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  • Underberg Bitters 3x2cl 44%
    Underberg Bitters is the famous German Digestive traditionally drank after a meal. It contains herbs from 43 different countries, and bottled in 2cl size bottles at 44% vol. It is produced without any added sugars and is scientifically proven to stimultae digestion. It also contains antioxidants and is certified Kosher. Lovely herby nose, with amber colour. The initial taste is sweet, then comes herbs and more herbs followed by a kick of alcohol
  • Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 69% 10cl
    Often described as the 'mother of all liqueurs', the Elixir Vegetale liqueur is the original base liqeuer from which all other Chartreuse liqueuers are derived. Incredibly complex and concentrated, with natural herbal flavours and aromas, it is recommended by the monks of Chartreuse to ease ailments such as exhaustion and indegestion.
  • Galliano Vanilla Liqueur 30% 50cl
    This liqueur takes the original Galliano Autenico recipe which is made from 30 different herbs and spices such as star anise, juniper, musk yarrow, ginger, lavender, but adding an additional amount of vanilla distillate to accentuate the luxurious heady flavours of vanilla.
  • Underberg Bitters 44% 12x2cl
    Underberg Bitters is the famous German Digestive traditionally drank after a meal. It contains herbs from 43 different countries, and bottled in 2cl size bottles at 44% vol. It is produced without any added sugars and is scientifically proven to stimultae digestion. It also contains antioxidants and is certified Kosher. Lovely herby nose, with amber colour. The initial taste is sweet, then comes herbs and more herbs followed by a kick of alcohol.
  • Giffard Vanille de Madagascar 20% 70cl
    Liqueur exclusively made from natural Madagascar vanilla for the warm and intense character of the vanilla pods.
    Golden liqueur with fine amber/copper shades.
    The nose is delicately sweet, enhanced by a touch of alcohol and bringing an enchanting freshness reminding of pine tree and eucalyptus.
    The taste is sweet with a stong aroma of very pure vanilla seeds. Subtle roasted, milky and spicy notes.
  • Chartreuse Gentiane Aperitif des Peres 17% 70cl
    An Aperitif made by the Cartusian Monks of Chartreuse from gentian root harvested from the mountain meadows of the Alps. Drink with cassis or tonic water.
  • Galliano L'Autentico 42.3% 50cl
    Galliano Autentico is a return to the original recipe. The recipe contains less vanilla flavour and a higher strength, both of which can only be good. Delicious.

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  • Giffard Ginger of the Indies 35% 70cl
    A natural maceration of best ginger from Asia enhanced with spices for a warm and rich character.
    Straw coloured liqueur.
    Strong aromas of ginger and coriander are softened by a vanilla touch and enhanced by the intensity of orange blossom.
    The taste is sweet at first, very quickly spices intensify the "peppery" sensation of ginger. This liqueur is surprising and full of contrasts: heat (spices), sweetness (sugar), power (alcohol) and light (citrus tanginess).
  • Creme de Bergamote Edmond Briottet 18% 70cl
    BRIOTTET SAS is a family business founded in 1836. Initially wine merchant, they later contribued to the development of the aperitif " Blanc Cassis ", the production began to include regional liqueurs and in particular CREME DE CASSIS DE DIJON which now represents 60% of the sales.

    This stunning Bergamot liqueur lingers on your tongue and produces new and exciting cocktails.
  • Berrys Kings Ginger liqueur 41% 50cl
    The Kings Ginger Liqueur is the emphatically ginger liqueur that was specially formulated by Berry Bros & Rudd in 1903 for King Edward VII. Rich and zesty, it was created to stimulate and revive his majesty and has been appreciated by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high spirited ladies ever since. The Kings Ginger is a high strength liqueur, at a warming 41 abv, it is created by the careful maceration of ginger root, enlivened by the judicious addition of citrus in the form of lemon oil. Although heartening on a cold day as originally intended, it is a splendidly uplifting tonic to be appreciated on its own all year round as well as in any number of cocktails and long drinks.

    Tasting notes
    The Kings Ginger is seductively golden in appearance. On the nose it has an instantly warming aroma of ginger, zesty lemon, sherbet and golden syrup. It has an initial sweetness on the palate followed by a bite of ginger and lemon tart, with a deliciously satisfying and warming mouth feel.
    The finish is lingering and extremely long.

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  • Agwa de Bolivia Coca leaf Liqueur 30% 70cl
    Agwa is the Worlds only Coca-leaf liqueur. This versatile 30% abv premium herbal liqueur can be enjoyed straight, as a long drink or in cocktails. It is an award winning herbal recipe containing 37 different herbs and botanicals which have been expertly blended to create Agwas unique taste.

    Some of the Ingredients that make up the drink are:Pure Bolivian Coca-leaf, Chinese Green Tea, African Mint, Amazon Guarana, Argentinian Black Mountain Tea, Ginseng, Lavender and Cucumber.

