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  • Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 43% 70cl
    Based on Johny Neill African inspired Gin this Rhubarb & Ginger edition pays homage to the English cottage gardens and the produce which is grown their. Tart Rhubarb mingle with the smooth botanicals with the warming spice of Ginger on the finish to clean the palate. Can be drunk on its own with ice or with tonic for a G&T or try with ginger beer and a slice of lemon.

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  • Whitley Neill Gin 42% 70cl
    Whitley Neill is an exceptional London Dry Gin, made in England, inspired by vibrant Gin with bold, warm flavours - perfect for bringing cocktails to life.

    "This gin is the product of two of my passions in life; the desire to make a truly great gin and my love of my wife's homeland of Africa. These passions have inspired me to create a gin that blends tradition with a twist of vitality.

    I searched for a signature botanical which best captures the spirit of Africa and found it in the symbolic Baobab Tree. Known as the 'tree of life', the Baobab's wild fruit brings energy to a blend that also balances the flavours of Cape Gooseberry and seven other botanicals.

    My gin is firmly rooted in the traditions of gin making which have been passed down through four generations of my family. Produced in very small batches in an antique copper pot still, this is a gin of exceptional quality and taste.

    Gold Best in Class at the IWSC 2011, Double Golds at San Francisco Spirits Competition, Silver Best in Class IWSC 2010

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  • Whitley Neill Quince Gin 43% 70cl
    This is the First Gin that we know of that's uses Quince as one of its flavourings. It uses Whitley Neill signature gin which contains some unique botanicals such as Baobab fruit from South Africa. This is blended with real quince juice along with some other botanicals to produce a slightly sweeter gin style that is unique.

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