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  • Aalborg Jubiloeums Akvavit 40% 70cl
    AALBORG JUBILALUMS Akvavit is a golden and pleasant premium aquavit in a contemporary and exclusive bottle. The refined taste of dill and coriander makes it the perfect choice for any good meal, in particular light and simple modern cuisine.It is best enjoyed chilled, but can also be enjoye...
  • OP Anderson Aquavit 40% 70cl
    OP Anderson is a Swedish aquavit. It has a strong taste of caraway, aniseed and fennel. O.P. stands for the producer Olof Peter, born 1797 in Gothenburg
  • Skane Akvavit 38% 70cl
    Skane is a Swedish Akvavit which is flavoured with caraway and hints of fennel and aniseed. First introduced in 1931 and bears the name of the southern Swedish provence of Skane, a region famous for its aquavit and vodka production. Skne is mild, smooth and well-balanced. It goes well with shellf...
  • Legendre Herbsaint Liqueur The Spirit of New Orleans 50% 75cl
    This is a new product launched by the Sazerac company to commemorate the Legendre Herbsaint Liqueur first introduced to America by J Marion Legendre in 1934. Based on the original recipe containing anise and other herbs. It is the key ingredient in a Sazerac Cocktail.
  • Linie Aquavit 41.5% 70cl
    The combination of caraway/aniseed is prominent in the aroma of Lysholm Linie. Old sherry notes give a rich, rounded flavour, with aniseed, caraway and oak giving complexity. With its dry style and subdued, neutral taste, Lysholm Linie is ideal for accompanying smoked salmon, mari...
  • Mentzendorff Kummel 38% 50cl
    1823 saw the foundation of a Russian distillery in the village of Allasch, in the region of Livonia near Russias Baltic Port of Riga. The Allasch distillery was the concept of the Dutch aristocrat, Baron von Blanckenhagen and was built on his familys large country estate. Over twenty or so yea...
  • Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari 38% 70cl
    As an antique tradition would have it, a tradition that to this day embraces all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, Italy too has its anise based national liqueur: Sambuca. It is a sweet and strong liqueur, containing essential oils obtained by steam distilling the seeds of star anise, whi...
  • Ouzo 12 38% 70cl
    First produced in 1880 by the Kaloyannis brothers in Constantinople, the increasingly successful business moved to the Athenian port of Piraeus in 1919. The brothers produced various styles of ouzo, but the one preferred by connoisseurs came from barrel number 12. So, as the legend goes, No. 12 O...
  • Midnight Moon Cherry 40% 35cl
    Made using genuine Midnight moonshine and real cherries to give a smooth tasting drink. You will never taste cherries like these.
  • Midnight Moon Raspberry 40% 35cl
    This sweet kiss of raspberry packs a little slap of 'shine. Midnight Moon Raspberry is an infusion of raspberries into 40% vol Midnight Moon. As the delicious berries soak in the jar it releases exquisite flavour so that every sip is something special.
  • Midnight Moon Blueberry 40% 35cl
    When life gives you blueberries, throw 'em in a jar of 'shine to soak. Our Midnight Moon Blueberry is hand-filled with delicious blueberries so the flavour and colour infuses with the 40% vol Midnight Moon. As the spirit ages, the flavour intensifies for a sweet side of the Moon.
  • Midnight Moon Moonshine 40% 35cl
    It's the original moonshine, but more refined. Inspired by Junior Johnson's legendary recipe, Midnight Moon Original is 80 proof (40% ALC./VOL.) and distilled from American corn to be slightly sweet, ultra-smooth, and clean tasting. Now that's one delicious legacy.
  • Lairds Apple Jack 40% 70cl
    Lairds Apple Jack is a unique drink made from 35% cider brandy and 65% neutral grain spirits. It was first produced by the Laird family in New Jersey in 1698 and is Americas oldest producer on spirits.
  • Helbings Feiner Aquavit 42% 50cl
    Helbing Kummel, the traditional and unique Hamburg liqueur, has been produced in Hamburg, Germany since 1836. New to the Helbing Kummel range is the limited edition Helbing Feiner Aquavit, a boutique spirit made from 100% organic ingredients and matured for 6 months in numbered PX sherry bar...
  • Linie Aquavit Double Cask Port 41.5% 70cl
    Aged in sherry barrels for four months at sea, this aquavit is then aged for a further twelve in port caks. The extra maturation of Linie Double Cask Port creates an additional smoothness. It also adds an extra complexity and taste dimension with hints of dried fruit and sweet vanilla t...
