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Spiced Rum

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  • Morvenna British Spiced Rum 40% 20cl
    Now available in 20cl, the perfect little gift - true Cornish made rum! The Cornish Distilling Co from North Cornwall have produced this British rum from scratch. Fermentation of molasses, yeast and water which produces a clean, fruity and buttery rum. The Morvenna rum is fermented, distilled ...
  • Siren's Call Jamaican Spiced Rum 70cl
    Siren's Call is a delicious ode to the spirited rum runners who rewrote their fate after being lured into the treacherous shallows. On a quest for the finest spiced rum recipe, these heroes of the high waters battled and ambushed through stormy Caribbean seas. Tempted to their peril by...
  • Banditti Club Glasgow Spiced Rum 50cl
    The story goes that The Banditti Club were a company of bold rogues who would meet in Glasgow's local public houses to share music, food and a laugh late into the night. Banditti Club Spiced Rum gives a natural sweetness and warm spice on the nose it opens up to a toasted pineapple and...
  • Barti Spiced Rum Spirit Drink 35% 70cl
    Barti comes in at 35% abv so it is not a true 'rum' but can be classed as a rum based spirit drink. It is blended with Caribbean rum and infused with seaweed from Pembrokeshire. Made using vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and sweet citrus that is well balanced in amongst the seaweed and ...
  • Dead Mans Fingers Hemp Rum 70cl
    With the Dead Mans Fingers brand and original concept being born in St Ives by the owners of the Rum and Crab Shack in St Ives, Cornwall. This brand has gone strength to strength. This is the brands latest creation where the spiced rum is ...
  • Spytail Black Ginger Rum 40% 70cl
    Spytail is a new Black spiced rum using a 19th century tradition of ageing French Carribean rum in barrels filled with fresh ginger and spices. The distillery is near to the river Charente where submarines were tested and the inspiration for Jules Vernes "20,000 league under the sea". T...
  • Pink Pigeon Vanilla Spiced Rum 40% 70cl
    Pink Pigeon vanilla spiced rum is a new premium spiced rum estate-distilled in Mauritius on the plantation where the sugar is grown. It is distilled 5 times to create a light, elegant rum and uses hand picked vanilla from orchids that grow in the rainforest canopy of nearby Madagascar and the vol...
  • Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum 35% 70cl
    Bacardi Oakheart is a smooth, spiced rum matured in charred oak casks to give a slight smokiness.
  • Captain Morgans Spiced Gold 35% 70cl
    Captain Morgans is a smooth and mellow spiced rum, made from blends across the Caribbean it gets its rich amber colour form aging in charred oak barrels.
  • Pussers Spiced Rum 35% 70cl
    Breaking with Tradition Pusser's has launched a new Spiced rum to the market for the first time. Well known for their British Navy rum with an alcohol by volume of 57%, this spiced rum is a milder 35% vol using natural spices from around the Caribbean. The taste is not as sweet, as more commercia...
  • Brugal Dry Spiced Rum 38% 70cl
    With so many sweet spiced rums on the market it is refreshing to see a drier style. Brugal Dry spiced rum has been created to mix perfectly with ginger beer, apple juice or in your favourite cocktail with gently warming spice but not overly sweet. Also great neat on ice.
  • Butterfly Cane Spiced 35% 70cl
    Made with rum distilled by the Fernandes Family in Trinidad, Butterfly Spiced infuses rum with vanilla and a mix of spices to produce a smooth spirit showing vanilla, toffee, long and rich in the mouth with a spicy finish.
  • Naud Hidden Loot Amber Spiced rum 40% 70cl
    Hidden Loot Amber Spiced rum has been made using Panamian rum and a selection of spices from around the Caribbean.
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