Sharp's Chalkys Bark 4.5%

Following on from the outstanding success of Chalky's Bite Sharop's have launched a second beer in the Chalky's series called Chalky's Bark. This time we have brewed the beer a touch weaker at 4.5% and lightly flavoured with fresh ginger.

Rick Stein described the latest brew as "fragrant with the flavour of hops" and said that at an alcohol strength of 4.5 per cent he hopes people will enjoy drinking a couple of bottles.
"It's a beer with a lot of bark but not quite so much bite," he said.
Sharp's Head Brewer Suart Howe said of his new creation "Chalky's Bark is very different, however, we are just as delighted with the result and we hope it will be as well received as the first beer.
"It is a spiced ale, bottle conditioned and we have used fresh ginger to bring spice and warmth to the beer.
"It is a beer to be enjoyed for itself, but also something we have developed for its potential to match with food. I am excited about the reaction Chalky's Bark might receive."
Strength 4.50%
Type Beer

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