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  • Warninks Advocaat 17.2% 70cl
    Advocaat is a traditional liqueur from Holland made from egg yolks, brandy, sugar and vanilla. Warninks Advocaat has been made in Holland since 1616 and was one of the original producers of advocaat. Warninks Advocaat is full bodied with a sweet and creamy texture with aromas of vanilla. Almost l...
  • Luxardo Sambuca & Cola 38% 70cl
    New to the Luxardo sambuca flavoured range is a cola edition.
  • Luxardo Sambuca and Pear 38% 70cl
    New to the Luxardo sambuca flavoured range is the sambuca and pear. Try it on its own or layed in a shotail with tequila.
  • Luxardo Passione Nera 38% 70cl
    A variation of the traditional Sambuca dei Cesari Luxardo. It is aromatised with liquorice, with a production recipe entailing several levels of successive infusions to blend the different ingredients. The predominant taste is star anise. However, it is combined with a new velvety sensation on th...
  • Pisa Liqueur 24% 50cl
    This nutty liqueur is a blend of Almond, Pistachio and Hazelnut all harvested around the town of Pisa in Italy. Smooth and very moreish! Try it on ice or over ice cream.
  • Red Squirrel Gingernut Liqueur 20% 50cl
    Not nuts in this liqueur, made with ginger, fresh herbs, citrus peel, oglivy Potato vodka and sweetened with Agave nectar and stevia plant. Preoducer tasting notes :Colour: Bright gingery-gold. Swirl the glass to reveal the rich viscosity, as legs slowly form and trickle dow...
  • Aber Falls Violet Liqueur 20.8% 70cl
    Aber Falls Violet Liqueur is a San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal winner. The nose and palate are reminiscent of the delightful palma violet sweets that many will remember from their childhood. It's a smooth spirit with a light, delicate taste and perfumed nose.
  • Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur 20.3% 70cl
    Aber Falls Slated Toffee Liqueur took home a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018. A clean toffee flavour is superbly complimented by Anglesey sea salt which has been praised by top celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. The spirit is silky smooth with hints of caramalise...
  • Pataka Fairtrade Ginger Liqueur 35% 50cl
    Pataka is the only ginger liqueur to be made with Fiar Trade ginger root, less commonly known as Zingiber Officinale. Pataka means firecracker in Punjabi and this liqueur strikes the perfect point between fiery and smooth.
  • Licor 43 Orochata 70cl
    A delicate fusion and balance of the traditional Horchata from Valencia and Licor 43 Original makes a delightful light and silky Spanish liqueur. Horchata is a refreshing cool drink made from Tiger Nuts, blended with sugar and sometimes cinnamon and lemon. It is not a novelty, the tige...
  • Licor 43 Baristo 70cl
    A fusion of Licor 43 and coffee from the Canary Islands that has a complex and surprising unique flavour which maintains the Licor 43 characteristic and soul. Agaete Valley is a hidden paradise in the Canary Islands with an incredibly rich volcanic soil. For over 200 years lo...
  • Mozart Dark Chocolate 17% 50cl
    Taste of fine dry and tartly dark chocolate. 87% pure cocoa macerate. Alcoholic base: fine distillate from sugar cane. Mozart Black shows notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel, as well as smoky and tartly notes of cocoa. Bitter sweet, long-lasting finish.The used cocoa is a special blend ...
  • Luxardo Sambuca Spiced Apple 38% 70cl
    Luxardo Spiced Apple Sambuca has a melting apple crumble sensation. Vibrant green.
  • Strega Sambuca Alberti 40% 70cl
    Sambuca by Strega, the ultimate Sambuca, a blending of pure spirit, aromatic Mediterranean herbs, among them anise seeds and coffee beans, is distilled slowly in small pot stills. Sambuca by Strega derives its melloneww and crystal-clear transparency from its aging in oak wood casks
  • Akashi -Tai Shiraume Umeshu 14% 50cl
    Conventional umeshu, or plum liqueur, is made by preserving Japanese ume plums in distilled spirits. However, Shiraume is a luxurious plum liqueur made by preserving plums in the finest of Japanese sakes premium ginjo sake made from Yamada Nishiki rice. In Shiraume, the mild flavor of brewed sak...
  • Wenneker Butterscotch Liqueur 15% 70cl
    Wenneker Butterscotch is a very friendly liqueur with a full butter flavour and freshly caramelised brown sugar. The flavour will certainly remind you of something like Werthers original candies. The creamy caramel flavour makes this liqueur exceptionally suitable for cocktails and desserts. Wenn...
  • Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur 50cl
    New to the Edinburgh Gin Liqueur range is Pomegranate and Rose. This pairs Damask Rose with deep red Pomegranate to give a luxurious liqueur with notes of Turkish delight with a juicy palate of red fruits finishing with light citrus notes. Drink over ice or try topping up with Prosecco. To mak...
  • Luxardo Sambuca Raspberry 38% 70cl
    Luxardo Raspberry Sambuca bursts with fragrant, fruity flavours. Blush pink in colour
  • Barenjager Honey Liqueur 35% 70cl
    A type of German Brenfang (literally bear trap) honey liqueur, Brenjger (bear hunter) is a delicious vodka-based liqueur that can be enjoyed straight over ice, added to tea or a hot toddy, or even poured straight on vanilla ice cream. First brewed in Eastern Prussia during the 15th...
  • Rinquinquin a la Peche 15% 70cl
    The term RinQuinQuin was originally a generic word. In the Provencal language it means invigorating drink (from the verb requinquilhar : to cheer up). People used to give names to their favourite aperitifs or digestifs. Today, it is becoming synonymous with 'peach wine'. This aperi...
  • Antica Sambuca Classic 38% 70cl
    Antica Sambuca is an iconic brand. As the UKs number one Sambuca brand, it is a product of exceptional character. Antica Sambuca is developed and custom-made by prodigal master-distiller Nicola del Toso at the Antiche distillery nestled between Venice and the Dolomite mountains. A...
  • Lanique Liqueur Spirit 39% 70cl
    Lanique had been re-packaged and renamed, no longer can it be called rose petal vodka, as opposed Liqueur spirit. It's still using the same 200 year old secret recipe with attar rose petals used to give it its unique colour and flavour which has been drunk by the rich and famous in the roaring 20's.
  • Ron Escarchado 40% 70cl
    Made from a 5 year old rum matured in oak barrels, sugar is then added then a pasturised anise stem is placed into the bottled, where the sugar crystalises onto the stem. Sweet and luscious and smooth with a nice warming hit of rum on the finish.
  • Rum Chata Liqueur 70cl
    Rum Chata is made using hand slected ingredients from all around the world. Every batch begins with their own unique blend of premium five times distilled Caribbean rum which is slected for its light and smooth character. It is then blended with the finest dairy cream from Wisconsin and then m...
  • Nocello Walnut Liqueur Toschi 24% 70cl
    Nocello is a liqueur with a delicate and round flavour of walnuts and hazelnuts. Serve on its own on the rocks or straight from the freezer, or try it in an expresso or cappuccino.
  • Choya Umeshu Extra Years Plum Liqueur 17% 70cl
    Umeshu is a a plum wine made from Japanese plums 'ume' and aged for many years, to extract the full flavour of the ume and balance bewtween sweet fruit and acidity and exotic fragrance which comes form the stone of the ume. Smooth and elegant.