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  • Chase Islay Whisky Cask Vodka 46% 70cl
    Chase's award winning vodka aged in casks which previously held Laphroaig Islay Single malt. This aging in Islay casks imparts a wonderful smokey element to this excellently balanced vodka. Batch no 2 1of only 500 bottles produced.
  • Ciroc Coconut Vodka 37.5% 70cl
    Ciroc Coconut Vodka is made from fine French grapes from the Cognac region, the spirit is then distilled 5 times to create a super smooth vodka. It is then infused with Coconut flavour and tropical fruits to create a rich, smooth and elegant vodka.
  • Sipsmith Barley Vodka 40% 70cl
    Hand crafted vodka made from English barley spirit, distilled in the first copper still to launch in London since 1820. Only produced in small batches of around 200 bottles at a time. Very smooth with a soft mouthfeel.
  • Royal Dragon Vodka Jeroboam 300cl
    A superb vodka from Russia presented in one of the best bottles we have seen recently. A hand blown bottle which has a sculpted dragon within,it also contains edible 23 carat gold leaves from Switzerland. A small batch Vodka, exclusively distilled in Russia from the finest winter harvest rye. To ...
  • Cristalnaya Premium Vodka 38% 70cl
    Cristalnaya is a triple distilled vodka using the finest grain spirit with a secret botanical to give a unquie vodka with a smooth taste..
  • Miodula Presidential Blend 40% 50cl
    A unqiue flavoured vodka, made with honey from the mountain regions of Southern Poland and the finest vodka and vanilla. This is then aged in Polish oak barrels to create this fine flavoured Vodka. Award 5 Stars in Diffords Guide. Each bottle carries the bottle number cask number and cask and bot...
  • Koniks Tail Vodka 40% 70cl
    Konik's Tale is a Polish Vodka made from a blend of three different grains, Golden Rye, Early Winter Wheat and Spelt grain. Each grain imparts its own unique flavour to this vodka which has been filtered through silver birch charcoal, as is the tradition in Poland for making vodka. Rich in flavou...
  • Killer Queen Vodka 40% 70cl
    Freddie's drink of choice was vodka, specifically a very well known Russian Vodka, made from European wheat distilled 7 times and filtered 4 times, it is incredibly smooth. Each bottle carries a space where you can put a message in marker pen.
  • Babicka Vodka 40% 70cl. Original Wormwood
    Babicka is a term used in the Czech Republic for Grandmothers who gather herbs and wormwood. This superb vodka is distilled using the clear crystal waters from Moravia deepest wells, which produce some of the purest water in the world. The spirit is then distilled withWormwood (artemisia Absinthi...
  • Curio Peruvian Cocoa Nib Vodka 40% 70cl
    A triple distilled Vodka which has been infused with the highest quality Peruvia Cocoa Nibs distilled by new Cornish distillers Curio Spirits in Mullion. The taste is exceptionally smooth with the luxurious and rich flavour of the cocoa coming through on the mid palate, finishing cleanly. Enjoy n...
  • Vestal Vodka 2014 40% 70cl
    Vestal is an artisan Vodka distilled from Potatoes in Poland. They only distill once as to preserve all of the natural flavours and put the year of distillation on the bottle, as each year will vary in flavour. Regarded by many as one of the best vodkas in the world.
  • Goldwasser Liqueur 40% 50cl
    Herbs and vodka with golden flakes from Poland.
  • Ultimate Black Cherry Vodka 40% 70cl
    Ultimat Vodka is the worlds most distinctive vodka. Created in the birthplace of vodka, Poland, it is the only vodka distilled from both grains and potato. A master distiller found the perfect blend of ingredients utilising the richness of potato, the smoothness of wheat and the complexity of rye.
  • Gem Diva Vodka 40% 70cl
    em Diva Vodka is a hand-crafted premium vodka made from English grain and distilled seven times to create a smooth and pure vodka. Each bottle contains a hand-filled wand containing 72 Swarovski Elements (colours vary from bottle to bottle) which can be removed. Presented in a black gift box with...
  • Wokka Fusion Vodka 40% 70cl
    This is a high quality grain based vodka which has been made in small tom thumb satinless steel stills. It is then carefully blended with High quality Japanese sake to produce a unique spirit with a distinctive flavour.
  • Curio Cardamon Vodka 40% 35cl
    Triple distilled vodka has been infused with organic Cardomon seeds and then re-distilled to create this four times distilled vodka, with a spicy citrus notes, smooth with a wariming aftertaste.
