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Agricole Rum

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  • Saint James Rhum Vieux 70cl
    This gem of an Agricole rum has been made in Martinique and aged for three years in small oak casks. The appearance is a dark mahogany colour with a regal presence. The aromas are heady and give a mysterious aroma, what do you smell? On the palate it is fresh stoned fruit like plums, dried fru...
  • New Dawn Rum La Palma 62% 70cl
    New Dawn Traders 2019 cargo has bought us all some new rum treasure from afar. La Palma is an Agricole rum from the Canaries. Only 540 bottles have been made, aged for 2 years in French oak, spent 151 days at sea and bottled at 62%. This rum was sourced from the respected Aldea Distill...
  • J Bally 1982 Rhum 45% 70cl
    A rare bottling of Martinique Rhum from 1982 , a real collectors item sold as seen with levels just below the neck label. This is was made at the old Bally site before the distilley closed in 1989 using water from the Carbet river. A beatifully dark rum shows the age of the very rare rum. ...
  • J Bally 1970 Rhum 45% 70cl
    Rare old Rhum Agricole from J bally distillery, Martinique. This 1970 bottling was made prior to the distillery relocation in 1989 and was aged in Bourbon cask for approximately 3 years before being aged in 600 litre casks for a further 10-12 years. This really is an historic bottling and extreme...
  • J Bally 1979 Rhum 45% 70cl
    A highly collectable museum piece rhum from French Martininique made at the J Bally distillery, Carbet. This 1979 was made at the old distillery prior to its relocation in 1989. Aged for 3 years in bourbon barrels before further aging in 600litres casks for around 10-12 years or when required for...
  • J Bally 1975 Rhum 45% 70cl
    Museum bottling of J Bally Rhum Agricole from 1975. Made at the original distillery near the Carbet river, these rhums made from cane juice are aged for 203 years in bourbon casks before a further aging of up to 15 years in large casks, before bottling.
  • J Bally 1966 Rhum 45% 70cl
    A very Rare old Rhum Argricole from J Bally Distillery in Martinqiue, where they produce some of the best sugar cane in the world. In 1966 England won the world Cup, that's how rare this rum is. Aged for 3 years in bourbon casks before being transferred to larger 600 litre casks for further aging...
  • J Bally Rhum Ambre 45% 70cl
    J Bally Abre rhum is a Straw/Yellow rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Aged in large vats for 2 years. Aging in large vats for 2 years gives this rhum agricole a mellow taste and slight golden colour.color
  • La Mauny 1749 Ambre Rhum 40%
    Following the strict guidelines from A.O.C, La Mauny has been given the stamp of excellence from the French government. La Mauny plantation started in 1749 and is one of the oldest on Martinique. Located on the very warm southern hills of Martinique, the estate produces sugarcane with high sugar ...
  • Clement Creole Shrub 40% 70cl
    A traditional liqueur from Martinique, Creole Shrubb is a superb blend of the finest white and aged rums married with macerated Creole spices and sun bleached bitter orange peels. Try it on the rocks or in your favourite cocktails.