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  • Bols Genever 42% 70cl
    Bols Genever is a new genever, inspired by an historic recipe created by Bols in 1820. This revolutionary genever with a subtle balance of flavourful maltwine and redistilled botanicals, fine-tuned with pure grain alcohol, became one of the most important ingredients for a new phenomenon in the 19th century, the cocktail.

    Genever Gin, or Schiedam, is the Dutch version of gin. This variety is distilled from malted grain mash similar to whiskey and tends to be lower proof (70-80 proof) than it's English counterparts. Genever Gin is often aged in oak casks for 1-3 years and comes in two styles. Oude (old) Genever is the original style with a straw hue and is relatively sweet and aromatic, while Jonge (young) Genever has a drier palate and lighter body. Enjoy Genever in cocktails like Sweet City.
  • Filliers 38 Oude Jenever 5 years old 38% 70cl
    Superb Jenever produced from malt wine made with maize, rye and malt aged for five years in American oak barrels dating back to 2001. They are then blended constantly in separate barrels with carefully selected juniper berry distillates that have been aged for five or eight years. This guarantees its unique and unadulterated quality and flavour.
    Colour: straw yellow; rather viscous
    Aroma: coffee, chocolate, walnuts
    Flavour: full, with hints of cinnamon, coriander, citrus fruits, liquorice
    Finish: from sweet to pleasantly bitter. Dry aftertaste.