  • Linie Aquavit Double Cask Madeira 41.5% 70cl
    Linie aquavit is famous for aging the spirit in sherry barrels for four months at sea, a tradition that started over 200 years ago. This aquavit starts off life in the same way but is further matured for twelve months in selected madeira casks. The nose is an intense cask aroma with ha...
  • Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine 35% 70cl
    Inspired by the Johnson family recipe for Moonshine it is then blended with appple juise and cinnamon, crafting a smooth spirit that tastes like apple pie. In the smaller 35cl size.
  • Two Birds Espresso Spirit 29% 70cl
    Two Birds have teamed up with a local artisan Coffee Bean company 'Two Chimps who have roasted beans to their specific requirements. These have then been cold brew macerated for 12 hours before being distilled into a delicious spirit. Our Perfect Pour:This can be...
  • Averna Amaro Siciliano 70cl
    Amaro Averna, born in the sunny and welcoming land of Sicily, where the infusion is still produced until today respecting the ancient recipe of the Averna family. A careful selection of herbs and roots grant Averna its smooth and round taste and its unmistakable aroma. Made with 33 botanicals....
  • Gammel Dansk Bitter 38% 70cl
    The name Gammel Dansk translates as Old Danish. It is a Danish bitters which was first released in 1964, having taken three years to develop, and is hugely popular in its native country. The exact recipe is kept secret but it is known to be made from a blend of 29 different herbs and spices, incl...
  • Aalborg Taffel Akvavit 45% 70cl
    This classic AALBORG TAFFEL Akvavit has a very pure caraway bouquet which is only supported by a slight hint of orange. Its full body and aromas make it all the way around your mouth. Friends of AALBORG TAFFEL Akvavit could say the same thing in 1846, because the recipe has ...
  • Wolfschmidt Kummel 39% 50cl
    Originally created in Riga, Latvia in 1847,Wolfschmidt Kummel is the leading brand in this growing sector. It is a classic liqueur made to an old Danish recipe with caraway and aniseed flavours combining to give a distinctive taste. Wolfschmidt is the definitive Kummel and is ideal...
  • Taylors Velvet Falernum 11% 75cl
    This famous Bajan Gold Medal beverage and mixer, with a uniquely refreshing flavour was developed by John D. Taylor of Bridgetown, Barbados in 1890. Born and bred on the island of Barbados, this slightly alcoholic sugar cane based liqueur is a staple of every Bajan's bar.
  • Ceylon Arrack 40% 70cl
    Ceylon Arrack is a spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower. This sap is the juice that would have eventually turned the coconut flower into a coconut.Collecting the sap is a timeless art handed down from one generation to another. The Ceylon 'toddy tappers' can be seen early mor...
  • Ouzo by Metaxa 38% 70cl
    Metaxa Master Costas Raptis brings together the secrets of traditional ouzo-making and working with fine distillates, flowers, seeds and botanicals. Ouzo by METAXA includes rare botanicals, including some absent from ordinary ouzo such as Masticha, an ingredient highly praised for its arom...
  • Cynar Artichoke 16.5% 70cl
    The artichoke liqueur known for its versatility and taste Cynar is an artichoke based bitter. Its distinctive flavour is enriched from an infusion of 13 herbs and plants, making it a completely natural drink, rich in scents and a unique taste . It perfectly conserves all the health properties of ...
  • Fernet Branca 40% 70cl
    Fernet Branca bitters has been based on an infusion from a unique blend of selected blossoms, rare aromatic herbs and other natural ingredients.
  • Steel Aged Manhattan World of Zing 36% 50cl
    Handmade Using: Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Martini Rosso Vermouth, Zing Bespoke Anaesthetic Brandy & Zing Bespoke Euphoric Bitters Flavour :The warming notes of Bulleit Rye Whiskey are perfectly balanced by the cooling effects of the Anaesthetic Brandy (made using a secret ble...
  • L'Arrack de Musar 53% 50cl
    The Arack pours clear and turns cloudy with the addition of water. Soft aniseed aromas with a background of savoury notes. At 53% this is surprisingly smooth where the aniseed flavours are carried on with a long slightly sweet finish. Best served either over ice or with a dash of iced...
  • Midnight Moon Blueberry 40% 70cl
    Our Midnight Moon Blueberry is hand-filled with delicious blueberries so the flavour and colour infuses with the moonshine. As the spirit ages, the flavour intensifies and adds sweetness. Made using only American corn and authentically infused with all natural fruit to create a delicious spiri...
