Scapegrace Dry Gin 42.2% 70cl

Scapegrace Gin is a premium offering from New Zealand distilled by the Rogue Society Distilling Company in a John Dore copper pot still that's well over one hundred years old. The gin was launched in 2014 and soon found itself on boththe domestic and international market. We are sure this was much to the delight of founders Daniel Mclaughlin, Mark Neal and Richard Bourke who created the gin to remedy the fact that New Zealand was lagging behind the rest of the world's obsession with gin. They spent two years turning their dream into reality along with the assistance of Master Distiller John Fitzpatrick.

John's distillery is strategically located in New Zealand's Southern Alps and has access to unbelievably pure glacial run off. Scapgrace, which means a wayward or rogueish individual, is distilled using this water and a combination of twelve botanicals. One of these is obviously juniper berries, even these rogues aren't that daring to not include that! The others are comprised of  cinnamon, cardamom, liquorice, cassia bark, citrus peels, cloves, orris root, nutmeg and angelica root. The result is a classic gin that is juniper lead with big citrus zest and isn't too floral. Smooth on its own and enjoyable in a lovely G&T.

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Strength 42.2%
Spirit Type Gin

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