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  • Very Old Genever 15 years old Van Wees 42% 70cl
    Van Wees Very Old Genever 15 years old can convince anyone that the tradition of aged oude genever is alive and well. Prepared from a selection of fine malt wines and aged 15 years to perfection, this tender spirit reveals a pronounced complexity of flavours with attractive herbal aromas ...
  • Rutte Old Simon Genever 35% 70cl
    Rutte Old Simon Genever is named after Simon Rutte, the Dutch founder of  the distillery opened in 1872. It's distilled with some unusual botanicals that include walnut, celery and hazelnut. Genever is the classic gin that hails from Holland and is the sweetest style available. In its countr...
  • Bols Genever 42% 70cl
    Bols Genever is a new genever, inspired by an historic recipe created by Bols in 1820. This revolutionary genever with a subtle balance of flavourful maltwine and redistilled botanicals, fine-tuned with pure grain alcohol, became one of the most important ingredients for a new phenomenon in the 1...
  • Van Wees Very Old (Zeere Oude) Genever 40% 70cl
    This genever is with a special recipe of 100% maltwine and herbs, Distilled twice. Aged for at least one year in oak barrels.soft, round and powerful.Established in 1782, A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar claims to be the last authentic distillery left in Amsterdam, producing a range ...
  • Zeere Oude 3 years old Genever Zuidam 38% 50cl
    Zuidam Old Genever 3 year old Single Barrel only the best casks are selected after the genever has been aged for a minimum of 36 months. The Genever is distilled from the finest selection of Malted Barley, Rye and Corn. The mash of these grains is distilled three times in a pot still after a week...
  • Ketel 1 Jenever 35% vol 100cl
    Ketel 1 Jenever is a 'Jonge' or young Jenever containing only a small percentage of malt wine. Extremley popular for mixing and making cocktails.
  • Zuidam Oude Genever 5 years old 38% 50cl
    Zuidam Oude Genever / Jenever is aged for 5 years in single barrels. Made from only the finest malt barley, rye and corn. A rich spirit and something new to try. On the nose it is classic Genever, warm oak and some vanilla but wheaty like beer. On the palate it is smooth and creamy bri...
  • Filliers 38 Oude Jenever 5 years old 38% 70cl
    Superb Jenever produced from malt wine made with maize, rye and malt aged for five years in American oak barrels dating back to 2001. They are then blended constantly in separate barrels with carefully selected juniper berry distillates that have been aged for five or eight years. This guarantees...