colours and the warm, moist climate slowly matures the whisky. The result is a distinctively Japanese whisky with an uncommon aroma and smooth, lingering, sweet flavour that only a Bourbon barrel can impart. Try it neat for a taste experience that will last a lifetime.
Strength 48%
Whisky Type Single Malt Japanese
Whisky Country Japan
Whisky Distilleries Suntory Yamazaki

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