  • Curio Cardamon Vodka 40% 70cl
    Again using pristine Cornish spring water, organic cardamom seeds are infused and re-distilled to create a four times distilled vodka flavour forged with spicy-yet-citrus instilled short that that although smooth, leaves a warming aftertaste on the palate
  • Fair Quinoa Vodka 40% 70cl
    This is an unusual Fair Trade Vodka which has been made out of Quinoa grains. Quinoa grains are sourced from Andean farmers on a plateau some 3000m above sea level where Quinoa grows in fertile volcanic soils. A very smooth, fruity, spicy vodka that will shine with a nice chill or in martinis.
  • Belvedere Pure Spectre 40% 70cl
    A limited edition bottling of Belvedere to mark the release of the with the new James Bond Film Spectre. The bottle has 007 logo and Sepectre logo on the front.
  • Iordanov Vodka Silver Skull 40% 35cl
    Iordanov is a stylish vodka made in Germany from 100% wheat and crystal clear Vogelsberg water. Distilled 5 times and charcoal filtered for purity, this is the Silver Skull Edition.
  • Iordanov Vodka Silver Skull Edition 40% 70cl
    Iordanov is a stylish vodka made in Germany from 100% wheat and crystal clear Vogelsberg water. Distilled 5 times and charcoal filtered for purity.This edition is the Silver Skull.
  • Bimber Oak Aged Vodka 42% 70cl
    Bimber distillery Oak Aged Vodka recipe comes from Poland where it all began over 400 years ago. Only Polish oak-aged vodka is considered as a true version. We are filling our barrels with high-quality vodka, infusing it with a pinch of selected botanical, and then ageing it for so...
  • Bimber Blackcurrant Infused Vodka 40% 70cl
    Our blackcurrant vodka provides an intense experience. Way too good to mix (unless you want to), the swirling blend of flavours has a depth that provides a real knockout experience. Weve packed more than half a kilo of naturally grown fruits into each bottle of our blackcurrant vod...
  • Puschkin Whipped Cream 17.5% 70cl
    Whipped cream and Vodka may sound a little weird but it really works together. Puschkin has created a great creamy liqueur which can be used in cocktails or neat straight from the freezer.
  • Two Birds Blackcurrant Vodka 32% 70cl
    Made using their super smooth English Vodka and organic Blackcurrants to produce and sweet but tart tasting vodka. It is fresh, juicy, organic and yummy. Also available in 20cl bottles.Our Perfect Pour:Mix with Indian Tonic water an a sprig of mint!
  • Aylesbury Duck Vodka 40% 70cl
    Made from Winter Wheat grown in the rockies of Canada, before moving down to California to be watered down using well water from Medocino county. Very smooth and pure with baked bread flavors, a slight natural sweetness, a touch of sweet licorice/fennel, ...
  • Wolf Of The Woods Cornish Organic Vodka 70cl
    A unique and truly singular Cornish hop vodka from Atlantic Distillery in Newquay. It's infused with leafy green citrus notes of hand picked hops and hints of fresh rosemary and thyme. Wolf of the Woods is wonderfully refreshing, served neat as an invigorating digestiv, or with a spla...
  • Smirnoff Blue Export Strength 1L
    Smirnoff's strongest vodka in their range is now available in 1 Litre! 50% vol makes it great for adding into the cocktails to get the party started. A powerful and resolute spirit with a clean, grainy nose and the merest hint of sweetness on the palate.
  • Belvedere Vodka 175cl
    This is a huge 175cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka made from 100% Golden Rye grown only in poland this rye yields a subtle sweet and soft character that other grains cannot match. Distilled in small batches using copper stills. Distilled for times for optimum flavour, enhancing Belvederes unique char...
  • Absolut Cherrys Vodka 40% 70cl
    The true taste of sun-ripe cherries, fresh white cranberry and sweet plum. When we were to launch Absolut Cherrys in the US in May 2012, someone said: “Its taste is so multi-dimensional, that you can make a sophisticated drink just by adding one ingredient.” This is true, which makes Absolut C...
  • Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Limited Edition 70cl
    This is the first Limited Edition hand decorated bottle from Crystal Head working in collaboration with artists. This one has been hand decorated by John Alexander and is the designer of the Crystal Head Bottle, his work has been widely exhibited at such institutions as the Corcoran Gallery of...
  • Black Cow Vodka with 24 Carat Gold Plated Straw 70cl
    The gift pack includes a 70cl bottle of the super premium Black Cow Vodka and an exclusive 24 carat gold plated straw! An estimate 8.5 billion plastic straws are used every year in the UK and they are among the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups, often taking hundreds of years to d...
