Prefunc 2 x 59 ml Better Tomorrows

Party tonight, function tomorrow! Prefunc is a premium lifestyle management drink that allows you to wake up refreshed after a night of drinking. Its proven blend of herbs and spices work to detoxify the body, helping you party easier and wake up without any of the ill effects of the night before. Try Prefunc tonight for a great night and an even better morning.

No one wants a hangover the next day so take the opportunity to avoid all that roughness by drinking a Prefunc before you go out. Each prefunc should stave off about 6 - 8 alcoholic drinks. If you've had more than that then simply knock back another Prefunc! The bottles are small so you can easily take them out with you. Had some unexpected drinks after work with no Prefunc to hand? Not to worry, drink one when you finally stagger in and you'll be feeling a lot better in the morning!

Prefunc contains a mix of all natural ingredients that detoxifies the body and leaves you feeling refreshed and functional the next day. The ingredients include Asian ginseng root, Leadwort root, Ginger Rhizome, Indian tinospora stem, Long pepper fruit, Licorice Root, Indian gooseberry fruit and green leaf tea.

Type Aperitifs

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