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  • Irish Poitin Teelings 52.5% 50cl
    Poitin or Poteen is the original Irish spirit, made from grain of potatos it was often very high in strength and was outlawed in 1661. The Teeling whisky company has released a smooth grain spirit Poitin in the true spirit or Ireland.
  • Ban Irish Poitin 48% 70cl
    Emerging from the underground after a ban of over 300 years, Poitin is reclaiming its place as ireland's most notorious spirit. Made secretly and sold unofficially, this illicit spirit was outlawed in 1661. Ban Poitin is distilled using locally sourced raw...
  • John O'Connells Poitin 72% 35cl
    John O'Connell's Poitin is a heady 72% vol and made at the West Cork Distillery where his family have been making Poitin for 7 generations, both legal and illegal! It is made with local barley, sugar beet and spring water.