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  • Bundaberg Export Strength 40% 100cl
    Made in Queensland Australia Bundaberg Rum has become famous for its smooth and mellow flavour. Perfect when served with coke, Bundy and coke!
  • Bundaberg Yellow Label Rum 37% 70cl
    Bundaberg Rum is an Aussie icon: Australia's bestselling rum and the country's number one spirits brand. Think Australia, think Bundy and its bear. In 1888 a group of sugar millers set up a distillery in the town of Bundaberg, Queensland, to distil rum from their local sugar cane. ...

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  • Inner Circle Rum Red 40% 70cl
    Traditional pot still rum of Australia has a nose of dDelicately tropical, the estery banana notes are subdued and some oak trickles through. The taste is soft toffee initially, followed by a rich fruity body that featutres mango, nuts and spice. FINISH: Quite firm with a little sweetness,...

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Rum is made from sugar cane, either the raw juice Rhum Agricole or from molasses and comes from many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Central and South America, Australia, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Our range includes many varities of dark, light, spiced and white rum and some of the more well known flavoured rums.