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  • Rockley Still Barbados Rum 1986 Bristol Classic Rum 46% 70cl
    This rum has been bottled at different ages, with a Fino sherry finish, and now with the benefit of some time in Madeira wood. Nothing can overshadow the spirits unique style, that medicinal quality, a salty brine like flavour and long deep taste reminisant of Islay Malt Whisky all combine to sh...

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  • El Dorado 25 years old Rum 43% 70cl
    A very special limited edition rum from Guyana distillery, El Dorado. Distilled in 1986 and aged from 25 years, to produce one of the finest rums on the market today. This vintage rum possesses a silky smoothness, which is rich, smooth and mellow with viscous mouth-feel and subtle notes of caram...

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Rum is made from sugar cane, either the raw juice Rhum Agricole or from molasses and comes from many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Central and South America, Australia, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Our range includes many varities of dark, light, spiced and white rum and some of the more well known flavoured rums.