  • Balkan 176 Vodka 88% 70cl
    Balkan 176 Vodka is a super strength vodka hailing from the Balkan mountains in Serbia. At 88% ABV it's easily the strongest vodka available to buy on the UK market today. Just be thankful that they diluted it ever so slightly using de-ionised water from the distillation strength of 94% ABV.
  • Todka Hazelnut flavour Vodka 26% 70cl
    Todka Hazelnut flavoured vodka is a deliciously smooth vodka with a distinct hazelnut flavour. A unique recipe developed in Newquay, Cornwall.
  • Snow Leopard Vodka 40% 70cl
    Snow Leopard vodka is made in Poland by Polmos Lublin, one the world's finest vodka distilleries. For over 100 years Polmos Lublin has been recognised for producing some of the best vodka due to its skill, experience and sophisticated distillation process.SpeltBreaking new groun...
  • Naked Chase Apple Vodka 42% 70cl
    This is the first vodka made from organic cider apples, calling it Naked Chase because there's nothing added to it. It tastes fantastically pure with a note of fresh apples on the nose.
  • Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 40% 70cl
    Russian Standard Platinum vodka stands as an excellent expression of our entrepreneurial spirit and expert skills as distillers.Not only does Platinum meet the strict requirements of Dmitri Mendeleev's classic formulation, it takes them a step further by employing innovative technolog...
  • Aivy White Vodka 37.5% 70cl
    AIVY is a delicious blend of pear, strawberry and mint combined with a unique blend of triple-distilled wheat based vodka and its name should be pronounced aa-vee. By taking crystal clear Swedish premium vodka and marrying it with the three subtle flavours that are pear, strawberry and mint, A...
  • Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka 37.5% 70cl
    Organic farming produces the perfect garin for distilling UK5 vodka. Such is the harmony with nature, that unlike others, once redistilled UK5 needs no charcoal filtering nor added glycerol to achieve perfection.
  • Koskenkorva Nordic Berry Vodka 37.5% 70cl
    Koskenkorva Vodka Nordic Berries is a fresh and natural berry flavoured vodka. It is like a fresh breeze from the Scandinavian nature.Koskenkorva Vodka is a premium vodka. Distilled over 250 times, produced from the purest glacier water and selected barleys from Koskenkorvas own field...
  • Absolut Berri Acai Vodka 40% 70cl
    Imagine a sensory encounter with the perfect mix of berry flavors. Fresh blueberry flavor native to Europe and North America, fruity pomegranate from Southwest Asia, and smooth açai from South America. Now imagine these blended with premium vodka. And served chilled over ice. The laun...
  • Chase Smoked Vodka 40% 70cl
    Back by popular demand the Chase smoked vodka is a declicious addition for smoked salmon. Perfect for brunch.
  • Davna Wodka Polska Czeri (cherry Vodka) 38% 50cl
    A new Cherry Vodka using fresh hand picked sun-ripened cherries, premium grain vodka nad blended with natural, cinnamon, alamonds and vanilla to produce this delicious flavoured vodka.
  • Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka Special Edition 40% 70cl
    Breathing an impressive history of victory, Beluga Transatlantic Racing was distilled with an abundant ambition for leadership and success. Marine poetry gave shape to Beluga Transatlantic's appearance and undeniable desire for victory. Its distinctive character is present in the fresh and except...
  • Chase Juniper Vodka Limited Edition 40% 70cl
    Is it a Vodka or is it a Gin? Chase Juniper Vodka has been made using the World class vodka infused with Juniper to show people that gin starts it life as vodka. Or do we call this a single botanical Gin, using only Juniper as a flavour added to the vodka base spirit? We will let you decide, but ...
  • Royal Dragon Imperial Gold Leaf Vodka 40% 70cl
    A superb vodka from Russia presented in one of the best bottles we have seen recently. A hand blown bottle which has a sculpted dragon within,it also contains edible 23 carat gold leaves from Switzerland. A small batch Vodka, exclusively distilled in Russia from the finest winter harvest rye. To ...
  • Mamont Vodka Glass Pack 70cl
    A superb gift pack containing a bottle of Mamont Vodka and 2 tusk shaped glasses. This siberian vodka in a bottle shaped like a Tusk after a baby Mamouth was found perfectly frozen near the distillery. The vodka is distilled 5 times for purity and filtered through Siberian Rock. Made in ba...
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