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  • El Dorado Rare Port Morant 1999 61.4% 70cl
    Part of the Singel stills collection from El dorado which celebrates the unique wooden stills at its Diamond Distillery in Guyana/Port Morant has been made in a unique wooden double pot still, the only still of this type in the World. Founded in 1732 it is one of the oldest still in production to...
  • Kill Devil Sancti Spiritus Distillery Cuba 18 years old rum 46% vol 70cl
    One of only 344 bottles, Kill Devil Cuban 18 Year Old was distilled at the Spiritus Sancti distillery in Cuba in January 1999 in a continuous column still. It was then bottled by independent bottlers Hunter Laing, better known for their whisky expresions, at 18 years old and 46% ABV after bein...
  • Port Morant Demerara Rum 1999 Bristol Classic Rum 46% 70cl
    The Port Morant Estate in Guyana was established in 1732 and was one of the earliest to produce the unique Demerara style of rum for which the country became so famous. The Demerara Vat Stills used at the estate were moved to Georgetown as part of the reorganization of the industry some years ago...

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  • Mezan Trinidad 1999 Caroni 40% 70cl
    Established in 1918 on the site of an old sugar factory. Caroni distillery operated until 1993, orignially made in wooden coffey still until more modern pot and colum stills were added. The distillery closed in 2002. This expression has a tropical fruit nose , dessicated coconut and light orangey...

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Rum is made from sugar cane, either the raw juice Rhum Agricole or from molasses and comes from many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Central and South America, Australia, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Our range includes many varities of dark, light, spiced and white rum and some of the more well known flavoured rums.