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  • La Penca Mezcal 36% 70cl
    Presented in a lovely hand blown bottle, made form 100 agave with agave grub. Mezcal production differs from tequila in that the maguey pinas are roasted or grilled over hot rocks in covered conical pits rather than slow-baked. This roasting caramelises the maguey sugars, giving the mescal its sm...
  • Mezcal Marca Negra Espadin 42% 70cl
    Mezcal Marca Negra (black mark) is named after the mark of quality (hand print) left by the Maestro. The Mezcals taken from different regions are produced by some of the most skilled Maestros to achieve a Mezcal with perfect balance between - Spice, Earth, and Smoke. Espadin This i...
  • Ilegal Reposado Mezcal 70cl
    Ilegal Reposado Mezcal is aged for 4 months in medium-charred American Oak barrels. On the nose you get caramelized pear and bitter orange. On the palate you notice clove, butterscotch, and hints of vanilla. Velvety throughout. An exceptional drinking mezcal.
  • Mezcal Jaral de Berrio 36% 70cl
    Jaral de Berrio have been producing premium tequila since at least 1780. They maintain the highest quality standards by closely observing every detail of the process from the selection of the agaves to their tradional distillation methods. The Jaral de Berrio region received Denominac...
  • Del Maguey Mezcal Vida 42% 70cl
    Vida is an artisanal organic Mezcal from Del Maguey. It's hand crafted and double distilled very slowly in small wood-fired, riverside copper stills to flavor specifications that underscore its versatility in cocktails. Another masterpiece out of San Luis del Rio, it has a nose of fruit arom...
  • Ilegal Joven Mezcal 40% 50cl
    Ilegal Mezcal is handcrafted, small batch and made with pride and reverence. This Mezcal is double distelled in copper stills within an earthen pit. To taste it is of green apple, white pepper and zesty citrus notes. The finish is a warm and sweet agave flavour, on the nose...
  • Del Maguey Chichicapa Singel Village Mezcal 46% 70cl
    This is a single village Mezcal made in the remote mountains, plains and valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. Each mezcal in this range is named for the village where it is made. Chichicapa has a medium nose and a complex taste with lots of citrus and a long, smooth finish with overtones of mint.
  • Ilegal Joven Mezcal 70cl
    Ilegal Joven Mezcal is an un-aged but full bodied mezcal with agave flavor. Eucalyptus and mineral aromas compliment hints of green apple, fresh citrus, and red chiltepe. Light smoke. Lingering heat. Ideal for cocktails or perfect on its own. 
  • Mezcal San Cosme Joven 40%
    Mezcal is one of the worlds great spirits: complex, gorgeous and endlessly intriguing, distinguished like great wines by a strong sense of place. Produced especially for the European palate and market, San Cosme was launched at BarConvent Berlin in 2011. It's a joven (young) espadin with typical ...
  • Nuestra Soledad Ejutla Mezcal 41% 70cl
    Mezcal Nuestra Soledad, a name which pays homage to Our Lady the Virgin of Solitude, the patron saint of the city of Oaxaca, is born from an ancient tradition and hand-crafted to conserve and retain the centuries-old methods of cultivating and producing this Elixir of the Gods. The...
  • Corte Vetusto Espadin Mezcal Mesquite smoked 45% 70cl
    Corte Vetusto mezcals are made from only 100% mature agave. They are all joven (un-aged) and purposefully agaveforward, showcasing the magnificent variety of flavour from the agave and the impact of terroir upon them. They are incredibly balanced, elegant and complex as a result. The smokiness th...