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  • Underberg Bitters 3x2cl 44%
    Underberg Bitters is the famous German Digestive traditionally drank after a meal. It contains herbs from 43 different countries, and bottled in 2cl size bottles at 44% vol. It is produced without any added sugars and is scientifically proven to stimultae digestion. It also contains antioxidants and is certified Kosher. Lovely herby nose, with amber colour. The initial taste is sweet, then comes herbs and more herbs followed by a kick of alcohol
  • Smeets Apricot 24% 50cl
    Classic Apricot brandy good on its own or in a cocktail.
  • Original Willisauer Kirsch Eau de Vie 37.5% 20cl
    Willisauer Kirsch is a high grade spirit which has been produced since 1918. Care is taken to use only the very best cherries from the heart of Switzerland and neighbouring Black Forest and Alsace.

    This high quality Kirsch is packed with flavour from the 1400 cherries used to distill every 1 litre of finished product.

    Serve Willisauer Kirsch neat, over ice or use as an ingredient in cooking. Willisauer Kirsch is the essential ingredient for Black Forest Gateaux and Gruyere cheese fondues.
  • Giffard Creme de Mure 50cl
    Creme de Mure (Blackberry) 100 % natural fruit Crme made from the maceration of blackberries.

    Drink In aperitif with Champagne or sparkling wine. As a topping on apple or pear sorbet or in vanilla or nougat ice cream.
  • Creme de Cassis Giffard 16% 50cl
    Creme de Cassis is slightly pungent and very intense, natural fruit flavour. Popular in on the rocks, or in sparkling wine to make a Kir Royal.
  • Giffard Creme de Menthe 21% 50cl
    Crme de menthe verte Liqueur made from the distillation of peppery mint leaves.
    Alc. grade: 21 %

    Nose : strong aroma of peppery mint.

    Taste : intense aroma at first. Fresh and sweet palate.
  • Xuxu Strawberry Vodka 15%
    XUXU is a blend of gently pressed fresh strawberries and crystal clear vodka. They use 55% strawberry pulp and then sweeten it with natural fruit juice and a squeeze of lime juice. Drink on its own, over ice, topped up with sparkling wine or with other spirits.
  • Giffard Blue Curacao 25% 50cl
    Liqueur made from the distillation of bitter and sweet oranges

    Its name comes from a Carribean island and its colour (deep blue) evokes the blue seas it has crossed.

    Blood orange flavour, fresh and mellow.
    Very nice bouquet (sweet and bitter oranges).
    Sweet taste dominated by citrus fruits notes.
  • King Coco Liqueur Cocal 24% 70cl
    Coconut rum made in the Canary Islands
  • Two Birds After Dinner Mint Vodka 29% 20cl
    After Dinner Mint Vodka: Made with chocolate extract with a hint of mint. Best served over ice.
    Also lovely in Coffee or Hot chocolate and on Ice-cream or Crepes.
  • Two Birds Passion Fruit Vodka 29% 20cl
    Best served over ice but also mixed with processo or freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Two Birds Blackcurrant & English Vodka 32% 20cl
    A baby size Blackcurrant Vodka from the people at Two birds. Made using their super smooth English Vodka and organic Blackcurrants to produce and sweet but tart tasting vodka.
  • Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 69% 10cl
    Often described as the 'mother of all liqueurs', the Elixir Vegetale liqueur is the original base liqeuer from which all other Chartreuse liqueuers are derived. Incredibly complex and concentrated, with natural herbal flavours and aromas, it is recommended by the monks of Chartreuse to ease ailments such as exhaustion and indegestion.
  • Giffard Creme de Cacao Brown 25% 50cl
    Liqueur made from the distillation of cocoa beans. Intense aroma of roasted cocoa beans. Slight note of chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate palate. The cocoa beans steep into alcohol and are then distilled.
  • Creme de Banane Giffard 25% 50cl
    Creme de Banane is made using slow macerated bananas.
    Amber coloured.
    Intense flavour. Powerful and mellow taste of the ripe banana.
    The original taste of fruit ripened under the tropical sun evokes the luxuriance of a far off climate.
  • Somerset Royal Pomona 20% 50cl
    Pomona from The Somerset Cider Company takes fresh apple juice and combines it with apple brandy which is then aged in small oak cask to produce a full-bodied warming digestif.
  • L'Extreme d'Absente Bitter 70% 100ml
    L'Extreme de Absinthe is a super concentrated Absinthe with three times the ususal Thujone (35mg/l) found in most Absinthes. It comes in a bottle with its own pipette to allow just a few drops to be added to water or cocktails. Try it on a sugar cube or a few drops in a beer to subtle change its flavour.
  • Absente Van Gogh Gift Box With Absinthe Spoon 55% 10cl
    Superb Gift box containing a 10cl of Absente 55% vol Absinthe and a Absinthe spoon to make the traditional drink involving a flame, sugar, water and absinthe a ceremonial ritual.
    Absente 55 derives its bitterness from several of the aromatic plants of absinthe (Artmisia Absinthium). The thujone content is strictly regulated in line with legislation (extract from legislation).
    The Absente 55 recipe, a blend of absinthe, aniseed flavors, mint and spices, gives it its incomparable colour and unexpected length of flavor.
  • Pixilix Lime & Lemon Vodka Foam 20% 200ml
    Pixilix is a unique foaming vodka cocktail topping, inspired by the theatre and magic of mixology, that comes in 5 fabulous flavours and colours. Without any special equipment or training, new flavour and textural combinations can be created by consumers at home, or by time-poor bar staff for customers who will be surprised and delighted. Lime and Lemon a gorgeous green blend of tangy citrus.
    The 200ml bottle will generate approximately 1.8 Litres of foam. This will top approximately 37 5oz martini glasses or fill 37 50ml shot glasses.
    Cocktail suggestions
  • Two Birds Salted Caramel Vodka 37.5% 20cl
    A perfect balance of English vodka infused with wonderfully rich caramel and finished with a subtle hint of salt.
  • Kingston Black Apple Aperitif 18% 50cl
    Kingston Black is a blend of Cider Brandy and a very fine vintage cider to produce a wonderful drink that is sweet with a flavour depth and quality that has become very popular. It makes a superb aperitif or can be served with desserts.
  • Giffard Creme de Cacao Blanc 25% 50cl
    Liqueur made from the distillation of cocoa beans. Intense aroma of roasted cocoa beans. Slight note of coffee, vanilla and caramel.
    Taste : sweet at first, then strong aroma of black chocolate and coffee, buttered at the end .The cocoa beans steep into alcohol and are then distilled.
  • Two Birds Christmas Spice Vodka 32% 20cl
    Mince pies in a glass! Well we certainly thinks it comes very close. Take superb English vodka made from a base of cereal barley and sugar beet and then infuse it with a blend of Christmas spices: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and dried fruits to create a smooth and spiced winter drink. All you need a glass of this, a log fire and mince pies!
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