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  • Compagnie des Indes Guadeloupe 16 years 43% 70cl
    This is a single cask rum from Guadelupe which is a molasses rum rather than a Rhum agricole. Aged for 16 years in ex bourbon casks it is a dark golden colour from its time spent soaking up bourbon wood. The nose is sooty, oaky, briney and deep. This rich mouth is purely distinctive, leaving no...
  • El Dorado Rare Port Morant 1999 61.4% 70cl
    Part of the Singel stills collection from El dorado which celebrates the unique wooden stills at its Diamond Distillery in Guyana/Port Morant has been made in a unique wooden double pot still, the only still of this type in the World. Founded in 1732 it is one of the oldest still in production to...
  • Angostura No.1 Cask Collection 40% 2nd Edition
    This is the second release of Angostura No.1 cask collection Rum. This one has been aged for 16 years, 10 years in American oak then a further 6 years in once used French oak casks. It has aromas of peach and candied apricot, nuts and a hint of oak. The taste has dried fruits with nuts and floral...
  • Liverpool Rum small Batch Single Cask 43% 70cl
    This small batch single barrel rum has made in Trinidad and aged for 16 years in ex bourbon casks before bottling in Liverpool. It is rich and smooth with elegant spice notes. The finish is long and velvety and very expressive.
  • GMBV Bellevue Distillery 16 years old 57.1% 70cl
    Made in a Colum still at the Bellevue Distillery in Guadeloupe. Bonded in 1998 and bottled in 2014 by Cadenhead at natural strength 57.1% vol with no added colour or filtration.

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Rum is made from sugar cane, either the raw juice Rhum Agricole or from molasses and comes from many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world including Central and South America, Australia, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and, of course, the Caribbean. Our range includes many varities of dark, light, spiced and white rum and some of the more well known flavoured rums.