    Award Winning Taste:GOLD Medal in the World Spirit Awards 2009

    BEST IN CLASS International Wine and Spirit Competition 2009
  • Goldwasser Liqueur Danzig 40% 50cl
    This is a liqueur flavored with orange zest, herbs and spices. It also contains flecks of real gold leaf. It has been claimed by some to be the oldest cordial made.
  • Liqueur de Pommes The Earl Grey Bernard Loiseau 21% 70cl
    This has a pale straw colour with light green notes. On the nose the lively aroma of ripe apples gives way to the intensity of tea and bergamot. It is wonderfully fresh and persistent in the mouth, with dryness from the tea and freshness from the apples. The apples used include Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious
  • Smirnoff Gold Cinnamon Flavoured Liqueur with Gold leaf 37.5% 70cl
    New liqueur from smirnoff using their premium No.21 vodka and a hint of cinnamon with the luxury of edible gold leaf flakes. Try an Apple bite Gold, mix smirnoff Gold with apple juice and lemonade and serve in a tall glass with ice.
  • El Castillo Pacharan Liqueur Navarro 25% 100cl
    Spanish liqueur made in the Navarra region from sloe berries and other additional herbs. A speciality of the area
  • Jungfrau Liqueur 30% 70cl
    Jungfrau is macerated and distilled from a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Add aniseed, bitter orange and the aromatic essence of white turmeric to achieve the almost mystical taste and aroma which is Jungfrau.

    The Jungfrau is the highest, most complex and often referred to as the most beautiful of the famous Swiss Bernese Alps.
    As early as 1780 there are contemporary accounts of a first ascent of the Jungfrau but all expeditions failed, some tragically ending in fatalities.
    That is until the expedition of the Meyer Brothers in 1811 who reached the mountains summit in 1811 after four days spent climbing glaciers.
    Some believe the Meyer brothers expedition succeeded because of a concoction given to them by MrsMeyer, their Mother -a secret recipe that had passed through the generations.
    Each brother carried a hip flask containing the brew, a blend of more than 40 herbs and spices, to sip when their bodies needed the extra warmth.
    And so Jung Frau was born

    Twisted Shots
    :Dark Knight: Jungfrau & Opal Nera
    Bloody Knight: Jungfrau & Opal Rosso
    Ultra J : Jungfrau & Kick Ultra
    Black & Gold:Jungfrau & Goldschlager
    Yodel:Jungfrau & Nut Liqueur
    Toblerone:Jungfrau & Chocolate Liqueur

    Longer Drinks
    :JngerSpice:25ml Jungfrau over ice, with Ginger Ale & Lime
    Mogul:Pour 25ml Jungfrau over crushed Ice, top with Tonic Water (& zest of Orange)
    J-Bomb:25ml Jungfrau with Kick Energy & Ice
    Mountain Top:Add a 25ml Jungfrau on top of any drink for an authentic KruterLikrkick
    Naked J: Jungfrauon its own!
  • Marie Brizard Menthe Verte Green Mint 25% 70cl
    The classic Mint liqueur which goes so well in a range of cocktails, produced by French liqueur producer Marie Brizard.
  • Pisang Ambon 20% 70cl
    Pisang Ambon the original is an exotic and fruity drink with a hint of banana taste.
  • Anisette Gabriel Boudier 25% 70cl
    This delicious Anis liqueur is made in the same way as the rest of the Gabriel Boudier range - resulting in a high quality Anisette Liqueur.
  • Jagermeister 35% 70cl
    A secret blend of 56 herbs, roots and fruits - serve ice cold as a shot or chaser with chilled beer.
  • Strega Liquore 40% 50cl
    Made from over 70 different barks and herbs, it was first produced in Benevento, central Italy and is steeped in history where it is told that the drink was first made by beautiful female sprites and used their new potion to cast spells on lovesick humans, therby giving its name, Strega, meaning witch.

    It dates back to the 1860's and continues to have a romantic association where legend has it that couples who drink it together will remain united in love forever.

    A perfectly natural product, it obtains its typical yellow colour from the saffron added to the alcoholic infusion; then a long fermentation in oak vats concurs to the perfect balance of the aromas and contributes to the characteristic fine, smooth and soft taste.
    Excellent after a meal, it expresses its versatility in the most varied manners hence assuring an indisputable satisfaction whether sipping it dry, with ice or iced.

    Both the taste and the warm solar colour become the inseparable companions of long-drinks and cocktails.
  • Krupnik Honey Liqueur 40% 70cl
    Krupnik is an ancient Polish liqueur which traces its roots back to the 1300's. As such, it has been a traditional drink in Poland for centuries.

    Despite its ancient pedigree, Krupnik's popularity has not faded in Poland, where it commands more than 10 percent of the liqueur market, according to a 1996 poll by the trade journal 'Rynki Alkoholowe'.

    The skillful combining of a century-old tradition with modern production methods has produced an excellent liqueur, best drunk warm in the winter or on the rocks during the summer.

    Krupnik (pronounced kroop-NEEK), is made of natural wild bee's honey gathered in forests, and exotic spices. It has an outstanding honey-sweet taste and spicy bouquet with a strong, warming effect.

    Once produced by the famous Baczewski Distillery of Lwow, Poland, Krupnik is produced today according to its original recipe by Starogard Distilleries of Gdansk.
  • Liqueur de Pain D'Epices 18% 50cl
    A lovely gingerbread liqueur, warming and spicy perfect for warming you up on a cold day.
  • Chartreuse Yellow 40% 50cl
    Like its green counterpart, the colour from Yellow Chartreuse is quite remarkable, considering that it too is made from entirely natural ingredients. It combines the scent of woodland flowers with a pronounced honey flavour, achieving a delicate balance of sweetness and alcohol.
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