  • Midnight Moon Cherry 40% 70cl
    Our Midnight Moon Cherry is hand-filled with delicious cherries so the flavour and colour infuses with the moonshine. As the spirit ages, the flavour intensifies and adds sweetness. Made using only American corn and authentically infused with all natural f...
  • Becherovka 38% 70cl
    Introducing Becherovka - An excellent, 100% natural, traditional alcoholic beverage of the best quality. For those who drink Becherovka it is no surprise that this popular Czech classic is a 100% natural product without any chemical conservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers. It contains onl...
  • Navip Slivovitch Plum Brandy 40% 70cl
    Navip Slivovitz Plum Brandy Origin Serbia & Montenegro. Slivovitz goes by the name Sljivovica in Croatia. Produced from the famous, Juice-rich Pocegaca Plum, matured for 8 years in Oak Barrels. Recognised for its Yellow-Gold colour & soft rounded taste, sweet, fine & rich in fruit fla...
  • Opal Rossa Blood Cherry 30% 70cl
    Opal Rossa is blood red in colour and is well balanced. The cherry is pronounced and backed with a hint of anise and fresh lemon.The aroma is of rich cherry and citrus, it is smooth with a lovely mouth warming finish
  • Mekhong 35% vol 70cl
    Mekhong is Thailands national spirit and named after the mighty Mekhong River, which flows along its border. It is distilled from molasses and rice, then blended with a secret recipe of Thai herbs and spices. First introduced in 1941, it is the first and most famous spirit in Thail...
  • Opal Sambuca 38% 70cl
    Opal Bianca is a blend of pure Alpine water from Francoli's well, Chinese star anise, Italian green anise, fresh lemon and elderflowers. These all-natural ingredients produce a smooth sambuca with an elegant anise and citrus flavour. 38% abv Tasting notes Typical white...
  • Opal Nera Sambuca 38% 70cl
    Opal Nera, the original black sambuca, is a dark, edgy blend of anise, elderberries and lemon with a distinctive flavour of liquorice and aniseed backed by citrus freshness.Alessandro Francoli, heir of the Francoli distilling dynasty, created Opal Nera on his honeymoon in 1989. He was...
  • Efe Raki 45% 70cl
    True Raki is produced only in Turkey and has been popular there for nearly two centuries. Efe Raki is made from an authentic Turkish recipe. Triple-distilled grape alcohol is re-distilled in pot stills with anise seeds to give Efe Raki its distinctive taste and flavour. The smoothness and ...
  • Karavan Cognac & Cinnamon 40% 70cl
    This is a premium Cognac blended with the lovely warming spice Cinnamon. The nose has woody notes with cinnamon and spices. On the palate it is fruity with spicy cinnamon and rounded with good length.
  • World of Zing Travel Pack 4x50ml
    Presented in airport security friendly pouches*, this collection has something for all moods and occasions. Simply pour the cocktails over ice and youre ready to enjoy a world-class cocktail experience! The collection comprises of 4x50ml bottles of the following cocktails
  • Sugar Shine Apple Cinnamon Pie 75cl 20% vol
    Sugar Shine Apple Cinnamon Pie has been made with a mash bill of 50% Corn spirit and 50% cane sugar spirit. Infused with a cinnamon stick to give the authentic American apple pie flavour.
  • Cornish Moonshine 38% 10cl
    This Cornish Moonshine Smooth is in a 10cl bottle, perfect as a gift or just to try Moonshine to see if you like it. The spirit is bottled at 38% abv, a sizable reduction from the 55% abv that the Devil Water is sold at. This makes the moonshine smoother on the palate and allows the sub...
  • Cornish Moonshine Devil Water 55% 10cl
    Cornish Moonshine Devil Water is an authentic moonshine experience being bottled at the high strength of 55% abv. This small bottle of spirit is ideal if you would like to try some without investing in a larger bottle.
  • Cornish Moonshine Apple Pie 35% 10cl
    Apple Pie flavoured Cornish Moonshine in small 10cl bottle. This is the most authentic tasting apple pie spirit we have tried for a long time. This small bottle won't last long once you realise how delicious this is.
  • Ouzo Pelagos 37.5% 70cl
    Ouzo is Greece's national drink, always served with a selection of delicious "Meze". Drink it neat as a shot, diluted with ice and water, or as a cocktail with crushed ice and freshly squeezed orange juice. Enjoy Ouzo Pelagos and rekindle happy memories of a beautiful country and generous, h...
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