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  • Grappa Tradizione Nonino 41% 70cl
    Grappa is the most ancient and traditional distillate in Northern Italy, obtained by distilling the solid parts of the grape, or pomace. On 1st December 1973, Benito and Giannola Nonino created the single varietal Grappa, Monovitigno Nonino, by distilling the pomace of Picolit grapes on its own, ...
  • Grappa Gran Moscato Bocchini 40% 70cl
    Single varietal grappa from Bocchini. Grappa is distilled pomace (or marc), which is the skins, pulp, seeds and stems surplus to winemaking. The Bocchino family have been creating fine grappa since 1898, and are now on to the fifth generation of grappa producers. This grappa is a singl...
  • Grappa Nonino Riserva Antica Cuvee 43% 70
    Antica Cuve is a precise blend of Grappas among which Cabernet, Merlot and Schioppettino distilled using the artisanal method and aged from 4 to 20 years in small Limousin oak barrels or former Sherry barrels. Amber, possessing great aromatic richness, a scent of spices, of brioche...