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The 'creme de la creme' of the Voyager Series from Salcombe. ‘Phantom’ is a rich, sophisticated and decadent cask finished gin, developed in collaboration with Château Climens, producers of one of the world’s finest 1er Cru Sauternes. With a slightly sweeter profile, more akin to an Old Tom gin, a small amount of acacia honey was added to compliment the naturally present notes of acacia honey in Château Climens and to add further richness to the mouthfeel.
Named ‘Phantom’ after a Salcombe Fruiter, built in Salcombe in 1867, and inspired by her cargo of the finest fruits, spices and wines; this limited-edition cask finished gin has been developed in collaboration with the iconic Château Climens, one of the world’s finest producers of Sauternes wine.
‘Phantom’ pays tribute to the exceptional aroma and flavour profile found in the wines from Château Climens. The gin tells the story of the vineyard, the winemaker, the cask, the distiller, and the concept of terroir. ‘Phantom’ takes you on a journey to an unhurried world that requires time, precision, patience and craftmanship in the name of taste. The famous Barsac fogs that descend over the Château Climens estate create the perfect climatic conditions that lead to the magic of noble rot, an element so vital to creating the richness and complexity in the wines that ‘Phantom’ captures, resting gently in the French oak casks, emerging from the mists of time for your enjoyment.
NOSE: Honeyed peaches, sweet rose petals and cypress followed by lavender and orange blossom.
PALATE: Rich and poised with apricots and jasmine, toasted oak and spices combined with caramelised orange peel. There is a fresh green savoury hint from nettles and fennel providing a subtle contract of lightness and depth of flavour. Restraint and exuberance in equal measures.
FINISH Notes of acacia honey and cantaloupe melon balanced by the almost mineral like qualities of the pith of fresh orange peel.
The casks were all hand selected at Château Climens by our Co-Founder, Angus and Château Climens’ head winemaker Frédéric for the sweet perfumed residual aromas and properties that they would add to the gin. Handcrafted from fine grain French oak by Ermitage cooperage that has been sustainably sourced from Bertranges forest, five of the casks previously held Château Climens 2016 and one held their 2015 vintage.
The hand selected casks were imported to Salcombe and filled in February 2020, where the liquid has aged for a period of 8 months, during which time the gin has taken on a light golden hue and picked up notes of sweet acacia honey, orange blossom and apricots.
The casks add an element of time, subtly enhancing the gin, adding an extra layer of storytelling, one of uncertainty, precision, patience, persistence, the art of blending and tradition.
“As a huge fan of Sauternes wines it was an enormous privilege to work in collaboration with Bérénice Lurton and Frédéric Nivelle of Château Climens. Often mistakenly overlooked in favour of the more famous Château D’Yquem, the wines from the bio-dynamic estate of Château Climens are fresher, but more softly spoken with more finesse and grace. There are so many chapters to this story that are so unique. The journey of the vineyard, the grape, the terroir, the famous Barsac fogs, the history, the generations, the tradition, Bérénice and Frédéric. The journey of the oak cask, from a forest, to a cooperage, to a barrel, to Château Climens, to being filled with Sauternes and then ‘Phantom’. The common theme is one of time, precision, patience and craftmanship in pursuit. - Angus


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Salcombe Gin

country England
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    country England
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    spirit type Gin
    strength 46%
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