Herbal Liqueurs

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  • Chartreuse Green 55% 50cl
    The vivid colour of Green Chartreuse is an impressive achievment, considering that the liqueur is made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no artificial colourings. It has a spicy, peppery nose, with complex herbal and floral aromas. Hints of peppery mint and rich 'iris' flavours are evident on the palate.
  • Galliano L'Autentico 42.3% 50cl
    Galliano Autentico is a return to the original recipe. The recipe contains less vanilla flavour and a higher strength, both of which can only be good. Delicious.

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  • Liqueur de Pommes The Earl Grey Bernard Loiseau 21% 70cl
    This has a pale straw colour with light green notes. On the nose the lively aroma of ripe apples gives way to the intensity of tea and bergamot. It is wonderfully fresh and persistent in the mouth, with dryness from the tea and freshness from the apples. The apples used include Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious
  • Genepi d'Armoises 40% 50cl
    The first alcohol-based liqueur was called eau divine and admirable. It was nothing more than water with sugar added. It was considered as medicine. Later, people from Haute Provence added herbs from their mountains, genipi, for example.

    This is an alcohol-based liqueur, made of sugar cane syrup, an infusion and a Genepi des Alpes spirit, with a soupcon of an infusion of 63 other herbs. The dry genipi maceration (Artemisia glacialis and/or Artemisia mutellina) is the base used for this liqueur. A complex composition of an infusion of herbs and genipi spirit reinforces this product's aromatic power.

    Genepi is a liqueur and should be enjoyed straight up, at room temperature or very cold.
  • Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur 28%
    Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur is a unique ingredient essential for anyone passionate about cocktails and food.

    Handcrafted near Jarnac in South West France, Domaine De Canton is the creation of master liqueur makers John Cooper and Jean Francois Bardou, who had long been fans of the ginger elixirs drunk in French colonial Indochine during the 19th century.

    Each batch of Domaine De Canton starts from a maceration of eau de vie and fresh Vietnamese baby ginger. To this base, VSOP and XO Grande Champagne Cognacs, Provenal honey, Tunisian Ginseng and fresh vanilla beans are blended to create a complex and smooth infusion. Finally this infusion is cold filtered to ensure a consistent, silky finish. No artificial additives are used in any of the production processes.

    Domaine De Canton achieves its rich, bold flavours through the use of only natural ingredients, resulting in a liquid of unrivalled purity and intensity of flavour. The gingers characteristic complex spiciness is enriched by the fine VSOP and XO Grande Champagne Cognacs, which contribute depth and finesse - whilst the honey and vanilla provide a finish that is both concentrated and clean.

    Domaine De Canton is extremely versatile and can be used as an ingredient in cooking, drunk over ice or used as a component in cocktails.
  • Creme de Bergamote Edmond Briottet 18% 70cl
    BRIOTTET SAS is a family business founded in 1836. Initially wine merchant, they later contribued to the development of the aperitif " Blanc Cassis ", the production began to include regional liqueurs and in particular CREME DE CASSIS DE DIJON which now represents 60% of the sales.

    This stunning Bergamot liqueur lingers on your tongue and produces new and exciting cocktails.
  • Jungfrau Liqueur 30% 70cl
    Jungfrau is macerated and distilled from a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Add aniseed, bitter orange and the aromatic essence of white turmeric to achieve the almost mystical taste and aroma which is Jungfrau.

    The Jungfrau is the highest, most complex and often referred to as the most beautiful of the famous Swiss Bernese Alps.
    As early as 1780 there are contemporary accounts of a first ascent of the Jungfrau but all expeditions failed, some tragically ending in fatalities.
    That is until the expedition of the Meyer Brothers in 1811 who reached the mountains summit in 1811 after four days spent climbing glaciers.
    Some believe the Meyer brothers expedition succeeded because of a concoction given to them by MrsMeyer, their Mother -a secret recipe that had passed through the generations.
    Each brother carried a hip flask containing the brew, a blend of more than 40 herbs and spices, to sip when their bodies needed the extra warmth.
    And so Jung Frau was born

    Twisted Shots
    :Dark Knight: Jungfrau & Opal Nera
    Bloody Knight: Jungfrau & Opal Rosso
    Ultra J : Jungfrau & Kick Ultra
    Black & Gold:Jungfrau & Goldschlager
    Yodel:Jungfrau & Nut Liqueur
    Toblerone:Jungfrau & Chocolate Liqueur

    Longer Drinks
    :JngerSpice:25ml Jungfrau over ice, with Ginger Ale & Lime
    Mogul:Pour 25ml Jungfrau over crushed Ice, top with Tonic Water (& zest of Orange)
    J-Bomb:25ml Jungfrau with Kick Energy & Ice
    Mountain Top:Add a 25ml Jungfrau on top of any drink for an authentic KruterLikrkick
    Naked J: Jungfrauon its own!
  • Brandy & Benedictine (B&B) 40% 100cl
    B&B is a blend of fine French Brandy, honey, spices and Benedictine, the herbal liqueur made from a secret recipe in Normandy France. Mellowed in oak barrels serve neat or on the rocks or in cockatils.
  • El Castillo Pacharan Liqueur Navarro 25% 100cl
    Spanish liqueur made in the Navarra region from sloe berries and other additional herbs. A speciality of the area
  • Marie Brizard Menthe Verte Green Mint 25% 70cl
    The classic Mint liqueur which goes so well in a range of cocktails, produced by French liqueur producer Marie Brizard.
  • Chartreuse Gentiane Aperitif des Peres 17% 70cl
    An Aperitif made by the Cartusian Monks of Chartreuse from gentian root harvested from the mountain meadows of the Alps. Drink with cassis or tonic water.
  • Chartreuse Meilleurs Ouvriers de France 45% 70cl
    A special edition Chartreuse created by the Sommeliers of France association, who obtained special permission to re-create a golden yellow Chartreuse which is less sweet than the standard yellow version.
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