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  • Reserve Rum of Nicaragua 2002 Bristol Classic Rum 40% 70cl
    Sugar cane has been grown for many years in Nicaragua. In 1890 a company was established to develop a plantation on the Pacific Coast at Chichigalpa, an area ideal for growing cane. In 1937 the Compania Licorera de Nicaragua SA was formed dedicated to production of fine rum. From ...
  • Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 43% 70cl
    This is the new 2002 release of single vintage from Diplomatico. Presented in a lovely decanter style bottle and gift boxes. Hand selected casks from the 2002 vintage were selected for this superb rum. The growing conditions for the sugar cane was said to be one of the best in Venezuelan history...
  • Kill Devil South Pacfic Distillery Fiji 14 years old Rum 46% 70cl
    Distilled at the South Pacific distillery in Fiji in a pot still in Februrary 2002. Bottled at 14 years old from a single cask at 46% vol 1 of only 349 bottles. The Name Kill devil was a named used by Islanders fro the distillates made on their local Islands.
  • Plantation Jamaica Rum 2002 42% 70cl
    This is a Jamaican vintage rum from 2002 and bottled in 2016. It is first aged in bourbon casks for ten years in the humid, tropical conditions of Jamaica. After that, the rum makes its way over to France where it is further aged for another three years in Chateau de Bonbonnet casks under...
  • Jamaican Rum Vale Royal Wedderburn Bristol Classic Rum 43% 70cl
    Molasses based, with the aid of dunder and a long fermentation, this pot still rum is an example of the classic Vale Royal style. First produced in the early 20th century to supply rum concentrate for blending with local neutral spirits it is of the Wedderburn type with an ester level of between...

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  • Rum Nation Barbados Rum 43% 8 years old
    Rum Nation Barbados 8 years old distilled 2002 and bottled in 2010. Appearance: Warm amber with orange nuances. Nose: Very estery, with intense notes of cola, chinotto, coffee and bitter chocolate. A fresh and very delicate mint fragrance can be found. Palate: Sweet, fresh, s...

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Rum is made from sugar cane, either the raw juice Rhum Agricole or from molasses and comes from many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Central and South America, Australia, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Our range includes many varities of dark, light, spiced and white rum and some of the more well known flavoured rums.