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  • La Fee NV Absinthe 40% 70cl
    La Fee NV is a joy straight up or on the rocks, with your favourite energy drink, mixed with lemon soda, or as a substitute for rum in a Mojito... You get the picture - An original spirit whose characters combine to make a truly versatile addition to any back-bar.

    From a stable whose provenance, authenticity and quality are second to none, comes a contemporary absinthe for today's market.
  • Sebor Absinthe 55% vol 50cl
    Sebor Absinth is a modern-day icon; created in Bela Pod, Czech Republic by a talented, eccentric master distiller, Sebor Absinth has redefined the once much-reviled emerald brew.

    The late Martin Sebor began crafting what was destined to become the UKs leading Absinth - today, the prodigal Kyle Bairnsfather performs small miracles with each bottle of Sebor Absinth. Sebor Absinth is bottled at 55% ABV; keeping the freeze-filtered blend of wormwood, 13 herbs and spices in solution while ensuring the alluring emerald liquid is enjoyed. Sebor Absinth contains the highest level of wormwood legally allowed- it should be given the respect it deserves.
  • La Fee Absinthe Blanche 53% 70cl
    La Fee Absinthe Blanche is based on an original 19th century recipe is association with the French Absinthe museum. Classic Blanche or nicknamed "La Bleue" in Switzerlland, has no secondary colouring stage and distilled with more fennel (compared to the verte) giving a softer, sweeter finish - no sugar needed.
  • Two Birds Absinthe 70% 70cl
    A delicate blend of aniseed and wormwood with a beautiful emerald colour. Very strong at 70% vol.
  • La Fee Absinthe Parisian 68% 70cl
    La Fee was created from an authentic 19th century recipe and was developed in a French distillery under the supervision of Madame Delahaye. It contains a dozen or more plants, including 'Grande' and 'Petite' Absinthe (artemisia absinthium and artemisia pontica).

    La Fee is a distilled absinthe the botanicals are macerated in alcohol and then distilled in accordance with the most traditional methods.

    Finally the real flavour of absinthe has been rediscovered.
  • L'Extreme d'Absente Bitter 70% 100ml
    L'Extreme de Absinthe is a super concentrated Absinthe with three times the ususal Thujone (35mg/l) found in most Absinthes. It comes in a bottle with its own pipette to allow just a few drops to be added to water or cocktails. Try it on a sugar cube or a few drops in a beer to subtle change its flavour.
  • Pernod Absinthe 68% 70cl
    In 1805, Henri_louis Pernod founded the first absinthe distillery, Pernod Absinthe, made from a great variety of plants, including the famous wormwood (artemisia absinthium) became the source of inspiration for many painters and poets and enjoyed immense popularity both in France and throughout 19th century Europe.
  • La Fee Absinthe Bohemian 70% 70cl
    La Fee Bohemian Absinth re-creates the traditional Bohemian drink that was produced in the 1920s, with subtle herbal undertones of fennel, mint and rather less aniseed than that absinthe produced in France at the end of the 19th Century. Bohemian tastes have always meant that less anise is used in the drink's production, and explains why Bohemian Absinth does not turn milky ('louche') when water is added.

    Whereas the heavy aniseed flavour of La Fee Parisian Absinthe is often not suitable for use in cocktails, La Fee Bohemian Absinth has a refined subtlety, whose distinctive flavour is a mixologists dream.
  • La Fee XS Francaise 68% 70cl
    La Fee XS Francaise is a premium example of a wine based French absinthe from Pontarlier. Following his great grand-fathers recipes and distillation methods our distiller creates a highly complex and authentic absinthe for you to enjoy.
  • Grande Absente Absinthe 69% 70cl
    Grande Absente 69, is a French Absinthe containing a higher amount of Thuyone (35mg/l) compared with other Absinthes which gives this a slight bitter taste. Drink in the traditional method with sugar or add to cocktails.
  • Absente Van Gogh Gift Box With Absinthe Spoon 55% 10cl
    Superb Gift box containing a 10cl of Absente 55% vol Absinthe and a Absinthe spoon to make the traditional drink involving a flame, sugar, water and absinthe a ceremonial ritual.
    Absente 55 derives its bitterness from several of the aromatic plants of absinthe (Artmisia Absinthium). The thujone content is strictly regulated in line with legislation (extract from legislation).
    The Absente 55 recipe, a blend of absinthe, aniseed flavors, mint and spices, gives it its incomparable colour and unexpected length of flavor.
  • Butterfly Boston Absinthe 65% 20cl
    Butterfly Boston Absinthe is a recreation of the authentic American recipe which was first produced in Boston 1902. Made using the same process and ingredients as the original recipe which was last enjoyed in the 1920 pre-prohibitions dyas.

  • Angelique Absinthe 68% 70cl
    Angelique Absinthe is the first Verte (green) suisse to be made since the ban in 1910, launched in 2007. It uses 12 different plants in the disillate which gives it a slightly more bitter edge that the white. Its natural colour comes from the aromatic plants from the region of Val-de-Travers.
  • Absinthe Louche 50% vol 50cl
    Louche French Absinthe evokes the groundbreaking, visionary Belle poque. Beautifully presented, Louche Absinthe dissipates in a milky cloud of history and hedonism.

    Louche Absinthe is masterfully created by sixth generation master distiller Alain Lemercier, ensuring exceptional quality, consistency and depth of flavour. It has a relatively low ABV, encouraging responsibility and creativity in its use, whether in a cocktail, mixed drink or in the traditional absinthe ritual.

    The Green Fairys ethereal brew contains just the right level of wormwood the essence of Absinthe. The result is the truly authentic French absinthe experience.
  • La Clandestine Absinthe 53% 20cl
    La Clandestine is a 100 percent natural, hand-crafted absinthe, which is distilled using a 1935 recipe. With its brilliant, crystal clear appearance, La Clandestine is known as a classic Swiss bleue, with a 53 percent alcohol by volume strength. It is characterised by a more fragrant, floral aroma and delicate flavours, and has none of the burn which can be noticed in many harsher absinthes. No other style of absinthe reflects the regionality and terroir that is unique to absinthe from the Val-de-Travers. La Clandestine (53 percent alcohol by volume / 106 proof) was officially launched to mark the Swiss legalisation of absinthe on 1 March 2005. Medals include first prize and title of Absinthe dor at the National Competition for Swiss Spirits, and a Gold Medal. La Clandestine is a complex absinthe based on more than ten plants, yet it is simple to enjoy and easy to appreciate its qualities.