Salcombe Gin Start Point 44% 70cl

Salcombe Gin Start Point was awarded Best Premium Gin at the World Drinks Awards 2017. Made by friends Angus and Howard, who were previously sailing instructors together, this ultra smooth gin is hand made in small batches using a combination of thirteen botanicals before being blended with beautifully pure water from Dartmoor.

Inspired in their botanical choice by the Salcombe Fruiters, an organisation from the 1800's that was responsible for importing fruit and spices from the Mediterranean and West Indes, the duo use a perfect combination of grapefruit, lemons and limes to produce a delightfuly citrus forard gin. Unlike mass produced gins, they hand peel these citrus fruits every morning to ensure the oils are the freshest and most flavoursome they can possibly be.

There is a harmonious balance of fresh citrus and piney juniper with warm spicy notes from cinnamon and coriander seed. Subtle floral notes comes through from the camomile flowers. With tonic the fresh citrus is accentuated. Rich and full in the mouth with juniper and fresh ruby red grapefruit on the fore followed by layers of warming citrus spice from English coriander seed and cubeb. Subtle savoury tones from bay leaf, balanced by a touch of sweetness from liquorice root.

Strength 44%
Spirit Type Gin

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